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Klaus is Japanese Because it's Written as 倉臼
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 36
Japanese Title クラウスは倉臼と書いて日本人
Romanized Title Kurausu wa Kurausu to Kaite Nihonjin
English Title Klaus is Japanese Because it's Written as 倉臼
1st skip
Seishirou Klaus
skip Character(s)
Length 24:36
On Air 2 December 2007 (Ja)
30 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Chasse
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 36, title name as Klaus is Japanese Because it's Written as 倉臼 (クラウスは倉臼と書いて日本人 Kurausu wa Kurausu to Kaite Nihonjin?) aired on December 2nd 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 30th 2009.


Klaus has retired, and is living in Brazil as a plantation owner. Just then, he denies that he actually retired. Tama is then seen sitting next to him, who tells Klaus that there's nothing left for him, since a replacement for Himegami had been replaced, and Hayate had also arrived. Tama forces Klaus to stay with him, and he screams and wakes up, with Tama lying on top of him. When he looks over, he sees a travel guide on his nightstand, talking about Brazil. Later in the morning, Klaus takes a newspaper and runs an iron over it. He then delivers the newspaper to Nagi. Nagi takes the newspaper and starts reading the stocks section on it, and she comments that the delayed release of Dragon Quest has adversely affected stock value. As she reads further, Klaus talks about how ridiculous the idea of him retiring to Brazil in his dream was. As he laughs about it, Nagi says that if Klaus wants to retire, he can. He denies that he wants to, and that he intends to be a Sanzenin butler for the entirety of his life. Nagi reminds Klaus that Freud once theorized that one's dreams embody their unconscious desires, and this means that Klaus, deep down, is probably tired and wants to retire. Klaus defends himself by asking who would take care of the Sanzenin household, but Nagi coldly reminds him that Hayate and Maria are more than perfectly capable of taking care of things. Klaus runs off. Later, Hayate comes across Klaus, and tries to talk to him, but he refuses to listen. Maria arrives after him and wonders what could cause Klaus to become this depressed, but then something suddenly strikes her. Maria goes to Nagi and asks her about it, and she says that she had told him that he could retire if he wanted to. Maria tells Nagi that she really didn't have to take his dream seriously, and she begins reminding her that butlers are usually given a room in the residence and treated like family. She then adds that being told he could quit was probably a massive shock to him. Not wanting to take responsibility for her actions, Nagi denies that Klaus would actually quit over something like this. Hayate reminds Nagi that she probably deeply respects Klaus, though she says that he is an easy character to mess with. Maria then tells her that telling him to retire was probably a bad idea, and the both of them tell Nagi how he's feeling right now. Nagi tells both of them to do something about it, if all of this is true. Maria smirks, and heads off to find Klaus. In his room, she tries to console him, as he sits on the floor with bubble wrap. Maria tells him that if his mind is set, she'll go notify Nagi, but Klaus stops her, saying that there might be merit to what Nagi had said, and that he might be better returning to his old days as a footman. As they discuss this, Tama is seen standing in the window, angry that they're interfering with his plan to go to Brazil.

Klaus decides to have a challenge with Hayate. They meet outside, where Klaus explains the conditions of the match. He declares that Hayate has one fatal flaw: he is not Nagi's shadow, and he's way too aware of himself of his protagonist, but Nagi reminds Klaus that he is actually the protagonist of the show, and Maria adds that he's rather unassuming for a protagonist. Shaken, since the only thing he felt he had against Hayate has been taken away, he explains the conditions of the match: They'll both serve Nagi to the best of their abilities for the next 24 hours. If Hayate's service is better than Klaus's service, he will leave the estate, shocking everyone. Despite this, Hayate agrees to the terms. Inside the mansion, Klaus asks Hayate what the most important part of being a butler is. Hayate responds with several of his incidents from the show, but Klaus says that the actual most important things it to anticipate what's to come, to look several steps ahead to see what his mistress will want. Just then, Klaus pulls a cover off of a cart, revealing a set for tea service. Hayate says that he's already prepared some tea, and it cuts to him serving a cup of it to Nagi. In anger, Klaus denies that Hayate is doing it right, since the duty is so important for English royalty. Hayate reminds Klaus, however, that he's using teabags for the British Royal Household, though. He then asks Nagi what she wants with her tea, offering either lemon or cream. Klaus then reminds Hayate that in England, tea is served only with milk, not lemon. Hearing this, Nagi decides to go with lemon, and Hayate gladly serves it to her, to Nagi's delight. Maria leans in and asks Nagi to try to go easy on Klaus, who was sitting in a corner, muttering about how wrong Hayate's service was.

Afterwards, Nagi heads to school, wanting to get away from Klaus to avoid her desires to fool with him. She explains to Hayate that Klaus has been serving her for so long that they've developed a bond, which allows for Nagi to have fun with him. As she explains this, they pass a fried chicken place, with Klaus disguised as the mascot for the store. When they pass out of sight, Ayumu steps out of the shop with a bucket of chicken. As she looks in the bucket and sees that she got some extra chicken, Klaus then rushes off after the two. During class, Nagi tells Hayate that it appears that Klaus hasn't followed them. Yukiji hears them talking though, and she tells them to keep it down, throwing a piece of chalk at Nagi. Hayate stands up to block it for her, but someone throws a fork at the piece of chalk, intercepting it and destroying it. The fork embeds itself in the ground, and they realize that it's made of polished silver, a mark of a first class butler. They look up to see a masked man hanging on the ceiling. The mask falls off, revealing the man to be Klaus, who announces that he's decided to no longer be a normal human. Yukiji quickly establishes that he's a butler of the Sanzenin family, as he jumps to the ground. She then starts to explain the origins of the term "butler," establishing that it comes from one who oversees wine collection. The idea of wine entrances Yukiji, who then chases after Klaus. Outside, the Hakuou Three Amiga sit over the lake at the school, hoping that someone would come and make them tea. Klaus and Yukiji continue their fight, with Klaus using a deception to avoid one of her attacks. He reveals himself hanging on a tree, dressed as a ninja. Just then, his back problems kick in, knocking him off. The Hakuou Three Amiga see him, and realize that he's Nagi's head butler.

Inside the student council room., The Hakuou Three Amiga have gotten Klaus to prepare a tea service for them, and they thank him for it, making him feel slightly better, as butlers are always waiting for that one word of thanks. Just then, Yukiji barges in to the room. The Hakuou Three Amiga get ready to make up an excuse for skipping class, but Yukiji says that she doesn't care, and she just wants service from Klaus, believing that he has wine in his possession. Hinagiku rushes in and yells at Yukiji for mistreating the elderly, though this lowers Klaus's spirits again. He wanders off, looking dejected. Outisde, Hayate and Nagi search for Klaus and Yukiji, but they can't find them. They see Klaus walking away. Just then, a storm of rose petals begins, and Himuro reveals himself. Klaus identifies Himuro as a butler of the Ookouchi household, prompting Himuro to properly introduce himself. Klaus scolds Himuro for his apparent lack of knowledge of butler customs, as he had introduced himself by his name rather than his master's. However, Himuro says that Klaus is rather old-fashioned for trying to cite an Edwardian custom in their current era, and he says that Klaus is declining in his older years. Just then, Himuro rushes up to him and steals his necktie, revealing that if he has reflexes this slow, he probably couldn't protect his mistress any more. When Himuro recommends that he consider living his own life, Klaus explains that he has no life, since he is his mistresses' shadow, meaning that the only thing left for him is to vanish. Just then, Nagi and Hayate realize that Klaus is probably actually serious about retiring.

Back at the mansion, Hayate asks Maria if there's anything they can do. Maria says that she has an idea, but it will require Hayate to lend a helping body. When Hayate asks if she means a helping hand, Maria simply giggles, giving Hayate a bad feeling. That afternoon, Klaus sits outside on a bench, overlooking the mansion, reflecting on his life there. Just then, someone calls out for him, and he looks up to see Hayate suspended in the air, dressed in a gown and wearing large wings. Klaus doesn't identify him as Hayate, though, and instead remembers him as the girl in the garden from a while back. Elsewhere, Maria is seen with a fog machine, saying that this was a good idea, since Hayate is rather charming when crossdressing. Klaus asks Hayate to identify himself, and he starts with his family name Ayasaki, though he quickly realizes that he was about to say his own name, and instead says Hermione. Hayate says that he is a goddess who lives in the lake at the estate. As Klaus says that he didn't think that he was ordinary, Hayate glances over to Maria, who gives him a gesture indicating that he's doing fine. He then says that he has been watching Klaus from the lake, and that he shouldn't quit being the head butler, since he is still too young. Klaus looks dejected, however, and he says that he's become weak with his age. Hayate denies this, saying that he's still a fine gentlemen, even with grey hair. This gets Klaus's spirits up, but he also mentions that it's been harder to lift his arms due to his old shoulders. Hayate jumps down from whatever was suspending him, and says that he's just stiff. He gives Klaus a massage, relieving him. He then lays down, and asks him to massage his back. Just then, Tama, who was creeping through the woods, sees Hayate and becomes charmed by his looks. Tama rushes after him and tackles him. Klaus doesn't see this, and just assumes that he's been seeing things.

As Hayate expresses his annoyance with Tama again, he sees the travel guide from earlier. Hayate realizes that Tama did this because of the female tiger shown on the guide's cover. Tama admits to this, explaining that he had put headphones on Klaus while he was sleeping, and told him that he wanted to go to the plantation. Hayate, angry with Tama, yells at him saying that their are no tigers in Brazil, to Tama's surprise. Hayate decides that he'll be able to convince Klaus just by saying that his dreams were manipulated by Tama, but he then remembers that no one else knows that Tama can talk. Early the next morning, Klaus leaves the estate, while thinking about how he's raised Nagi since she was a child, and how Nagi was always attached to him. Hayate meets Klaus outside, and he tries to convince him not to go, but Klaus realizes that Hayate can do anything that he can do, so there's no more use for him. However, Nagi then shows up with her newspaper, which was soaked from the dew, preventing her from reading the stock market news. Klaus realizes that Hayate was never taught to iron the newspaper. As Hayate isn't able to iron the newspaper, Nagi declares Klaus the winner of their competition, and he quickly rushes back into the mansion, where he irons the newspaper for Nagi. Hayate and Maria thank Nagi for helping Klaus, though she says that it was just because she couldn't have woken up feeling good if she was the one who caused Klaus to leave. Maria then asks if they should prepare lemon tea for the morning.


Cultural References

  • Ayumu is seen with chicken she bought from a restaurant that resembles KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).
    • Additionally, outside the restaurant, Klaus is seen disguised as the mascot of KFC Colonel Sanders.
  • When the competition between Hayate and Klaus starts, a picture of Hinagiku dressed as Chun-Li from Street Fighter is shown.
  • While fighting Yukiji, Klaus dresses as a ninja that resembles the ninja Hattori
  • Hayate's girly disguise as "Hermione Ayasaki" resembles Belldandy from Ah, My Goddess!