I Want to Return to Being a Normal Girl, But Please Buy My Character Song ♥
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Episode Info
Japanese Title普通の女の子に戻りたい、でもキャラソンは買ってね♥
Romanized TitleFutsū no Onna no Ko ni Modoritai, demo Kyarason wa Katte ne ♥
English TitleI Want to Return to Being a Normal Girl, But Please Buy My Character Song ♥
1st skip
Nagi Sanzenin
skip Character(s)
Ayumu Nishizawa
On Air9 December 2007 (Ja)
31 July 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 37, title name as I Want to Return to Being a Normal Girl, But Please Buy My Character Song ♥ (普通の女の子に戻りたい、でもキャラソンは買ってね♥ Futsū no Onna no Ko ni Modoritai, demo Kyarason wa Katte ne ♥?) aired on December 9th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on July 31st 2009.


This episode begins with Nagi sleeping on a bed, and after she wakes up, she wondered where she was. Then, Ayumu appeared and tells Nagi to wash her face as the breakfast was ready. Nagi remembered that she stayed at Ayumu's appartment last night and she was going back to sleep, until Ayumu wakes her up and tickled her. Moving on to what happened the other day at the Sanzenin mansion, Nagi yelled while reading a magazine. Hayate heard her scream and arrived to see what's wrong, and Nagi asked him what type of girl does he like. Maria saw what was Nagi reading in one page of the magazine that says "Love fortune for Sagittarius", which embarrases Nagi. After Nagi asked Hayate too many questions and that he was trying to hide something from her, he finally answered her question. Hayate said to Nagi that he likes "normal" girls, and when she wonders what is "normal" to her, he tells her that it's something she would not understand, so she punched him and angrily runs away. Nagi thinks that she is not Hayate's type, so she ran away from home. Maria got a call from the SPs and tells Hayate that Nagi left the house.

Meanwhile, Nagi was trying to figure out how to aquire "normal" in hopes to become Hayate's type, and while doing that, she encounters Ayumu, whom she thinks Ayumu is normal. After Nagi bothers Ayumu about having a problem of being normal, Ayumu walks away from her, but Nagi decides to follow her and observe her about being normal. Ayumu got bothered when she was about to go shopping, and Nagi wants to see what normal shopping looks like, so they arrived at the train station. Nagi tries to get in, but when she doesn't know about entering the station, Ayumu pays her money for her ticket, as well as Nagi's. When a train passes by, Nagi thinks it's impossible for normal people to jump on the train that fast, but Ayumu said to her that it's an express train, and that the local train will arrive soon. After they got in the train, Nagi looks at the view and asks Ayumu if she can drive the train, but Ayumu tells her that it's not a game. As passengers sat down right next to them, Nagi thinks they are sitting on "her" seat, but Ayumu then tells her that the seat isn't just for the two of them, in which Nagi doesn't know that. After Ayumu yelled at Nagi about normality, Nagi starts crying and gets insulted after Ayumu asked her why does she insists about being normal. Afterwards, they arrived at the cake shop while waiting in line, Nagi was impatient and she went to the other shop, and she wants Ayumu to come over there. Nagi said to Ayumu that she was able to buy a golden "Xbox 360-like" console, but Ayumu refuses to buy it for her and Nagi.

A flashback happened when Ayumu asked Hayate if he can take a photo sticker with her, but when he was in a hurry and that he has no time, she dragged him to the photo booth and took a picture of them. After the flashback, Ayumu and Nagi were too late to buy the cake and Ayumu blames Nagi for that, so Ayumu gets disappointed. Later that day, Ayumu bought the leftover creampuffs, and after Nagi insults her about lacking her normality, Ayumu heard enough and decides to call people from her place to pick Nagi up, but only if she had that phone number. Nagi saw a photo sticker with Ayumu and Hayate and she got jealous of Ayumu keeping the photo sticker as a memento. But then, Nagi had something up her sleeve, as she showed Ayumu her cellphone, and she said to her that she got Hayate registered in her phone book. And when Nagi won't tell Ayumu Hayate's phone number, it was Ayumu's turn to get jealous. After Nagi and Ayumu argued about Hayate, Ayumu insisted on taking Nagi home, but when Nagi wants her gone and that Ayumu takes her anyway, Nagi had blisters on her feet. Nagi said to Ayumu that she will not go home until she masters "normal", so Ayumu invites her to her appartment for one night only, since no one else but her live there.

After they arrived at Ayumu's appartment, Ayumu prepared her creampuffs for her and Nagi. As Ayumu was eating a creampuff, Nagi apologizes to her for not letting her buy a cake, Ayumu then finds out that saying "thank you" and "I'm sorry" is normal for Nagi, which she already knew that. After Nagi ate Ayumu's creampuff, she wants Ayumu to make her a dinner, normally. Nagi and Ayumu then ate the food, as well as playing a video game. It's bathtime for the girls, as Ayumu washes Nagi's hair, while she admits that for a spoiled rich girl, Nagi is a normal person after all. Ayumu then hears that Hayate likes normal girls, and when she thinks about him liking her as a normal girl, Nagi said to her that she won't lose to her just because Ayumu had a photo sticker. Ayumu let Nagi sleep in her bed while she sleeps in a living room, but Nagi wants Ayumu to sleep with her, so they will sleep together. But before they slept, Nagi let Ayumu borrow her cellphone so she can call Hayate that she is staying with her. Nagi doesn't want Ayumu to turn off the lamp since she is still afraid of the dark, so Ayumu let her lamp stay on. And so, the girls slept in the same bed.

Before the end of this episode, Hayate got a call from Ayumu that Nagi is staying there. As the narrator said, since Hayate didn't get enough screen time, he shows the scenes that Hayate was following both Nagi and Ayumu during this episode. Just then, Hayate heard a voice from the top of the tower, and it was Isumi, trapped at the top of the tower when she got lost yet again. When Hayate was climbing up to save Isumi from falling, Wataru cuts in so that he can save her. Saki went after Wataru, and when she noticed a camera barely looking under her long skirt, she prevents it from looking at it. Wataru was almost there, but a strong wind pushes Isumi off the tower, and when Wataru tried to save her from falling, he starts falling as well. Hayate managed to save both Isumi and Wataru by landing to the ground with his feet. But after that, Saki, along with Sakuya and her butlers from out of nowhere, fell on top of Hayate. Wataru asked Isumi if she is all right, but he gets turned down when Isumi said that Hayate is so dependable. This episode ends when Sakuya jokingly reveals that Hayate was doing all the behind-the-scenes work.

Adapted From

Volume 7

Differences in the Manga

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  • This episode is loosely adapted from chapter 73 of the manga, where originally Ayumu's brother Kazuki takes Nagi out on the date, where in the anime it is Ayumu who takes her out instead.



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