Must See! 2007 Autumn Complete Guide Book for the Latest Trendy Date Spots for Teenagers
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Japanese Title必見!ナウなヤングのための最新オシャレデートスポット完全ガイド2007秋
Romanized TitleHikken! Nau na Yangu no Tame no Saishin Oshare Dēto Supotto Kanzen Gaido 2007 Aki
English TitleMust See! 2007 Autumn Complete Guide Book for the Latest Trendy Date Spots for Teenagers
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Hayate Ayasaki
skip Character(s)
On Air25 November 2007 (Ja)
29 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 35, title name as Must See! 2007 Autumn Complete Guide Book for the Latest Trendy Date Spots for Teenagers (必見!ナウなヤングのための最新オシャレデートスポット完全ガイド2007秋 Hikken! Nau na Yangu no Tame no Saishin Oshare Dēto Supotto Kanzen Gaido 2007 Aki?) aired on November 25th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 29th 2009.


Hayate is searching for Nagi, but she wasn't in her game room. But then, Nagi ran to Hayate and he sees her wearing an unidentified school uniform while carrying a pink towel, and that she called him "Senpai" (Mentor in Japanese). When Nagi was going to give Hayate a "sports" towel and that she gets blushed, he ran towards the screen and said to the audience that she has lost it. But, Maria tells Hayate that Nagi was only working on drawing another manga, and it's called the youth love story. Nagi then realized that she can't draw anything that's on her mind, because she doesn't have any references, so she lended Hayate a digital camera and wants him to gather some references for her, by taking pictures of any couples who are on a date. Regardless of not knowing anything about date spots, Hayate had no choice but to go on a date of his own, while carrying a date spot guidebook. Right behind Hayate, Maria appeared with her casual clothes and asked him if she can go on a date with him, and then he did not know that this was going to happen.

As they were walking, Maria tells Hayate, in a flashback, that Nagi wants to be alone, and that Nagi gave Maria a day off, and apparently, Klaus as well. After that, Maria said to Hayate that if she can help him find the references for Nagi, so he agrees and they went out on a date. Meanwhile, Klaus was shocked that he was given a day off, and that Nagi tells him to go waste his time at the arcade or at the cafe. In the city, Hayate and Maria saw many couples, such as Nabeshin and his wife, with their daughter. Hayate starts taking pictures at the couples for Nagi's references. As Hayate wonders where are they going next, Maria looked at the clothes inside the window thinking that she wants to try those on, and when Hayate said to her that it will be part of the references, Maria dragged Hayate as they went to the mall. Maria then try the cute clothes on, and Hayate liked the way she is wearing the clothes. But then, a saleslady appeared and thinks that Hayate is Maria's "boyfriend" and made them wear a couples' clothes. Meanwhile at the cafe, Yukiji and the Student Council Trio were hanging around, and Izumi came up with an idea as spots Hayate, with Maria. Yukiji and the trio thought that Hayate had a girlfriend, so they have decided to support Hayate's date with Maria. As both Hayate and Maria felt embarassed about being a couple, four unknown afro people, who happens to be Yukiji and the trio in disguise as Hayate doesn't notice them, appeared out of nowhere. One afro person introduced herself as a genius photographer, while the other three are her assistants. While Hayate said to Maria that he finds the afro people suspicious, an afro photographer (Yukiji) takes a picture at them with a digital camera she tooked from Hayate. And when they are trying to make Hayate and Maria kiss, he managed to get away and dragged Maria as they went to somewhere else. Meanwhile, as Nagi was walking around the mansion, she noticed the door open in Hayate's room, and then she dropped her pen all the way inside Hayate's room.

After Nagi went inside, she noticed at Hayate's desk and lays down on his bed to take a nap. When she got up quickly and continues to find her pen, she noticed what's under Hayate's bed, takes it out, saw the cover of a man with muscles, and puts it back to where it belonged. As Nagi is freaking out, Tama sneaks behind the door and noticed that she found his secret book. Back in the city, Hayate and Maria are now at their next date spot. The two of them still felt embarassed about their date. Four unknown people appeared with a rickshaw and asked them if they want a ride, so Hayate and Maria accepted that offer. After Hayate and Maria sat down on a rickshaw, the four people take them, full speed ahead, all the way to the tour, starting at the front of the appartment, followed by the museum, a haunted metropolitan area, and the anime company. After the tour, the person took a digital camera from Hayate and they revealed themselves as the afro photographers (Yukiji, Izumi, Miki, and Risa), took the pictures at them again and wants them to kiss, but Hayate gets Maria and himself away from them as they reached to a boat. Elsewhere, Ayumu is taking her bakery class as she just finished making a cake especially for Hayate, but apparently, she was beaten by Klaus who just made an ultimate cake. Later that day, Hayate and Maria got away from the afro photographers, or so he thought, because they are heading to the boat and they won't stop until Hayate and Maria kiss each other. After they break in, they quickly noticed at Maria breaking up with Hayate. After Maria dumped Hayate and ran away, he was heartbroken and starts crying. Realizing that there is nothing they can do about it, Yukiji and the trio leaved Hayate alone, left the digital camera, took off their wigs, and went to a restaurant. Afterwards, Hayate found Maria and they realized that it was all an act, but it was the only way to lose those four people for good. As they were heading back home, Maria wants Hayate to come with her to the ferris wheel in order to end the day. After they are riding on a ferris wheel, Maria asked Hayate if they can bring Nagi to go on a triple date next time, and he said yes to her. To end the day, Hayate took the last picture of him and Maria.

Later that night, Hayate gave the digital camera back to Nagi and she suddenly showed him her fiery wrath the moment after he showed her the references he took, but mostly the pictures of him and Maria. After that, Nagi punched Hayate really hard and sends him to the ground outside of the mansion. This episode ends with the narrator teasing the audience about asking their boyfriend or girlfriend to go on a romantic date, if they have one.

Adapted From

Volume 10

Differences in the Manga

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New characters:

  • Grazie (cake making tutor)

Cultural References

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