Marriage Meeting
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 29
Japanese Title 見合
Romanized Title Miai
English Title Marriage Meeting
1st skip
Saki Kijima
skip Character(s)
Kyonosuke Kaoru
Length 24:36
On Air 14 October 2007 (Ja)
21 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Chasse
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 29, title name as Marriage Meeting (見合 Miai?) aired on October 14th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 21st 2009.


The episode begins with Wataru asking Nagi about Saki getting married after her marriage meeting. Earlier that day at Video Tachibana, Saki came back to Wataru early, but Wataru didn't care when she's at the party that night. Saki said to Wataru that she has a marriage meeting, and Wataru said that is good for her, disrespectively, and Saki was shocked. Saki became mad and left Wataru behind to ignore him. After that, Nagi had no choice but to help Wataru, then Sakuya, Hayate, and Maria heard what he is said, so they decided to come along, well, all except Maria, whom she stayed to clean the mansion. While Maria daydreams about her marriage meeting, though it doesn't look like it, Tama heard her and he had no idea what the marriage meeting is.

After they reached to an expensive restaurant, and not Isumi's house, Wataru, Nagi, and Sakuya were hiding behind a rock as Wataru thinks about Saki and an unknown man having a marriage meeting, then, Hayate said to them that both Saki and that man are talking to each other at the garden, which is called the Forest of Ambivalence, but he also said that any woman who came for a marriage metting will get lost, making Wataru worried and he went to find Saki. Meanwhile at the apartment, Ayumu cooked the fried fishes and tasted it, saying that it's delicious. Back at the garden, Saki met a man who probably will be her future husband, and he is none other than Kyonosuke Kaoru, a teacher from Hakuou Academy. While Kaoru tells Saki about his hobbies, Saki questions herself what was she doing there. The narrator explained what was going on; it all started when Saki is with her friends at a restaurant celebrating, and they asked her about getting a man, but Saki said to them that she still had a job and doesn't need a boyfriend. Saki tells them not to worry and she is already in a good man's hands, but her friends still think that she does have a boyfriend and wants to know her details. After the party, Saki called Wataru and tells him not to worry about her being late, but he said to her that he is not worried at all and he can live peacefully now, so he hung up. The next day at her parent's house, Saki got grumpy about what Wataru said to her and left, but before she left the house, her mom asked her if she is interested in a marriage meeting. After that, she ended up at the marriage meeting and Kaoru finished telling Saki about his hobbies, though she didn't listen. He also tells her that his parents kept telling him to get married, so he had no choice but to go to that meeting, as Saki said the same thing. But they soon realized that they have no idea where they are.

Meanwhile, Wataru kept finding Saki as Sakuya, Nagi, and Hayate followed him, but he had no idea where he is. Sakuya then asked Wataru about Isumi and tells him that he should be with her instead of Saki, and Nagi is listening to Wataru since she is his fiance. Just when Wataru was about to run away, Hayate found Saki with Kaoru. Wataru is getting angry about Saki being with Kaoru, so Hayate will use his lip-reading technique so that they can hear what Saki and Kaoru are saying. When Kaoru said to Saki that he had someone he likes, but Hayate mistranslates that Kaoru and Saki love each other, and whe Wataru can't take that anymore, Sakuya hits Wataru with her golden fan knowing that he will ruin the plan. Hayate came up with another idea, which is to make a crisis, Sakuya doesn't know about that, but Nagi and Wataru liked that idea. Hayate then uses Tama to be part of the plan. Back at the mansion, Maria felt alone and she decides to sing her song again, but when she starts singing, the first part ends.

The second part begins when Maria just finished singing and she will keep cleaning the mansion. Back at the forest, Tama asked Hayate why would he scare Saki and Kaoru, as Hayate warns him that he should be sold at the circus if he doesn't obey him, so Tama agreed to it. While Tama is still complaining about the plan, he felt a monstrous presence as he feared about it. Meanwhile, Kaoru kept telling Saki about someone she likes, in which reminds her of Wataru, and Saki told him that she had a person she likes as well. But then, an unknown beast snatched Kaoru away from Saki, and Wataru found Saki and said to her that they should get out of the forest. And when Saki said to him that they can't leave Kaoru behind, Wataru decided to save him from a beast, thinking that it was Tama who snatched Kaoru, and the rest thought about it as well. But the plan backfires when Tama came back to them and tells them that it wasn't him who snatched Kaoru. Right behind the bush, Wataru still thinks that Tama is hiding the bush with Kaoru, until Hayate tells him that it was a real beast inside the bush. And then, a beast came out and tried to attack Wataru, but Saki saves him from the attack. The beast turns out to be Yukiji, and as Kaoru asked her what was she doing there, Yukiji was not in a good mood and drags him out of the woods to go to the restaurant, on him. When Saki asked Wataru that was he worried about her, he admits it and she took his hand so that they can go home, since Saki is not ready to get married. Afterwards, Nagi asked Hayate about his lip-reading technique, while Sakuya is whacking Tama with her golden fan. Wataru and Saki were walking out of the woods and they all went home.

An epilogue starts as the first act of the butler battle. Superintendent Kirika still thinks about Hayate being with her and she, as well as Shion, wants to make him beg for her mercy, so she ordered her first Dark Butler to defeat Hayate and bring him there, alive. Back at the Sanzenin mansion, Hayate is cleaning up outside peacefully, until he heard an unknown voice and was transported to an unknown area, as the Dark Butler revealed himself as Duel Butler, and he challenged Hayate to a duel, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" style. Duel Butler summoned three flying cockroaches in one turn as he expects Hayate to fight him. Hayate doesn't get what's going on, but he accepts the challenge. It's Hayate's turn as he draws a card from his duel disk system and activates a magic card in order to summon Klaus, and then Klaus destroyed the monsters, leaving Duel Butler wide open. Just when Duel Butler was about to activate a trap card, Hayate prevents him from doing that as he summoned Nagi and Maria. Finally, Hayate ordered Nagi and Maria to finish Duel Butler off with double blowing kiss attack. Hayate won the duel and he got back to the mansion, while Duel Butler ran away. Hayate still doesn't know what happened and the episode ends when Hayate said that there is more to come.

Adapted From

Volume 10

Differences in the Manga

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New Characters

  • Duel Butler

Cultural References

  • While eating, Ayumu begins to imagine herself as a mermaid. In her fantasy she resembles Lucia Nanami's mermaid form from the series Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
  • While on the phone with Saki, Wataru is seen reading AIC Comic Love volume 6.
  • While spying on Kyonosuke and Saki at the park, Hayate uses a lip reading technique he acquired from the SPK. This is a reference to the lip reading technique, SPK member Stephen Gevanni used in the series Death Note.
  • After singing Karaoke, Maria does a pose Meer Campbell did in her concert in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.
    • Additionally, Maria's voice actress Rie Tanaka also voiced Meer Campbell.
  • While sweeping outside, Hayate is challenged to a duel by a Duel Butler who bares a heavy resemblance to Shobu Kirifuda from the series Duel Masters.
  • Hayate plays a Yu-Gi-Oh! themed duel using cards from the Hayate No Gotoku! card game against Duel Butler.
    • Additionally, Hayate and Duel Butler wear Duel Disks.
  • After his monsters where destroyed by Hayate's attack, a girl resembling Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters appears behind Duel Butler.
    • Additionally, she says "Activate Shild Trigger". This is the theme of Miki Tasogare's deck.
  • Before declaring his final attack on Duel Butler, Hayate's eyes resemble Dark Yugi's from the series Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Additionally, Hayate says "Let's do this Partner" before another version of him resembling Yugi Muto appears alongside him.
  • The attack Duel Butler is hit with is a parody of Moon Spiral Heart Attack from the series Sailor Moon.



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