Black Hayate
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 28
Japanese Title 黒いハヤテ
Romanized Title Kuroi Hayate
English Title Black Hayate
1st skip
Himuro Saeki
Taiga Ookouchi
skip Character(s)
Hinagiku Katsura
Length 24:36
On Air 7 October 2007 (Ja)
20 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Chasse
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 28, title name as Black Hayate (黒いハヤテ Kuroi Hayate?) aired on October 7th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 20th 2009.


As the fourth match between Hayate and Unauthorized K begins, Unauthorized K builds up his power level and rips his clothes off, but he released his necktie so that Hayate catches it, so Hayate won by doing nothing. During his break, Hayate bought Nagi some drink and she said to him that it reminds them of how they met the first time in a park. Nagi thanked Hayate for his hard work, so she insisted on giving a drink back to him. But when they heard the crowd cheering, they went back inside to see what's happening. Hayate and Nagi saw Himuro with Taiga entering the ring, as Hayate watches him to see what's his ultimate move. The next match is between Himuro and the butlers of the Saginomiya residence in a three-on-one match. As the match begins, the three men unleashed their swords and charges to Himuro, but he threw his rose in the air and unleashed his ultimate attack on them, though it was not completely shown. Meanwhile, Isumi got lost in Paris when she was heading for the dome. Back at the dome, Himuro just defeated the men and Hayate knows that he can't afford to lose. Next match, it's Hayate against another unknown butler, when Hayate is about to unleash his kamehameha, the butler quickly forfeit the match to him and Hayate wins by default. As Hayate keeps winning by default match after match, Hinagiku, Himuro, and Kashiwagi kept winning the match by defeating their opponents one after another.

As the first semifinal is reached, it was suppose to be Hinagiku against Kashiwagi, but Kashiwagi left Risa behind and Hinagiku won by default, thus reaching to the finals. Risa shows Hinagiku the bill for hiring Kashiwagi and wants her to pay it, though Hinagiku wants Risa to pay it for herself. The second semifinal is about to begin, as Hayate and Himuro will fight each other. After the match begins, Himuro starts throwing roses at Hayate, uses his thorned whip to attack him for a couple of times, and Hayate is down for the count. When Hayate learned the true power of Himuro, he tried to fight back, until Himuro picks up his cellphone and gets a call from Taiga. Himuro just left the ring to help Taiga and hopes to fight Hayate another time, so Hayate won by default once again. Hayate now realized that fighting against Hinagiku will be difficult for him, as the final match was about to begin.

Before the final match between Hayate and Hinagiku begins, Superintendent Kirika announced the academy anthem for Hakuou Academy. Hinagiku warns Hayate how dangerous Kirika is and that she will destroy the Academy, so she tells Kirika that she will defeat Shion, but refuses to accept the prize. Hinagiku tells to the rest of the students to give her support, since she said she will defeat Kirika and bring peace to the Academy. As the final match starts, Hayate starts avoiding Hinagiku and tries to hold back, but when Nagi gave Hayate an advise about being a butler, he now knows what he is doing. Hinagiku charged to attack Hayate as he avoided her, only this time he got the upper hand and removed her scarf, thus winning the finals. After Hinagiku wished Hayate a good luck and left the future of Hakuou Academy in his hands, the moment has arrived: It's the championship match between Hayate and Shion. Nagi and Hinagiku know that Hayate will win, so Hayate will not turn back and decides to defeat Shion. The championship match began and Shion uses her ultimate move, the same trick that she used against Hayate the first time they confronted each other. Hayate was caught off guard, until Hinagiku tells him to look down on Shion's feet, which means that Shion has her weak spot. As Shion knows what Hayate is trying to do, she tried to attack him, but he dodged it and made her fall to the ground by taking out her platform shoes. And with that, Shion turned herself to a little girl, her true self, and when she tried to fight back, Kirika stops her and tells her that she already lost, and that they will retreat for now. As Kirika said to him that she should have fun toying with Hayate, Shion threw a smoke bomb and they vanished. Soon after, all the students are in an awkward silence and Hayate did not know what just happened, even after he won the tournament, and thus, the Butler Battle Tournament has come to an end.

Elsewhere, Ayumu is playing with her friend at the beach as she looked at the sunset and the jellyfish. Back at the mansion, Maria asked both Nagi and Hayate about their prize, which he declined it. As Hayate and Nagi kept playing a video game, a trophy for the Butler Battle Tournament was shown. Before the end of the episode, Kirika asked Shion about Hayate as Shion tried to respond, but Kirika said that he turns her on. Kirika decides that she will no longer host anymore tournaments, so she changed herself to an evil queen with her pet snake. Kirika vows to make Hayate join her as she summoned her minions known as "The Dark Butlers". Who knows what is going to happen to Hayate when that time comes.


New Characters

Cultural References

  • In the beginning in his match against Hayate, Unauthorized K uses the Power Up technique from the Dragon Ball series.
  • Hayate started to use a Kamehameha from the Dragon Ball series, when against an unnamed butler during the butler battle tournament.
  • During the butler battle tournament, Hinagiku is dressed similar to Utena Tenjou who is a character from the series Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • During his fight with Hayate, Himuro uses a technique similar to Kurama's "Rose Whip" from series YuYu Hakusho.
  • When showing the trophy from the butler battle tournament, a case featuring characters resembling Kamina, Simon and Yoko Littner from the series Gurren Lagann, can be seen next to the trophy



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