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Why Did It Die?! School Festival - Part Two
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 34
Japanese Title なぜ死んだ?!学院文化祭·後編
Romanized Title Naze Shin da?! Gakuin Bunkasai Kōhen
English Title Why Did It Die?! School Festival - Part Two
1st skip
Aika Kasumi
skip Character(s)
Chiharu Harukaze
Length 24:36
On Air 18 November 2007 (Ja)
28 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Chasse
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 34, title name as Why Did It Die?! School Festival - Part Two (なぜ死んだ?!学院文化祭·後編 Naze Shin da?! Gakuin Bunkasai Kōhen?) aired on November 18th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 28th 2009.


Continuing from the first part, Nagi is writing a manga and wants Shion to color the dark spots. Superintendent Kirika daydreams about how Nagi dumped Hayate and made him cry. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Klaus asks Hayate if he is worried about Nagi, but Hayate responded to him that Nagi stayed at her own culture festival and that Kirika made her cooperate, but Klaus doesn't follow while he is trimming down the hair from his moustache. But Maria knows about Kirika's character. Hayate received a phone call from Hinagiku and he went back to the Academy. Afterwards, Hayate, Hinagiku, and the rest of the students noticed the big giant building in front of the Academy. Hinagiku knew that it was Nagi's doing and she said to Hayate that there are a whole bunch of mangas and anime stuffs, such as the cars with anime character drawings, and that building is nothing more than a comic con. As the narrator explained about a comic con with mangas, CDs, character figures, and DVDs, at Hinagiku's office, Chiharu explained the report to Hinagiku, although Hinagiku finds it unrelated to their culture festival. While Hinagiku was thinking about to do something about it, Hayate decides to go search for Nagi, since he knew that she is cooperating with Kirika, and more importantly, for him to leave Nagi alone. Just then, Shion, in her adult version, appeared out of nowhere and tells Hayate to give up as a butler and that she belongs to Kirika. Hayate knew about that as he, along with the girls, received a phone call. After Shion was insulted, she began to charge, but she tripped and turned back to her child version. Then Shion couldn't take it anymore and wants Hayate to take Nagi back, so Hayate, Hinagiku, Chiharu, and Aika followed her to her mistress's office while Kirika is having a snack in the dining hall.

Inside the office, there was Nagi, with a whole bunch of mangas for her to sell. Hayate tells Nagi to come back to him, but she thinks he is an impostor and refuses to come back. Shion tells them to hurry up, but it was too late, as Kirika returned and Jor caught Shion on her head. Kirika finds it interesting about Nagi showing everyone how great her manga is, so she challenged Hinagiku and Hayate to a match. Kirika and Nagi have decided to sell her mangas at the school special booth and Kirika named her terms; if Hayate wins, Kirika must return Nagi back to him, and also she will fix the culture festival. Hayate now realize that it's the sales showdown between him and Nagi. As Kirika had no intention to listen to Hinagiku, Kirika left Hinagiku no choice but to accept her challenge. Kirika then gives them her only warning, because if Hayate loses to Nagi, the sudent council members must run a maid cafe in their embarrasing outfits, so Hinagiku accepts her terms. Hinagiku tells Hayate that he must win, otherwise she won't forgive him. The battle between Nagi's manga sales and the butler cafe has begun, as Kirika just got her fresh start. Meanwhile at the butler cafe, the Student Council Trio wants Hayate to lose as they want to see Hinagiku in her embarrasing maid outfit, only to be reminded that they will wear the outfits as well, so they must give Hayate his support. Hayate went to the kitchen and said to himself that he must make Nagi smile, no matter what it takes.

Back at the manga sale, things are not looking good as Nagi's sales chart is already higher than Hayate's. While Kirika is about to celebrate her victory, Shion informed her that the sales from the butler cafe have increased already. During the Hakuou Culture Festival Report, the reporter interviewed Hayate as he answered her questions about how did he make a cake that's so delicious. As Maria and Klaus are watching the report on TV, Maria wondered why is Hayate making cake. Back at the cafe, Hinagiku started working part-time as a butler, and so are Koutarou and Kaede. As Hayate wonders what is Nagi doing right now, the trio appeared and tells him their consequences if he doesn't work hard. Izumi just had an idea, in which they should wear the maid costumes if they win in order to celebrate, but Hinagiku hates that idea and she tells Hayate to get back to work. Moving back to the manga sales, Kirika just made her backup plan, which is that everyone can win a prize if they can buy the mangas. Right in the middle of the manga sales and the cafe montage, Ayumu was at the park eating snacks and wonders what is Hayate doing. Later that day, all the mangas are sold out, but an unknown person picks up the manga from the trash. Nagi then stands up and went to find Hayate, and when she realized he is not at the fortune telling, she noticed an unknown person behind her, and when she turned around, he quickly vanished. Five minutes before the end of the challenge, Hinagiku received a call and she had some bad news for the trio, in which they are far behind again. Hinagiku said to them that Kirika ran out of ammo, but apparently, so did her. But Hinagiku never gave up and she, the trio, and Koutarou must work hard to the end. As Hayate came out of the kitchen, Hinagiku noticed Nagi and opened the door. Nagi said to Hinagiku that she only came to eat a cake, knowing that she already won.

Nagi took a seat and expects to eat the cake that Hayate used to make, and knowing that only he can bring her back to her senses, Hayate made a special cake for Nagi, a Christmas cake, even though it's not Christmas yet. While Hayate sheds tears in hopes to bring her back, Nagi tasted a cake and noticed that the cake is delicious, and when Nagi sheds tears, her hypnosis wore off and she finally came back to her senses. Hayate cried tears of joy and hugs Nagi while everyone else watches them. Suddenly, Kirika appeared and said to Hayate even if Nagi is no longer under hypnosis, he is one minute away before his defeat and her sales have gone way up and all hope seems to be lost. Fortunately, Nagi received a phone call from Maria, and then, Maria ordered cakes for her and the SPs, for a grand total of 2000 people, so Nagi payed the money to Hayate for Maria's order to buy cakes, to go. And just in the nick of time, Hayate made enough sales already, and when the time is up, Hayate, Hinagiku, and the others managed to win the challenge. And thus, the sales showdown has come to an end.

Later that night, Hinagiku wondered if Nagi's hypnosis is really worned off. Then Nagi dragged Hayate, with a maid outfit, as they were going to the closing ceremony. Nagi made Hayate wear a maid outfit as punishment for leaving her alone. As the folk dance was about to start, Hayate runs away from Nagi while she chases him. Chiharu and Aika thought about the same thing to Hinagiku. Superintendent Kirika is once again having interest in Hayate cross-dressing, and she will make him one of them.


New Characters

Cultural References

  • Nagi was stated to be even more annoying than King Dedede from Kirby in the Chinese version of this episode.