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The Pretty Lady Detective Saw it! The Hot Spring Female Teacher Murder Case
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 30
Japanese Title 美人お嬢さま名探偵は見た! 湯けむり女教師殺人事件
Romanized Title Bijin Ojōsama Meitantei wa Mita! Yukemuri Onna Kyōshi Satsujin Jiken
English Title The Pretty Lady Detective Saw it! The Hot Spring Female Teacher Murder Case
1st skip
Yukiji Katsura
skip Character(s)
Hakuou Three Amiga
Length 24:36
On Air 21 October2007 (Ja)
22 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Chasse
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 30, title name as The Pretty Lady Detective Saw it! The Hot Spring Female Teacher Murder Case (美人お嬢さま名探偵は見た! 湯けむり女教師殺人事件 Bijin Ojōsama Meitantei wa Mita! Yukemuri Onna Kyōshi Satsujin Jiken?) aired on October 21st 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 22nd 2009.


Before the beginning of this episode, it shows the scenes of what's going to happen; Yukiji is dead, Nagi found the evidence of who the real culprit is, Maria heard the sound from out of nowhere, and Nagi, with Hayate, found the real culprit while on the bridge. It all started when Nagi, Hayate, and Maria were off to go to the inn, and Nagi chose the inn, with the hot springs, that looks really old. But suddenly, they heard a scream, and it came from that in, so they all went inside. After they entered the room, with the Student Council Trio, Shiori, and Eight inside, they found Yukiji, dead, as the victim, though she got up and Nagi kicked her face in order to stay dead. It is a murder case at the hot springs and as the trio were about to call the police, Nagi revealed herself as "The Great Detective Nagi". Then Hinagiku entered as she saw Yukiji's "dead" body, while Yukiji gets insulted. Hinagiku showed Nagi a video tape that was delivered to Hinagiku a while ago. That video is about Yukiji's death message, at the same room where she was, although it changes the background. Yukiji warns Hinagiku that a criminal killed her, but she had no idea who did that to her, so she tells her that she must capture that person, ending her message video. Nagi was trying to figure out who the killer is, and she somehow gathered enough proof of who is the killer, then she pointed at Shiori, thinking that she is the killer. Shiori said to Nagi that she is only a guest and is innocent, but Nagi didn't believe her as she explained what happened during the murder scene, which is the part that Shiori choked Yukiji to death with her polka-dot snake, though the rest didn't follow. Nagi handcuffed Shiori, but Eight broke the handcuff and was about to attack Nagi, until Hayate punched Eight out of the way to protect her.

Hayate tells Nagi that the culprit is someone else, so she agrees and she pointed at the trio as the next suspects of a crime. Nagi explained that the trio called Yukiji out to the beach and used the polka-dot octopus to kill her. The trio said to Nagi that they are innocent and that the killer must be the person with a motive. The narrator suggested that it was Hayate who killed Yukiji, and everyone stared at him, while Hayate telled them that it wasn't him. Nagi then explained that Hayate killed Yukiji with a polka-dot elephant. As Hayate kept telling Nagi that he is innocent, she ignored his words as she was thinking of arresting him, but Yukiji got up and said that the story isn't getting them anywhere, and she tells Hinagiku to follow the script before she went back to "playing dead". Everyone saw what was written in blood, which says "Hibiya", a dying message, as they were thinking about decoding the message in order to find out who the culprit is. Nagi then found out that the character that was not there committed the crime and that the dying message doesn't say "Hibiya" at all, and with the seeds on top of the blood, it shows the kanji word that says "Mixed Bath". So they all went there and saw a person behind the steam, thinking that the person is the true culprit.

An extra scene happened when the trio were at the hot springs with their food before their fanservice. Moving back at the story, the person was revealed as Maria and she said that she is not a criminal. Nagi then moves on with the "must have" happened scenes; Maria taking a bath with her towel, the gourmet food where everyone is eating, Inquiry at the bar with Klaus disguised as a woman and the owner of the bar, and the part that Izumi and Shiori beat Miki and Risa in a game of ping-pong. Just then, Maria rushed in and tells everyone that the corpse is gone, taken by the criminal as they went back to the crime scene, so Nagi called out the SPs and they found what was under the table, and it's a voice recorder. They heard Yukiji's same scream from before and Nagi figured it out already, about the true killer. Meanwhile, a person in a "Casper" costume went "trick or treating" at the lady's appartment, thinking that it's Halloween, and the lady slams the door right in front of the person. That person was none other than Ayumu, whom she said that Halloween it's not celebrated in Japan.

Elsewhere, everyone went all the way to the cliff, as the trio said that it could be the last "must have" happened scene. Then Nagi used the voice recorder from her necktie to pretend to be Hayate as she hides behind the couch, while he fell unconsious in a couch and that everyone though he was speaking. She said to them that the crime scene was not in that room, but a completely different room from a different inn. She then explained that the criminal shot Yukiji and recorded her voice, and then the criminal dragged her to the room that they all went and made her scream so that they can all hear her. She also said that the proof is on the video they watched. They watched it again and it was the same thing, but with an edit, it shows the different room that was removed from the video. Nagi then figured out who is the real culprit, in which they thought it was Hinagiku. But Hinagiku laughed and admits she is a criminal, until Nagi said that it wasn't Hinagiku and that there is only one person left suspicious. Nagi finally knew who the killer is, and it was the person doing the voice in the sky, i.e. the narrator himself, though Hayate finds that absurd, even for the viewers. But then, a big tidal wave appeared with Yukiji surfing and she couldn't take it anymore by not appearing during the show. Things did not go well for Nagi as Yukiji ruined her story, so she used her last resort, and it's called "fanservice". As Nagi and the rest of the girls enjoy the hot springs, Hayate is stuck in the men's barrel bath with Eight. At the bridge, Tama was left alone and he was crying.

The second act of the Butler Battle begins when Superintendent Kirika sends the second Dark Butler to defeat Hayate and make him one of them. Meanwhile, when Hayate was about to cross the road, he was confronted by a Dark Butler named "B-Da Butler". B-Da Butler starts attacking Hayate, "Battle B-Daman" style, but Hayate managed to avoid the attack and "B-Da fired" at his B-Daman, causing it to explode. After Hayate's victory, B-Da Butler ran away and Hayate expects the Dark Butlers to show themselves, but for now, he ran across the road while the light is green as the episode ends.


New Characters

  • Battle B-Daman Butler

Cultural References

  • Battle B-Daman
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Rocky
  • Nagi as Conan and Hayate as Kogorou Mory