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It Took 29 Minutes to Deliver, So Please Pay What Was Asked For'... Is an Old Myth Now
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 26
Japanese Title お届けまで29分でしたので、規定通りの料金でお支払いお願いします......は、遠い前世紀の話
Romanized Title Otodoke made Ni Jū Kyū Fun deshita no de, Kitei Dōri no Ryōkin de Oshiharai Onegai Shimasu... wa, Tōi Zenseiki no Hanashi
English Title It Took 29 Minutes to Deliver, So Please Pay What Was Asked For'... Is an Old Myth Now
1st skip
Ayumu Nishizawa
Nagi Sanzenin
skip Character(s)
Hayate Ayasaki
Length 24:36
On Air 23 September 2007 (Ja)
16 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Hayate No Gotoku!
Ending Get My Way!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 26, title name as It Took 29 Minutes to Deliver, So Please Pay What Was Asked For'... Is an Old Myth Now (お届けまで29分でしたので、規定通りの料金でお支払いお願いします......は、遠い前世紀の話 Otodoke made Ni Jū Kyū Fun deshita no de, Kitei Dōri no Ryōkin de Oshiharai Onegai Shimasu... wa, Tōi Zenseiki no Hanashi?) aired on September 23rd 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 16th 2009.


The episode began with Hayate doing the usual chores after being re-hired by the Sanzenin residence. He was then summoned by Nagi as she was in another one of her manga-making sessions. She asks Hayate about amnesia, one of the most over-used story lines in a plot, as she was planning to use it for her next story. However, nothing's come to mind, so Hayate offers to rent some movies with an amnesia theme at Wataru's place and leaves. But, on the way there, Hayate gets ambushed by Gilbert in a mobile weapon. They carry the fight into the park, where Hayate encounters Ayumu once again.

Meanwhile, Nagi gets a call from Sakuya. Sakuya says to Nagi that Gilbert stole a secret weapon under her name, suspecting that Gilbert is using it to go after Hayate. Worried, Nagi calls the SPs to go search for Hayate.

Back at the fight, Hayate used a special card given by Maria to summon a weapon to aid him. Firing at Gilbert's secret weapon, the damage inflicted on it causes it to explode, the impact engulfs Hayate and renders him unconscious. After a really weird dream, Hayate wakes up on Ayumu's lap. With Hayate awake, Ayumu asks him what does he think of her. Unable to answer the question, Hayate fakes head trauma and pretends he has amnesia, out of instinct. Ayumu buys the act, and freaks out on what to do with Hayate.

Just then, a pizza delivery guy came in delivering a pizza, because Ayumu got hungry. The delivery guy then notices Hayate is a butler, then asks if Ayumu is his mistress. Ayumu takes advantage of Hayate's so-called amnesia and claims that she is Hayate's mistress. Hayate and Ayumu are now stuck within their acts. Nagi then arrives to take Hayate back, and Ayumu defends Hayate from her. Hayate then decides to fake another head trauma, where he'll pretend to recover his memories. But then he was struck with lightning before he can do it.

Nagi learns that Hayate has 'amnesia,' and then vows to get his memories back, through any means necessary. Klaus also vows to do the same thing. Nagi takes it as a challenge, and the two of them battle to see who can recover Hayate's memories. The two of them tried various means, from dressing him in drag to pitting him against Tama. Finally, Klaus came up with pushing Hayate off a flying airplane and into the nearby lake.

Nagi, Maria, and Ayumu set sail to retrieve Hayate in the lake. Seeing that Hayate hasn't resurfaced yet, Nagi decides to search for him. However, fog starts to appear and Nagi spots what appears to be an island. Nagi and Ayumu step foot on the island, but then it turns out it wasn't an island; it was a giant turtle! The giant turtle then swims off, leaving Maria behind.

Meanwhile, Hayate is shown to beached off into the mainland, when suddenly, he heard Nagi and Ayumu scream from the turtle. The turtle swam into shore, the impact causes Nagi and Ayumu to fly off the turtle. The landing causes Nagi to twist her waist, leaving Nagi and Ayumu at the disposal of the turtle. Ayumu decides to defend Nagi at the absence of Hayate, but Hayate comes in and wards off the turtle. Hearing Hayate say their names made Nagi and Ayumu believe Hayate 'recovered' his memories.

Nagi decides to let Hayate and Ayumu be alone after Ayumu tried to defend her from the turtle. Ayumu realizes how important Nagi means to Hayate, and asks Hayate to meet at a pizza palace one day. With that, Ayumu leaves the mansion. Back in the sky, Klaus is still in the plane sleeping and flying to who knows where.


Cultural References

  • During his fight with Hayate, Gilbert was wearing Doronjo's outfit of Yatterman fame.
  • The robot that Gilbert piloted looks similar to RB-79 Ball.
  • After his fight with Gilbert which threw him into space, Hayate mentions Nunnally who is a character from the series Code Geass.
  • Hayate summoning a weapon from a phone booth using a card is a reference to Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop.
  • During the first part of the montage where Nagi and Klaus attempts to restore Hayate's memories, Hayate is seed dressed as Arashi Ishino from the series Game Center Arashi.
    • Additionally, during this scene, Hayate is shown to be throwing a game controller that is labeled SECA. This is a parody of Sega.
  • During the second part, Hayate is shown to be fighting against a group of wooden men from the 1970s Jackie Chan film Shaolin Wooden Men.
  • As Nagi, Maria and Ayumu track down Hayate in the lake, Nagi is seen holding a repurposed portable game console known as the "Gane Box". This is a parody of the Nintendo Game Boy.