Shake your heart
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Episode Info
Japanese Title心を揺らして
Romanized TitleKokoro o Yurashite
English TitleShake your heart
1st skip
Nagi Sanzenin
skip Character(s)
Gilbert Kent
On Air16 September 2007 (Ja)
15 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningHayate No Gotoku!
EndingGet My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 25, title name as Shake your heart (心を揺らして Kokoro o Yurashite?) aired on September 16th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 15th 2009.


At Isumi's house, Hayate felt awkwardly stunned, and when Isumi asked him if he was okay, he started counting the threads in a tatami mat, while two of Isumi's butlers find it odd. Hayate kept counting the threads until he felt sad about Nagi abandoning him. Isumi tried to ask Hayate again, until she pushed him to the door, hoping that it will cheer him up, and then he felt better and starts counting threads again. Meanwhile at Wataru's video store, Maria tells Nagi that it was foolish for her to sell Hayate to the Saginomiyas, and the SPs told Maria that she was there. Believing that the SPs are on Nagi's side, they are still obeying Maria, in which she can handle them easily. Maria wonders if Hayate is crying and then tells Nagi that she did the same thing that Hayate's parents had ever done to him. After realizing that she had done something terrible to Hayate, Nagi starts crying and thinks he doesn't like her anymore. Saki tells Nagi that Wataru will do something, and since Wataru is still depressed over Isumi, Saki tells him that his power of love will make Isumi look at him again. After hearing Nagi's insults, Wataru went to Isumi's house in hopes to find Hayate, and Maria follows him, but after they left, Gilbert appeared from behind the pole.

After they reached to the Saginomiya residence, Maria tells Wataru that she knows that Hayate will go back to Nagi and that Isumi doesn't like Hayate that much. Back at the video store, while Nagi is still thinking about Hayate hating her, Gilbert appeared holding the automatic door with his feet and asks her to test Hayate his love for her. Saki asked Nagi who he is, and Nagi responded that she is a relative, and Gilbert responded that he is the candidate of the Sanzenin estate. Gilbert made a plan that if Nagi was kidnapped, or in this case a "fake" kidnapping, then Hayate might come for Nagi. Nagi denied that plan, and Gilbert called Nagi a chicken and that she stands no chance, until Nagi finally agreed to him. Meanwhile, Maria wants Hayate to reconsider and to come back to Nagi. Then, at the underground Tokyo, Gilbert tells Nagi that he will fight Hayate with his new robot. Elsewhere, Shiori asked Eight about the control chip, and he responded that it's for the giant robot she made that other day, which she barely remembered. Next, Ayumu was walking while she is bored, until she caught a food, in which they are the takoyaky. When Ayumu was about to eat a takoyaky, the first part of this episode ends.

Later, Nagi begins to wonder if Hayate will ever come to save her and got mad thinking that he cheated on her while he is still with Isumi. Just then, Sakuya appeared, and tells Nagi that Gilbert is Sakuya's brother, though they have different mothers. Nagi tells Sakuya what happened and she did not know that Hayate and Sakuya were only having fun making jokes and gags. Sakuya then tells Nagi that Hayate has done nothing wrong, yet Nagi sold him, and Nagi thinks Hayate will not save her at all. But then, Gilbert's robot began to strike Nagi on its own and it said to kill her and Hayate. Sakuya decides that they should all leave Gilbert, though he doesn't want that, and when Sakuya pulled Nagi's hair down, the robot was dumb enough to lose her. Saki calls Wataru on her cellphone and he asks her that if Nagi was kidnapped, or if there was a murder, but she told him that Nagi is far from dead. When Saki screamed, the phone connection was offline, and Wataru lost the communication. After hearing about what will happen to Nagi, Hayate suddenly disappeared. Saki's cellphone was broken, so Sakuya used her cellphone to call Wataru and to tell him that they are in big trouble. Isumi knows that Hayate will save Nagi the moment after he left.

Back at the underground Tokyo, the SPs appeared and made a plan to save Nagi, which is to make Saki have her pigtailed hair so that the robot will find her, although it doesn't help. When the robot was about to kill Saki, Wataru catches her in order to save her. Wataru tells Saki that they are under Isumi's house, after that, she hugs him. Just when the robot prepared to attack them, Nagi appeared, insults that robot, and prepares to fight it, only to realize that Hayate will never save her as that robot begins to kill her. When Nagi yelled his name, Hayate came to save her just in time. Hayate found that robot responsible for endangering Nagi, and he also finds out that it was Gilbert the whole time. After Sakuya turned Gilbert down, he began to attack Hayate with his robot. All Hayate knows that he will always care for Nagi, no matter how much she hates him. As the fight continues, Hayate took out his machine gun and finally destroys Gilbert and his robot, exploding the underground. After the battle, Nagi was thinking about to bring Hayate back, but Hayate tells her that he is still Isumi's butler. However, Hayate knows that he would be fired anytime soon and leave with his debt. As Hayate wonders which one of the cute girls will hire him, Nagi must be cute enough to ask him if he can be her butler, so he accepts the job again. Isumi is happy with that and she knows that both Hayate and Nagi will get along really well.

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