Do You Like the Rich, Pretty Ladies?
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Episode Info
Japanese Titleお金持ちでキレイなお姉さんは好きですか?
Romanized TitleOkane Mochi de Kirei na Onee-san wa Suki desu ka?
English TitleDo You Like the Rich, Pretty Ladies?
1st skip
Sakuya Aizawa
skip Character(s)
Itsuki & Shunji
On Air28 October 2007 (Ja)
23 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 31, title name as Do You Like the Rich, Pretty Ladies? (お金持ちでキレイなお姉さんは好きですか? Okane Mochi de Kirei na Onee-san wa Suki desu ka??) aired on October 28th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 23rd 2009.


As Sakuya came to visit Nagi again, Nagi was telling Tama to jump through the tiny ring of fire while she uses a whip, although Tama looked scared and it's impossible for him to do that. Hayate said to Sakuya that Nagi saw a circus on TV, and that teaching the animals to jump through the ring of fire is the perfect size for Tama. Sakuya then used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out and hit Nagi with it, telling her that animal abuse is a problem, though Nagi said to her that she cannot be taken away from being a main heroine of this anime. Sakuya then tames Tama really well, as Hayate didn't know she can take good care of the animals. Sakuya said that it's not just animals that she takes good care, she looked at Nagi, and Nagi blushed as Maria that Sakuya is like a big sister to Nagi, and then Nagi stops her from saying that. Later, Hayate asked Nagi that she used to call Sakuya "Big Sister Sakuya" when she was little, and Sakuya tells him that she had siblings, so she takes care of them, and Nagi. Sakuya then said that Nagi never took care of little kids, which ticks Nagi off. Nagi said to Sakuya that she could take care of little kids better than her, so Sakuya dares her to do that. As Nagi accept her challenge, she made Hayate wear girl's clothes again and tells him to call her "Dear Sister Nagi" and come crying to her, as he doesn't know what to do. So Hayate buys that act and hugs Nagi while he is crying, only for Nagi to notice he is touching her breast again, so she hit him. Sakuya asked Hayate that it's not that easy taking care of Nagi, so he responded as a "yes". Nagi then tells Hayate to go find the children who are lost, otherwise she will make him wear baby clothes, so he went out to find them. After Hayate returned, with two kids, Sakuya thinks he just kidnapped them, but Hayate said that he didn't.

Hayate tells the girls that these children got lost and separated from their family, so he brought them there. Maria thought about calling the police, but as the children feared about the police, Hayate tells them to calm down and that the police wouldn't attack on Ingrams, though Sakuya finds it a bad joke as she hits him with a fan. Nagi decides that she can take care of them, as they thanked her and called her "Rich Sister". The kids introduced themselves as Itsuki and Shunji. When Maria said that their parents are still worried about them, Nagi called out the SPs and ordered them to find the children's parents, so they all went out to search for them. Nagi said to them that until their parents were found, she considers them her little brothers and wants them to call her "Dear Sister Nagi", so the children agreed to that. Then, as Nagi wonders what can she do, Sakuya came back just to leave her expensive stuff that's inside the briefcase and wants it never to be touched. Nagi showed the kids her treasure, in which they are mangas, and wants them to read those. Sakuya then hit Nagi with her fan as she said to her that she is doing it wrong and that she needs to entertain the kids. Nagi asked them that do they like animals, and they said "yes", so she took them to her room in order to play with Tama, though they were scared. Sakuya hits Nagi again and asked the kids to get out of the room. As Nagi was going to take them to the game room, Sakuya interfered as she tells her that they should go outside, so the kids liked that idea and hugged Sakuya, and then Nagi pouted.

As Nagi got mad about what Sakuya said, the children wants Nagi to play hide-and-seek with them, and she doesn't want Hayate to take her place after he asked her. So Nagi decides to play with them, in a competitive way, as they hide while she starts counting. Sakuya said to Hayate and Maria that Nagi hasn't changed from when she was little, as she remembered that day when Nagi was surrounded by strangers who wants to buy her estate and when she first met her. During the flashback, Sakuya asked Nagi to have an adventure with her, but as Nagi hardly spoke, Sakuya takes her anyway. After the flashback, Nagi finished counting and went to find the kids. Meanwhile, the SPs are still finding the kids' parents, and when Ayumu was walking while eating, one of the SPs appeared and asked her if she is the children's mother. Ayumu responded to him that she is not a mother, slapped him really hard, and walked away. Later that day, Nagi and the children finished playing, so her next step to take care of them is to make food for them. When Hayate and Maria wanted to help Nagi, she declined their assistance and she said she won't mess up like last time. After Nagi finisghed making it, Maria fed Nagi and the food was unedible, but Nagi didn't give up and she tried it again, and this time with the assistance of Hayate and Maria. While Itsuki and Shunji snucked away, Hayate wonders where they are. Later that night, when the boys went inside the guest room, they were about to take the briefcase, until Sakuya appeared and found them suspicious, but they managed to get away. When Sakuya was about to chase them, she crashed to Hayate and he asks her what's going on, but she said that there is no time and they starts chasing the boys. While Nagi and Maria made a perfect food, Sakuya tells Hayate that Itsuki and Shunji are thieves. When Nagi asked them about those two, Hayate tried to explain to her, but Sakuya stops him and fakes it by telling Nagi that they've been kidnapped by a robber, so Nagi buys that act and ordered the Sanzenin robots to find that robber.

As Nagi worries about the children, Sakuya tells Hayate that if Nagi hears the truth about the two thieves, she'll get hurt, and also she is worried about them. Itsuki and Shunji were about to escape, until they were caught by the robots. Fortunately, Sakuya ordered her butlers to destroy the robots while Hayate destroys it by himself in order to save the two of them. As they were going to give the briefcase back to Sakuya and feared that she will call the police, she decides not to do that and wants them to keep the briefcase as their souvenir. Sakuya also let them open the briefcase to see what's inside. Sakuya and Hayate went back to Nagi and Maria as Sakuya tells Nagi that the children's parents came to pick them up and went home without saying goodbye to her. When Nagi was glad their parents found them, she felt a little sad, until Sakuya tells her to cheer up as she, Hayate, and Maria are the only people she got, so Nagi became happy. Elsewhere, the kids put on their clothes, carried the fans, and used them for their comedy contest.

In the epilogue, act three of the Butler Battle begins when Superintendent Kirika and Shion send her third Dark Butler to defeat Hayate and make him join them. Meanwhile, the National Minicar Grand Prix occurred when Hayate was challenged by the third Dark Butler, named "Butler Mini Yon", with the 4WD toys, "Dash! Yonkuro" style. Butler Mini Yon said to Hayate that he was ordered by a certain person to defeat him. But then, a heavy wind from a fan tries to blow the minicars away, until Hayate managed to keep his minicar on track, while Butler Mini Yon's car gets blown away. And with that, Hayate won the race and Butler Mini Yon got away. As Hayate celebrated his victory, he found out that someone is after him, as this episode ends.


New Characters

  • Itsuki & Shunji

Cultural References

  • Itsuki & Shunji are based of the characters Ikki & Shun from the series Saint Seiya.



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