Welcome to Demon Hunter, Isumi, and Nabeshin
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Episode Info
Japanese Title魔物ハンターようこそ伊澄、とナベシン
Romanized TitleMamono Hantā Yōkoso Isumi, to Nabeshin
English TitleWelcome to Demon Hunter, Isumi, and Nabeshin
1st skip
Isumi Saginomiya
skip Character(s)
On Air4 November 2007 (Ja)
24 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 32, title name as Welcome to Demon Hunter, Isumi, and Nabeshin (魔物ハンターようこそ伊澄、とナベシン Mamono Hantā Yōkoso Isumi, to Nabeshin?) aired on November 4th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 24th 2009.


Hayate looks around outside of the Sanzenin mansion as he fell asleep. The narrator explained what happened the other night; while Hayate was sleeping, Tama was sleepwalking and landed on to Hayate's bed, dreaming about Brenda. When Hayate heard Tama calling him Brenda, he woke up and he yelled at him by asking why was he there. Tama then woke up and now thinks Hayate is a rosted beef, and then he was going to eat him as Hayate panicked. While Hayate is still dreaming about that, an unidentified afro was sneaking beside him. The afro then jumped as he reveals himself as none other than Nabeshin, from "Excel Saga". After the opening sequence, Hayate woke Nabeshin up as Nabeshin said to him that they should ignore the script and get going. Nabeshin takes out his gun and pointed at Hayate, then he was considered to be one of the Dark Butlers, otherwise known as "Butler Nabeshin", although he ignored the narrator about act four of the Butler Battle. Nabeshin then began to fire the bullets at Hayate, but Hayate managed to dodge the bullets. But after the fight, Nabeshin was writing an anime rough draft and he forgot to introduce himself, so he handed over his business card to Hayate, in which he produces and directs the anime, while he is on a part-time job as a butler. But as Nabeshin fell asleep and woke up, he said to Hayate that he was writing about something all night long. And then, Nabeshin fell down and he was getting hungry.

Back inside the mansion, while Nabeshin is eating, Maria asked Hayate about him and that she must protect him, in which Hayate is shocked. Nabeshin asked Maria if he can invite his wife and daughter, and she responded as a "yes", so they joined him to eat food. After eating, they watched the DVD on a television, and Nabeshin wants Hayate to join them, but he refuses. As Hayate is running away from them, he quickly realize he was running on a machine and he freaked out. As Nabeshin and the other unknown girls were dancing, Hayate feared that the mansion, and this anime, will get taken over. Then, Nabeshin's wife and daughter wants Hayate to forgive him, and Nabeshin's wife wants to give some items to Hayate, though she also said that he should buy those items. After that, Hayate couldn't take it anymore and he yells at Nabeshin, his wife, and his daughter to get out of the mansion as he calls Tama to chase them out. Realizing how he despise afros, Hayate saw Maria wearing an afro, but she tells him that it's just a wig. Maria then tells Hayate that Nagi is calling him, so he went to Nagi and she tells him that Isumi is on her way to the mansion, alone. Hayate said to Nagi that Isumi always gets lost even if she is going alone, and Nagi said to him that Isumi is an independent person, though she is also a stubborn girl.

Meanwhile, Isumi still gets lost, like always, but she takes out her cellphone in hopes to get to the mansion. She tries to open her cellphone, with magic, but Sakuya came out of nowhere and hits Isumi with a fan by asking her that she really doesn't know how to use the cellphone. Sakuya then tells Isumi that Nagi's house is on the other way, but as Isumi went walking, Sakuya knew she can never make it on her own, so she takes Isumi there. But then, they confronted a weird looking carp with a human body, who is asking for help, but Sakuya freaked out and punched him, thinking that it's a hallucination. Isumi said to Sakuya that it's not a hallucination and that the carp man is a fish god. The carp man asks Isumi that he needs help in phantom busting, but as Sakuya never liked that idea, Isumi decides to help him out, so Sakuya had no choice but to help as well. While Nabeshin is still around at the mansion, Hayate asks Nagi if he can go find her, and since Nagi knew Isumi is taking a long time, she grants his permission to go find her. Elsewhere, Isumi and Sakuya followed the carp man as she explained to her about phantoms who are gaining spirits and turn animals into monsters and humans into demons, and she said that the person who did that to the carp man is called "Phantom KHV (Koi Herpes Virus)". Sakuya asked the carp man about that phantom, and he responded that he was served on a plate alive. He explained to them in a flashback, as he remembered that night when he was synchronized swimming. The phantom pulled him out of the lake and tried to eat him alive, with wasabi, but the carp man barely escaped from him. Sakuya wants Isumi to tell Nagi what happened in the past, but Isumi can't do that, because she remembered when Nagi was afraid of the dark when she was little, and she said she didn't mean to make her cry. Isumi felt bad for Nagi and decides not to scare her friends anymore.

But suddenly, someone appeared out of nowhere, and the carp man tells the girls that it's the Phantom Koi Herpes Virus, as he introduces himself to them. After the phantom gets insulted by Sakuya, Isumi blows him away by using her talismans. However, the phantom wasn't destroyed as he splits himself to four giant viruses. Isumi said to Sakuya that they should team up to defeat the viruses, though Sakuya said that she can't do that. They quickly noticed that the carp man is gone, and the carp man whispered at viruses that they insulted them by calling them knockoffs, so the viruses chased Sakuya. When all hope seems lost for Sakuya, Hayate appeared and saved her from getting crushed. After Hayate also called the viruses knockoffs, they starts chasing him, with Sakuya. When the viruses used their special move to kill Hayate and Sakuya, Isumi stops their big fists with her finger, and with that, she destroyed the viruses. As the sun sets, Hayate, Sakuya, and Isumi all went to Nagi's house, while the carp man realized that it's all over and that he can go synchronized swimming again. Later that night, Isumi was finally brought all the way to the mansion. Then, Maria is watching the carp man, and Nabeshin, synchronized swimming, as the both of them became friends. Before this episode's conclusion, Ayumu appeared out of nowhere eating carp soup. Finally, this episode ends with Nabeshin writing while singing, and Maria said that she doesn't like evil afros.

Adapted From

Volume 7

Differences in the Manga

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  • When Nabeshin made his introduction, he is seen dressed like Lupin from the series Lupin the Third.
  • After Nabeshin had pulled his gun out on Hayate, a woman behind him can be seen riding a motorcycle. This is a reference to the ending credits from the first Lupin the Third series.
    • Additionally, Nabeshin is seen using Lupin's signature weapon, the Walther P38.
  • Afterwards, Nabeshin calls out to a blonde woman named Mikako, who is seen dressed similar to Mikako Hyatt from the series Excel Saga.
  • Hayate asks Nabeshin if he had bought his gun from "ameyoko". This is a reference to the Japanese shopping district Ameya-Yokochō.
  • As Nabeshin was telling Hayate that he was up all night long working on an anime script, Nabeshin yells out "Kawaguchi". This is a reference to the director of the first season of Hayate no Gotoku!, Keiichiro Kawaguchi.
  • After Nabeshin and his family had finished their meal, they are later seen watching an anime, where Nabeshin remarks "this is one of my works". This is a reference to the anime series Tokyo Pig.
  • Afterwards, as Nabehsin yells "lets do it, win it Kobayashi!", a character heavily resembling Poemi Watanabe from Puni Puni Poemy can be seen in front of him.
  • As Nabeshin's wife and daughter apologize to Hayate, a blue elephant is seen on the bottom of Nabeshin's daughter's diaper. This is a reference to the "blue elephant" censorship used in the anime Inukami!.
  • When Isumi was convincing Sakuya to help the carp man, a squirrel similar to Teto appears on Sakuya's shoulder and she mentions that the place will soon be eaten by the Sea of Decay. This is a reference to the movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
  • When Isumi and Sakuya discuss the carp man, he is seen riding on a cloud that heavily resembles the Flying Nimbus from the Dragon Ball series.
  • While confronting the great phantom of KHV, Sakuya calls him Anpanman's enemy. This is a reference to "Baikinman" who is the villain from the series Anpanman
  • At the end of this episode, Nabeshin is seen singing a portion of his "afro song" from episode 5 of Excel Saga.

New Characters

  • Nabeshin (though not canon in the manga or anime) makes a guest appearance in this episode.



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