Why?! School Festival - Part One
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 33
Japanese Title なぜだ?!学院文化祭·前編
Romanized Title Naze da?! Gakuin Bunkasai Zenpen
English Title Why?! School Festival - Part One
1st skip
Hakuou Three Amiga
skip Character(s)
Puppet Butler
Length 24:36
On Air 11 November 2007 (Ja)
27 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Chasse
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 33, title name as Why?! School Festival - Part One (なぜだ?!学院文化祭·前編 Naze da?! Gakuin Bunkasai Zenpen?) aired on November 11th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 27th 2009.


This episode begins at Superintendent Kirika's evil lair, where the three Dark Butlers, Beyblade Butler, Mecha Beetle Butler, and Mountain Bike Butler, each begged of her to let them defeat Hayate, but she got tired and rejects them. Shion tells Kirika that the preparations for Hakuou Academy's culture festival are now about to be ready. Before they went out, a mysterious Dark Butler appeared and wants Kirika to allow him to defeat Hayate, and in exchange, he will give her sweet cakes, so she accepts the deal. The Hakuou Academy's culture festival is about to begin as Hayate just finished making the archway on time. When Hayate was going to return to the Sanzenin mansion, he was stopped by the Student Council Trio and they need him to work more. But when the trio realized they made him work alone as a slave, they want to make it up to him. Izumi gave Hayate some senzu beans, though they don't look like it, and he ate those beans in order to restore his energy. After that, Hayate and the trio went to the classroom for their opening.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Maria asked Nagi about what is she doing, and Nagi answered her that she is making a solo culture festival. Nagi then realized that Hayate stayed at the Academy. Maria then asked Nagi if she wants to go to the culture festival, but Nagi said to her that she doesn't like crowded people. Maria heard that Hayate will work at the cosplay cafe, so Nagi decides to go check on him by herself. Before she left, Nagi tells Maria to call the SPs. As the narrator explained about the history of the culture festival, and that it shows Shiori charging up Eight, at the cafe, the royal female customers ordered another cup of tea and Hayate went to make the tea, but then, more customers ordered a tea, and Hayate then realized that the customers are not customers at all, for they are the School Council Trio, in their butler costumes. The cosplay cafe turns out to be the butler cafe and the trio made Hayate work again as they are playing cards. As Hayate and the trio switch places for work, Yukiji appeared out of nowhere and dragged Hayate out of the cafe. Just then, Nagi appeared and tries to check up on Hayate, only for the trio to tell her that he wasn't there and was taken by Yukiji. From the distance, the mysterious Dark Butler saw Nagi as he was planning to do something to her. Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Chiharu were walking and they haven't heard or seen Kirika for a while, and when they stopped, they saw a huge crowd. Hayate was surrounded by the crowd with their paperworks, as Yukiji made him work for her. But then, Hinagiku appeared and tells Yukiji that she should do her job instead of Hayate, and after her poor excuse, Yukiji ran away. Hayate was saved by Hinagiku as she lets Chiharu do her job. Later, Hinagiku made some food for Hayate and herself, and as he looks at her confident face, he starts crying, until he was eaten by a giant snake, which happens to be Kirika's pet snake. Meanwhile, Nagi is still searching for Hayate, and as she gets tired, she ordered the SPs to find him, but the SPs weren't with Nagi. And then, Nagi starts crying because of Hayate, as she wanted to go walking with him really badly. Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere, and Nagi confronted a fortune teller. When Nagi was passing by for not believing a fortune, the fortune teller said to her that the prediction is 100% accurate, so she buys that and sat down. After Nagi was told to look to his eyes, the fortune teller used his hypnotic move, "Code Geass" style, in order to possess her, and as he saw loneliness in her heart and removes his mask, he now controls her as a puppet.

Meanwhile, Kirika's pet snake, Jormungandr ("Jor" for short), spat Hayate out as Hayate brought a souvenir from inside its body. Kirika said to Hayate that Jor can eat anyone alive, especially butlers, though she was just joking. Hinagiku asked Kirika what diabolical plan is she up to, and Kirika answered her that she's off duty. But aside of that, Kirika knew that Hayate returned the prize after he won the Butler Battle Tournament, as he explained that he doesn't need the prize, and neither does Nagi. And then, Hayate got a phone call from Maria and she asks him if Nagi is with him by now, for he did not know Nagi was at the Academy. Maria tried to contact the SPs, but they were busy watching a concert with a female singer, Erina. Hayate though Nagi was missing, but she was behind him, and she said to him that there's a place she wants him to be with her, then she left. As Hayate and Hinagiku followed Nagi, Kirika knew that it must be that Dark Butler's own doing, and when Kirika, Shion, and Jor were going to follow them, Kirika ran out of her blood sugar level again and she collapsed. Hayate and Hinagiku kept following Nagi, until she stopped at the Japanese pizza sale, so Hayate bought the pizza for her. Nagi takes Hayate and Hinagiku place after place by walking around campus; Himuro playing a guitar in his band, with Taiga, a haunted house with Koutarou and Kaede, Isumi's play that is called "The Little Match", Yukiji stealing the foods, Wataru putting posters of Isumi, Saki being taken away from the fanboys, and Kaoru making another Gundam model, but with no luck.

Finally, they have arrived at the exact place, the old school building. When lightning struck, the mysterious Dark Butler appeared on top of the building and revealed himself as "Puppet Butler", the one who controlled Nagi. Hayate must defeat the Puppet Butler to undo the hypnosis. The Puppet Butler piloted a Dinosaur Robot and as both him and Hayate prepare for battle, it's considered act five of the Butler Battle, also considering that Puppet Butler is the real fourth Dark Butler. The Puppet Butler fired the missiles at the three of them, but Hinagiku avoided the missiles, and so did Hayate by moving the possessed Nagi out of the way, although the missiles hit Yukiji instead. Hinagiku prepares herself to fight the Puppet Butler with her bamboo stick and she somehow broke his camera, but he used the long robotic fingers to grapple Hinagiku, until Hayate saves her and breaks down the arm. But the Puppet Butler didn't gave up as he lifted his robot and fired bullets. When the Puppet Butler was about to destroy Hakuou Academy, his robot breaks into pieces, as he knew that it wasn't well made, so he fell down. Just when the Puppet Butler came out of the destroyed robot, it exploded and he was sent flying. Even after the battle, Nagi is still under hypnosis the moment after she said that she hates culture festivals. Nagi then said to them that she will teach them the "true culture" of Japan, by selling all her mangas. Then, Superintendent Kirika, with Shion and Jor, appeared and finds Nagi more interesting than Hayate ever was to her, so she takes her away from him, and that Nagi was not only under hypnosis, but she has lost her mind. To be continued at the second part, but before the end of the first part, at Ayumu's high school, she competed at the egg race, unfortunately for her, she dropped the egg from the spoon.


New Characters

  • Puppet Butler

Cultural References

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