Hayate in Danger! Complete Shutdown!!
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Episode Info
Japanese Title危うしハヤテ!機能完全停止!!
Romanized TitleAyaushi Hayate! Kinō Kanzen Teishi!!
English TitleHayate in Danger! Complete Shutdown!!
1st skip
Cyborg Butler
skip Character(s)
Akane Himegami
On Air16 December 2007 (Ja)
3 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 38, title name as Hayate in Danger! Complete Shutdown!! (危うしハヤテ!機能完全停止!! Ayaushi Hayate! Kinō Kanzen Teishi!!?) aired on December 16th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on August 3rd 2009.


In Superintendent Kirika's lair, with all of the decorations for Christmas, Shion tells Kirika about some rumor that she had heard, then Kirika realized that she had all her wishes came true, except for one wish, in which she still wants Hayate. Meanwhile from far away, there was a mysterious person eating a banana. After the opening sequece, it was Christmas Eve, as Hayate, Maria, and Nagi were about to go to a Christmas party, but when Hayate wonders if Nagi is busy playing games, Maria tells him that Nagi shouldn't be playing on that day, because she knows that Nagi participated one year ago. Maria handed Hayate over the invitation from Mikado that she received, and as he looks at it, the invitation says that if Nagi doesn't participate, Mikado will send her embarrassing picture to the whole world, and that picture shows Nagi with her little cute black dress while holding a teddy bear. So Nagi had no choice but to participate since she fell into a trap. When Hayate looks closer at the picture, it shows a mysterious butler-like person, which Maria tells him that he was Nagi's former butler, Himegami. And then, Nagi appeared, with a coat that Hayate lent her before.

Nighttime has arrived, and the Christmas party, hosted by Mikado, was about to begin, and Mikado raised a toast to everyone's Christmas celebration. The party guests happened to be the relatives of the Sanzenin family, and Nagi tells Hayate that she snuck out of the party in order to meet him. Just then, Sakuya appeared and she tells Nagi that she can at least enjoy the party, and after Hayate made a Christmas joke, he stops her from getting hit by a paper fan. But suddenly, Gilbert appeared under the table and wants Hayate to lose to him by another year, since he became persistent. Hayate remembered the other day that he told Gilbert that anyone who wants the Sanzenin estate must defeat him first. Mikado walked to Hayate and asked him about his meaning of his life, while Gilbert wants Mikado to give the estate to him, until Sakuya called her butlers and took Gilbert away. Hayate responded to Mikado that he had his debts to Nagi, until Nagi tells Mikado to stop criticizing to Hayate and she takes Hayate out of the party. But before they left, Nagi gave Maria a present, since she knows that it's her birthday, although it is unexplained about it. Maria knows in her mind that Nagi still got a lot to learn before she truly loves Hayate. Meanwhile at the Loser Park, Nagi tells Hayate to not let Mikado get to him, and also that it hasn't snowed for a year. Nagi still remembers about last year and realized that the time has come for Hayate to accept her feelings. As Hayate talked about the starry skies, Nagi attempted to kiss Hayate on his mouth, but then, she was interrupted by an unknown noise. An unknown enemy appeared out of nowhere and he introduced himself as "Cyborg Butler", the last of the Dark Butlers. While Nagi wants to know about the confrontation between Hayate and Cyborg Butler, Cyborg Butler began to attack the both of them, only for Hayate to save her from the attack. Cyborg Butler attacked again and he punched Hayate in a face, and when Hayate was about to fight back, he suddenly became paralyzed by Jormungandr's glare. Hayate and Nagi were then confronted by Superintendent Kirika. Shion grabbed Nagi out of nowhere and Kirika used her snake spell to attack Hayate, by kissing him off screen while he was bitten by Jor. As Hayate got up, Cyborg Butler succeeded to hit Hayate, but Hayate was trying to fight back. Unfortunately, Cyborg Butler finished Hayate off with his ultimate attack. And then, Hayate fell to the ground, and he lost the battle. Shion took a picture of Kirika and Cyborg Butler on top of the defeated Hayate, and when Kirika tries to tell Hayate about a picture, she went to buy more sweets. As Shion follows Kirika, she ordered Cyborg Butler to finish Hayate with his giant golden hammer, while Nagi tries to save Hayate. Suddenly, Hayate and Nagi were saved by a mysterious butler. When Cyborg Butler was going to use his final attack, he tried to run away, until he got blasted by a mysterious butler. As Hayate passed out, Nagi knows that the mysterious butler happened to be Himegami, but he hid his identity known as "Princess God", though she still knows who he is.

At Hayate's dream, his parents appeared and they don't believe he is a butler. Hayate woke up and Nagi and Maria were worried about him not waking up. Hayate felt bad about letting Nagi down about the other night, but Nagi understood about everyone having bad days. Just then, Himegami was on a chair while Klaus yells at him about his banishment as a Sanzenin butler. Nagi woke Himegami up by hitting his head, only for him to hit her back. As Himegami tried to hide his identity, everyone knows who he really is, even with a mask. Maria tells Hayate that Nagi and Himegami were always fighting each other. Hayate made a tea for Nagi and Himegami, but when Nagi tried to drink the tea, she tells him that it's way too hot it burns her tounge. Then, Hayate accidentaly drops a hot water to Himegami, and when he dries him up, Hayate's mistakes were just begun. Hayate messed up his cleaning, his cooking, a bamboo collection, and he was getting lost while he was headed back home, which disappoints Klaus. Elsewhere, Ayumu starts to sell the Christmas cakes in a box, and when she got the feeling that something terrible happened to Hayate, a bunch of Christmas cakes in a box fell on her. Moving back to the mansion, Maria and Nagi want Hayate to take a day off, but when Hayate still wants to work, Nagi tells him that Maria will take care of the chores, so Hayate walked away. Nagi asked Maria if she is incapable of cheering Hayate up. Outside of the mansion, Hayate still wonders what is happening to him, Himegami appeared and he explains it to Hayate that Superintendent Kirika drained his butler powers during his battle. As Himegami threw Nagi's manga right in front of Hayate, Hayate asked him that did he watched over Nagi. Himegami explained to Hayate that Nagi is sad because of him and that he can no longer protect her, so he punched him in a gut so that Hayate must realize that he is weak. Before he left, Himegami then tells Hayate to leave the mansion.

Later that night, Hayate went back to his room and looked an envelope that was on his desk, and when he opened it, he saw a picture that he feared about it. Then, Maria asked Hayate if he can join her and Nagi for a tea, but when Maria entered Hayate's room, he wasn't there and she saw a letter of resignation, which means that Hayate resigned as Nagi's butler and left the mansion, in order to keep Nagi safe. What happens to Hayate remains unknown.


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