It's like the Dog, the Mouse, and the Bulldog
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Episode Info
Japanese Titleそれは犬と鼠とブルドッグのように
Romanized TitleSore wa Inu to Nezumi to Burudoggu no Yō ni
English TitleIt's like the Dog, the Mouse, and the Bulldog
1st skip
Wataru Tachibana
skip Character(s)
Isumi Saginomiya
On Air20 January 2008 (Ja)
7 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
EndingKo no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 42, title name as It's like the Dog, the Mouse, and the Bulldog (それは犬と鼠とブルドッグのように Sore wa Inu to Nezumi to Burudoggu no Yō ni?) aired on January 20th 2008, the English Animax dub aired on August 7th 2009.


Sixteen years ago, the parents raised their baby boy, and they named him "Hayate", because they predicted his future about being a strong boy who will run away from the debt collectors and that they will disown him when that time comes. Hayate wasn't comfortable for that, but after sixteen years, his parents' prediction came true, and with that, he became fated to obtain ultimate strength.

In the Sanzenin mansion, Klaus just bought an unusual portrait that cost 200 million yen. Hayate arrived with the milk tea and Nagi just predicted that in ten years, her portrait will cost more than Klaus's portrait, but Klaus insults her about not understanding the quality of the portrait. Hayate then took a closer look at Klaus's portrait and he claims that it's a "fake", but Klaus disagrees about that. Until a judge appeared, took a closer look with a magnifying glass, and he said to Klaus that the portrait is indeed a fake, from a little while ago, so he and his servant takes it away and they left with it. Klaus was shocked about that and ran away for no reason. Maria and Nagi wants to know how did Hayate know that the portrait was a fake, so he explained to them in a flashback. While he was with his father at the museum, the customer bought the picture, and his father gave the picture to Hayate without suspecting him. Before Hayate and his father sold the picture, Hayate pretended to be packaging it. After the flashback, Nagi tells Hayate that it's a crime, but he was just little, so he didn't know that. While Hayate is doing his butler chores, Nagi read his bio in Volume 1 of the manga. Nagi asked Maria if Hayate has some great abilities, and Maria that replied that he does have that power. As Hayate walked to clean someplace else, Nagi then asked Maria if he had a "weakness", just like any other main character from mangas and animes. Nagi tells Maria that she had her weakness as well, but Maria doesn't want to talk about the cockroach as her weakness. Nagi was then perplexed by Hayate's weakness, so she made a plan to find out what weakness of his is the box. When Nagi opened the blue box, it shows a slimy frog, which terrifies her and her scheme failed. Nagi continues to observe Hayate about his weaknesses, but her scheme fails again when Hayate overcame his weakness in math. But Nagi doesn't stop there, because she keeps observing him for his weakness. While Hayate is making a meal for Nagi, he made clear observations of her weaknesses and dislikes, and then, she got angry and hit him with a hammer. Nagi then comes up with another plan, to scare Hayate as a ghost in order to find out his weakness, that is until Maria closed the curtains to make the room dark. Since Maria knows that the dark is Nagi's weakness, she scared her with her faceless trick. Sakuya appeared out of nowhere and she heard about Hayate's weaknesses, which she thinks that microbes is his weakness, although it's not like that. Isumi also appeared and she heard about it as well, and she came up with her idea, in which is to ask him face to face. Later, when Isumi asked Hayate about his weaknesses, he replied that he is scared of a cup of tea, but the girls were confused and Sakuya hit him with a paper fan really hard. While Hayate is unconscious, the girls didn't noticed Yukiji passing by saying that she is scared of "Dom Peringon". Sakuya asked Isumi about her weakness, so Isumi replied that she is scared of caterpillars. After Isumi explained about a caterpillar growing up to be a great moth, Sakuya heard enough and that it wasn't the answer she was looking for.

After lunchtime, Nagi didn't give up and that she will find Hayate's weakness. Hayate wants to take a break so he can study for the final exam at Hakuou Academy, because if he studies well, he might advance to the next grade along with Nagi, which she blushed. Nagi then tells both Sakuya and Isumi not to disturb Hayate nor to find his weaknesses. Maria tells Hayate that she has her math exam from last year, so he looked at it, only to find out that the math problems are in "German". Then, Wataru barged in and shouts at Nagi that he had the German math problems as well, which both him and Hayate don't read German. As the explanation goes, Isumi spoke 4 languages, Maria spoke 13 languages, Nagi spoke 8 languages, Wataru just spoke 2 languages, and Hayate spoke only 1.5 languages, because Hayate is very iffy in English. Sakuya then leaves the boys alone to study and takes Isumi with her, because she knows that Wataru can't concentrate with Isumi around.

Elsewhere, at the normal high school, Ayumu just earned her lowest score on her math quiz, so she decides to study hard. Back in the mansion, Nagi decides to teach Wataru how to do his German math study, and warns Hayate if he fails the final exam. Hayate begs Maria to teach him how to do his German math study, so she agrees to help him out. During study time, Maria tells Hayate a bit about the background information on Isumi, Sakuya, and Wataru. During a flashback, Wataru felt sad that he can't enter the Hakuou Academy, since there were three seats available for students who skips grades. But when Sakuya arrived in front of Wataru, she gave him his enrollment documents. This explains why Nagi taught Wataru well. Meanwhile, Sakuya asked Isumi about her days in school, and then they discussed about Wataru. Back in Hayate's room, Hayate worries that Nagi and Wataru are alone together, but after Maria tells Hayate that both him and herself are alone together, they blushed and decides to check on Nagi and Wataru. While Nagi embarrasses Wataru about being honest, Hayate and Maria checked in the room and they saw Wataru holding Nagi's hand. While Hayate nearly gets jealous of Nagi, Wataru explains to him that he only loves Isumi, in which Isumi heard him while she gets lost again. Wataru then covered his confession by telling Isumi that it was a joke, which made Sakuya hit him with a paper fan. While Hayate was going to study with Maria without worrying too much, Nagi becomes jealous and she was filled with her fiery rage, so she chases him while he runs away. Maria now knows what Hayate's weakness is, which she remarks that his greatest weakness is that he never understands the female heart. Before the end of this episode, Wataru makes his joke that Isumi finds it funny, although she doesn't find it funny at all. While Sakuya is polishing her golden fan, she glared at the screen saying that she will "train" him.

Adapted From

Volume 9

Volume 12

Differences in the Manga

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Cultural References

  • Before asking Maria about Hayate's abilites, Nagi pulls out and reads through Volume 6 of the Hayate no Gotoku! manga.



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