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Hayate Rises Upon the Earth
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 27
Japanese Title ハヤテ大地に立つ
Romanized Title Hayate Daichi ni Tatsu
English Title Hayate Rises Upon the Earth
1st skip
Kirika Kuzuha
skip Character(s)
Shion Kuresato
Length 24:36
On Air 30 September 2007 (Ja)
17 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Chasse
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 27, title name as Hayate Rises Upon the Earth (ハヤテ大地に立つ Hayate Daichi ni Tatsu?) aired on September 30th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 17th 2009.


It's nighttime at Hakuou Academy and the scene shows a woman, Kirika Kuzuha, getting fed by Shion Kuresato who happens to be her butler. After reading a newspaper that said the butler field ratings dropped significantly, Kirika plans to have the ratings increased by thinking about having a butler with a poor man's face so that she can have fun with him. Meanwhile at the Sanzenin mansion, Nagi and Maria are looking at the moon while Tama is punching Hayate; when Hayate recovered from the attack, Tama misses and fell to the fountain. Hayate felt that someone is calling for him. The next day, Nagi just finished making mangas as Hayate congratulated her knowing that she will win the prize. Nagi, however, looks exhausted and wants Hayate to send those to the publisher and went walking to bed.

After Hayate went to school, Hinagiku met him and asked him about Nagi playing hooky. Suddenly, a loud noise came from the microphone and a woman made an announcement as the helicopter dropped a load of flyers on the students. As Hinagiku looked at the flyer, she knew about the woman's familiar voice and she ran all the way to the top of the Academy. Hayate, being curious on what troubles Hinagiku, decided to follow her. Next, while Yukiji is putting a makeup, a flyer appeared and out of curiousity, she alongside Isumi and the school council trio read the flyer, separately, that says "Shine! The First Hakuou Academy Butler Battle Tournament!". After Hinagiku and Hayate reached to the top of Hakuou's clock tower, the woman revealed herself as Kirika. Hinagiku told Hayate that Kirika is Hakuou Academy's Superintendent. Hinagiku is outraged due to what she's been doing then she asked Kirika about the "butler battle tournament" flyer she sended recently, which Kirika explained that she wants to test the levels of the butlers within Hakuou. Kirika also said to Hinagiku that she is looking for a certain butler for her. Hinagiku then said to Kirika that there are dilligent butlers in school, like Hayate. After Kirika questioned Hayate how strong he is, he then replied that a butler's strenght is meaningless, in which she finds the answer wrong. Afterwards, she decided to bluntly attack Hayate. Hinagiku then quickly handed Hayate a wooden Kendo sword so that he can defend himself as she passed out due to her fear of heights, but Kirika is too strong even for him. When Kirika asked Hayate about what will happen to his mistress (Nagi), he let his guard down and she was going to finish him off. Luckily, Kirika ran out of juice and fell down due to her low blood sugar level. Shion appeared and tells Hayate that he hurt Kirika, though he really didn't do anything to her. Then, Shion uses her special technique to distract Hayate, calling him weak, blew her air to his ear, and bringing him down. Before Shion left with Kirika, she told Hayate to come to the tournament but only if he is worthy enough to win the matches in which she doubts that. And then, Shion walked away while carrying Kirika with her evil laugh. After that, Hayate begins to wonder about the butler battle tournament.

Later that day, when Hayate came back to the Sanzenin mansion, he asked Nagi about Kirika and the story between Hinagiku and her. Nagi then responded that Kirika is a troublemaking person even if she's a superintendent. After Nagi read about the tournament and the prize for the winner, she wants Hayate to enter the tournament for she also wants to see him win with her very own eyes. Back at the Academy, after the student council members heard Kirika's message to Hinagiku that she will never enter the tournament since she's a commoner without her butler, Hinagiku tries to come up with an idea to intervene the tournament but Miki already came up with an idea of her own. Later that evening, Maria tells Hayate that he should not enter the tournament; however, Hayate have made his decision that he will enter the tournament for Nagi's sake. So the next day, the tournament will begin in the dome at Hakuou Academy.

Elsewhere, Ayumu was walking and eating her snack until she stopped and saw a fire, although it's not a real fire in a dome. Back at the Academy, the tournament hosted by Superintendent Kirika has begun as Hayate hopes to fight Shion if he wins the tournament. Yukiji became a judge as the first match is about to begin. The first match was going to be an unknown butler against Kotetsu Segawa, a combat butler of the Segawa family and Izumi's brother. But since Kotetsu was nowhere to be found as he was seen taking pictures at the Railway somewhere, the unknown butler won by default and Izumi ran away crying. Moving on to the second match, it's one of the yakuza men who Risa hired as her temporary butler against another unknown butler. The yakuza man whispered to his opponent and made him give up his necktie to him, considering the yakuza man named Kashiwagi as the winner. Next, it's the third match as Kaede enters the ring and, from out of nowhere, his opponent is none other than Hinagiku who entered the tournament by becoming Miki's temporary butler, since Miki won the bet against Risa. As the match begins, Hinagiku and Kaede were equally matched not until Hinagiku told him to unleash his ultimate move to attack her. After unleashing his ultimated move, Hinagiku managed to block and deflect it. As Kaede charges up his second, Hinagiku saw that Kaede is vulnerable while charging and quickly dashed forward to take his necktie with her wooden Kendo sword, thus winning her the match. Kaede knew that Koutarou doesn't want him to win against Hinagiku as Koutarou hides himself. Hinagiku then declares that she has vowed to fight against Shion. In the fourth match, it's finally Hayate's turn as he will fight against a masked butler known as Unauthorized K who is accompanied by his masked master who looks like a tiger. Hayate then wondered who is the person behind the mask. When the match was about to begin, the butler (who happens to be Klaus) overexerts his muscles which tears his clothing apart and making his necktie fly towards Hayate's hands, which then, declared Hayate as the winner. The episode then ends after the series of events.


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