Goodbye Teacher, Despair ~ Graduation Special
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Episode Info
Japanese Title先生さよなら絶望〜卒業スペシャル
Romanized TitleSensei Sayonara Zetsubō ~ Sotsugyō Supesharu
English TitleGoodbye Teacher, Despair ~ Graduation Special
1st skip
Yukiji Katsura
skip Character(s)
Hinagiku Katsura
On Air13 January 2008 (Ja)
6 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
EndingKo no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 41, title name as Goodbye Teacher, Despair ~ Graduation Special (先生さよなら絶望〜卒業スペシャル Sensei Sayonara Zetsubō ~ Sotsugyō Supesharu?) aired on January 13th 2008, the English Animax dub aired on August 6th 2009.


Hayate and Nagi were about to go to school, but before they left, Nagi gave Maria a note and tells her to rent some movies for her at Wataru's video store. While they were walking to school, Hayate and Nagi felt cold from the wind, and then Hinagiku passed by. Hinagiku didn't noticed both Hayate and Nagi and she had something in her mind, only this time it's not about Superintendent Kirika's plan, because both Kirika and Shion are on vacation at the Southern island. Hinagiku tells them that it is about Yukiji giving her a New Year's allowance, which contains 500 yen. Then, Yukiji appeared in front of them; however, Hayate, Nagi, and Hinagiku noticed something different about her. They were shocked to see Yukiji in her unusual cheerful attitude, and after she walked to her staff meeting, she dropped a letter from her bag. After they picked it up and looked at it, they were even more shocked, because that letter happened to be her letter of resignation.

After Hayate and Nagi rushed to the Student Council Trio, he tells them that Yukiji is quitting her job as their teacher, although the trio laughed and find that hard to believe. But to prove them wrong, Hayate showed the trio a letter of resignation from Yukiji, so they would be shocked as well. Later, while Yukiji is smelling the flower from the garden, the trio, along with Hayate and Nagi, rushed to her and asked her if she is really quitting her job, but she replied to them as a "yes". Then, Hinagiku showed up, and she was even more shocked than before. After Yukiji's unusual reason why she is quitting her job, Hinagiku's heart was broken and she tells her to go die somewhere, and then she ran away to her office. After that, Hinagiku remembered how Yukiji treated her well 10 years ago, and in a flashback, she saw the children who just have their allowance. Yukiji didn't gave Hinagiku an allowance, so she gave her a candy instead. Yukiji wants Hinagiku to let her off the hook that time, and in exchange, she will never leave her side. After Yukiji promised, she carried Hinagiku back home, in a piggy back ride. But after her flashback, Hinagiku was never happy for Yukiji at all.

Later that day, the trio were depressed that Yukiji would quit. Hayate then noticed that after the homeroom period, Yukiji will leave forever. When homeroom period starts, Shiori tried to give her students today's lesson, but Hayate, Nagi, and the trio asked Yukiji their questions about their History lesson, so Yukiji decides to answer them all, for the last time. During the History lesson, the trio felt a little sad that Yukiji will leave forever. Outside of the class, Hinagiku was standing by next to that class, and she also felt sad about it. Back in the class, Yukiji saw Izumi crying, but Izumi avoided it when Yukiji understands that it could be another History lesson. When homeroom period ends, everyone in the class, including Hinagiku, begs Yukiji to stay as the teacher. But then, Shiori burst out in tears, and she was happy that everyone cared about her, so she decides to stay. So Shiori was the one who gave a letter of resignation to Yukiji. This turns out to be that the letter of resignation was from Shiori the whole time. Yukiji lied to them about quitting her job and that she was just having her lucky day after she saw the fortune on TV earlier that day. At first, Yukiji didn't believe in her fortune, but then, she realized that she found her good fortune. This caused Hinagiku to beat up Yukiji for lying to her. Hayate asked Hinagiku about Yukiji giving her an allowance, but Hinagiku already solved the mystery. During the flashback, while Yukiji gave Hinagiku a piggy back ride, she tells her that she will give her allowance in 10 years. Back to the present, it was Hinagiku's turn to give Yukiji a piggy back ride to take her to her room.

Later, after Maria rent the movies at Video Tachibana, Saki gave her a bag full of marshmallows that her grandmother sent a bunch of them. While on the park, Maria saw Ayumu standing in front of the mailbox. Ayumu was going to put a New Year's card for Hayate in the box, and because she was so nervous, she ran away in order to put that card in the box another day. But then, Ayumu bumped into the three thugs, and she feared that she might get killed. Maria then appeared behind Ayumu and she suddenly thanked her for taking care of Nagi last year. But when one of the thugs was about to attack Maria, she used her self-defense to throw him to another thug, instantly taking them down. The last thug used his knife in order to kill Maria, until the SPs appeared to beat him to a pulp, and then he ran away. After Ayumu was saved, Maria gave that letter back to her. Although Ayumu was hiding that letter, Maria hopes that Ayumu will have her better year and gives her some marshmallows before she went back home. Back in the Sanzenin mansion, Hayate, Nagi, and Maria talked about their day, which it was the usual normal day.

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Volume 10

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