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Poseidon Advance Generator Gavas
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 43
Japanese Title ポセイドンアドバンス ジェネレイターガバス
Romanized Title Poseidon Adobansu Jenereitā Gabasu
English Title Poseidon Advance Generator Gavas
1st skip
Sakuya Aizawa
skip Character(s)
Seishirou Klaus
Length 24:36
On Air 27 January 2008 (Ja)
10 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Ko no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 43, title name as Poseidon Advance Generator Gavas (ポセイドンアドバンス ジェネレイターガバス Poseidon Adobansu Jenereitā Gabasu?) aired on January 27th 2008, the English Animax dub aired on August 10th 2009.


Hayate, Nagi, Maria, and Klaus have arrived in front of a familiar-looking ship, which actually belongs to Sakuya, and that cruiser is the Titanic itself. Klaus tells Nagi that Sakuya was expecting her, and when Hayate froze while he was amazed by that ship, Nagi ordered Klaus to blow the concrete below Hayate to make him fall to the water, although Hayate managed to survive that as the rest of them moved on.

Nagi wants Hayate to ask her why a ship all of the sudden, and after he asked her, she explained to him in a flashback. While Nagi was working on her manga, she realized that chasing after Hayate is not good enough for a relationship, so she decides that she will give him a cold shoulder so that he will chase after her. In other words, Nagi must become from chaser to chasee. As Hayate appeared behind Nagi, she begins her plan to give him a cold shoulder, by talking to him with her "stranger" attitude. While he noticed that her shoe is untied, he tied her shoe laces, and when he talks to her nicely, she tries to counter with her stranger talk, though her plan seems to backfire when she walks away. When Nagi was about to make another plan, Maria showed up and tells her that Sakuya invited her to a cruise on a cruiser, which gives her the perfect opportunity to make Hayate chase after her.

After they all went on board, Sakuya's ship departed while the unimportant extras are waving them goodbye. Sakuya then appeared behind both Hayate and Nagi and tells them both that there are also extras aboard, as well as the band and dancers in the dancing hall, whom they are extras as well. As Hayate found Nagi, she asked Sakuya if she have an aggressive female dancer for him, and Sakuya replied that she does, although she asked her what is she planning. Soon after, an aggressive female dancer forced Hayate to dance with her, and when he cried for help, Nagi ignores him. When the dance is over, Hayate still talks to Nagi, but she ignores him again. Nagi then tells Sakuya to activate a giant disco ball so that it can fall to Hayate, and while Hayate still needs help, Nagi ignores him yet again. Sakuya still had no idea what is Nagi up to, although she agrees to her request to rock the ship. Hayate still wanders around and found Nagi again, and the ship began to rock in order to make him fall. Once again, Nagi ignores Hayate as he fell into the pool. But suddenly, Hayate admits that he is enjoying his first experience on a cruiser, so Nagi ordered Hayate to stop asking her. Nagi finally knew her plan to give Hayate a cold shoulder would work, but as Hayate apologizes to her, she never wanted that to happen, so she command him to explore the ship himself. After Nagi got away from Hayate, Maria appeared as he asked her if he did something wrong to Nagi, so she explained to him what was Nagi doing since the other day. Meanwhile, as Nagi and Sakuya are enjoying their tea time, Nagi talked to Sakuya about when she was told that she invited Isumi as well, but Isumi gets lost, like always, while inside a cargo hold. Sakuya then said to Nagi that her ship will never sink, no matter what happens, until a gunshot was heard. Suddenly, a trio of terrorists threatened the ship while they are holding a bomb, so Nagi came up with a plan, which is to tell them that they will have to take Sakuya as a hostage, and then she insults them. Meanwhile, inside the ship, Hayate still wanders around and went downstairs, only for not noticing that there is a bomb attached to the wall, and Isumi is still lost inside a cargo hold.

Back in the surface of the ship, Klaus and the Aizawa butlers single handedly defeat the terrorist trio. While the terrorists are tied up, one of them explains to everyone that their plan were to pay off their debts, for his family apparently. After the terrorist gets insulted by the girls, he sets off a bomb, blowing a hole in a cargo hold, saying that if his debt goes down, he is taking the ship and everyone else aboard with him, although he and the other two terrorist felt scared and they panicked. Nagi then noticed that Hayate and Isumi are still inside after an explosion. Meanwhile, in the flooding cargo hold, Hayate slowly gets up and quickly noticed that he is bleeding from his head. He also noticed that if he falls into the cold water with the amount of blood loss, he might die. Just then, he meets Isumi, and she is trapped in the middle of the cold water, floating above the box, since it's still obvious that she got lost again. As Hayate will try to save Isumi, he still cannot get in the cold water, knowing that he will die due to the blood loss. Meanwhile, as everyone began to evacuate the ship, Klaus couldn't find neither Hayate nor Isumi, and he tells Nagi and Sakuya that the ship will sink in about an hour. Since Sakuya knows that Isumi will be just fine, in which the gods of fortune will protect Isumi, she worries about Hayate, and so does Nagi. After Nagi felt guilty of shunning Hayate over and over, she decides to search for him alone.

Back inside the cargo hold, Hayate actually began to save Isumi, despite of his body in a critical condition. Then, two sharks got attracted by Hayate's blood and they were about to eat both him and Isumi alive. Nagi heard Hayate's scream, and when she went inside the cargo hold, she saw Hayate about to get eaten while Isumi tries to save him with a little branch, although it might not work. Hayate is already in danger, so Nagi dives into the water in order to save him, only to get ambushed by another shark, until he saved her by defeating the sharks with his last bit of strength. But unfortunately, due to his wounds in his head, Hayate was about to die underwater as he falls unconscious. However, Hayate suddenly wakes up in the rescue boat and noticed that Klaus saved his life, even though he only saved him with his attitude, which causes Nagi to worry. Nagi was trying to achieve herself during the effect of Klaus' attitude of rescuing Hayate. Before this episode's end, Ayumu suddenly appeared out of nowhere eating soup, which burns her tongue.

Adapted From

Volume 5

Differences in the Manga

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