It's ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February!
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Episode Info
Japanese Title二月のマリアさん感謝デー! ですわ♥
Romanized TitleNigatsu no Maria-san Kansha Dē! Desu wa ♥
English TitleIt's ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February!
1st skip
skip Character(s)
Kirika Kuzuha
Shion Kuresato
On Air10 February 2008 (Ja)
12 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
EndingKo no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 45, title name as It's ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February! (二月のマリアさん感謝デー! ですわ♥ Nigatsu no Maria-san Kansha Dē! Desu wa ♥?) aired on February 10th 2008, the English Animax dub aired on August 12th 2009.


This episode begins with Ayumu eating a roasted potato. It is February and Ayumu hasn't seen Hayate for a while, and when she was about to say what is the biggest event, she accidentally farts then quickly blamed it on the sweet potato vender. Meanwhile at the Sanzenin mansion, Nagi and Hayate is chasing Tama with a demon mask while they are throwing roasted beans at him. Maria is watching them play and tells Nagi to go to sleep since it's late, but before sleepy time, Nagi gave an age worth of beans to Hayate, Tama, and Maria. But after Maria counted the beans and to find out that she is seventeen years old, she suddenly got mad and tells them to go to bed, just because Hayate and Nagi thougth she looks older in her age.

The next day, at Video Tachibana, Nagi and Hayate still knew that Maria got upset because of her age, so they thought about telling Maria to take a break. Wataru said to them that Maria is not the kind of a person who will take even one break. But, Saki just made a plan for Hayate and Nagi to give Maria a day off. One hour later, while on a limousine, Nagi and Hayate take Maria somewhere for her surprise. After they arrived, Maria was surprised when Nagi said to her that they will spend a night at the Hyatt Regency hotel. Hayate explained to Maria that during the flashback, Saki gave him and Nagi a brochure of an overnight relaxation tour at that hotel for young working ladies. Saki then said to them that her friend stayed at the hotel the other day, and then Nagi realized that it's the perfect plan for Maria to relax. After that, Maria was grateful that she will enjoy her break, and as she, Nagi, and Hayate entered the hotel, Risa, whom she is working as one of the clerks, saw them and she now knows that they will stay at the hotel. After they rented a room for one night only, Hayate ordered for room service, while Nagi tells Maria that she can use any facility in order to relax. After ordering for room service, they met Izumi, working as one of the clreks as well. Then, Hayate finds out that the students from Hakuou Academy are running in a hotel for a one day experience event. Meanwhile, Risa tells Miki that she saw Hayate and the girls a while ago, Miki then said to her that Hinagiku is stuck with the manager. Back at the room, Nagi worries that Maria might help the other clerks and not take a break at all, so she tells Hayate to prevent Maria from helping out so she can take a break. After Hayate explained to Izumi why are they staying for one night, she was touched while crying tears of joy, and then she left the room. Both Hayate and Nagi got a bad feeling of what will happen to Maria, so they proceed to the next plan.

Later, Maria started to relax in a swimming pool, until both her and Nagi noticed the rose petals in the pool. It was Taiga who is throwing rose petals while Himuro is reading a book. Himuro then threw a bill to Nagi so that she must pay for that "rose bath" in a pool. Meanwhile, Hayate is watching Koutarou trying to do yoga while Kaede is giving him hard time. Later, Nagi and Maria arrived at the aesthetic salon so that they will have massage, and as Nagi entered at one of the massage rooms, she was encountered by Eight, and then he gives her a massage, and she is enjoing it. As Maria entered another massage room, she met Yukiji, and Yukiji was about to give her a massage. Maria felt a serious danger of getting threatened, so she gives Yukiji her own massage. While Yukiji is relaxing, she wonders if she will still live regardless of her age, but Maria said to her that she will have to be true to herself, though she tells her to be careful of how much she drinks. Yukiji then cried tears of joy as she hugged Maria. But then, Maria sensed a bad omen coming from outside of the hotel. A limousine stopped by at the hotel as Superintendent Kirika and Shion have arrived at the hotel for their visit.

Back in the hotel, Hayate met Nagi again and asked her for Maria's whereabouts, and then she replied to him that Maria will relax in a garden. Then, what Nagi did not know is that she and Hayate will be in the same room alone, especially after seeing a bed for "newly-wed couples", causing her to blush. Elsewhere, at the garden, Maria realized that it's not that easy taking a break, but then, Isumi appeared behind her and gets lost once again. However, when Isumi asked Maria if it's an experience event, Maria said "yes", and then Isumi was crying tears of joy, because for the first time ever, she did "not" get lost for once. While Isumi said to Maria that she wants to learn about this event, they met the Student Council trio. Meanwhile in the room for two, Nagi and Hayate were playing cards in the bed, but Nagi is still blushing, even after she turned on the television to see the romance channel. Nagi then wonders what is taking Maria so long. Maria was suppose to relax, but instead of relaxing, she is actually helping the trio to do their jobs. She even helped Hinagiku by correcting the manager's mistakes about the history in the world, in order to get her off the hook. After that, Maria wants Hinagiku to keep her relaxing moment, in which she was suppose to, a secret from Hayate and Nagi. Shiori met Maria and she needs her assistance in a cafeteria. Maria then called Hayate and she said to him that it is very urgent that she needs to see him. Hayate then sees Maria helping the trio again, and as both Hayate and Maria talked, he now understands what she was doing the whole time, and then she asked him a favor. At the cafeteria, Kirika and Shion were being impatient after they ordered a treat. However, a waiter brought a special treat to Kirika, and after she ate that treat, she said that it is so good it is like she was in heaven. After that, Kirika is now satisfied she decides to quit the tour so that she can go back to the academy, and Shion follows her. Hayate, while working as a chef part-time, is relieved about Kirika's satisfaction, all thanks to Maria's recipe. Shiori then tells Hayate that she was reading books and eat cake, although he tells her that she was suppose to advise the practical. Meanwhile, Maria wants Risa to escort the guest to the bathroom. Suddenly, Kirika knew that it was Maria who made that treat from before, and when Maria is being nice to her, Kirika and Shion walked out of the hotel.

After the end of day, everyone from Hakuou Academy went somewhere to eat, and since Yukiji ran out of money again, the students will pay their money for her. Back inside the hotel, Nagi is sleeping in a bed, and both Hayate and Maria will sleep in a separate rooms. The next day, back at the mansion, as both Hayate and Nagi were going to thank Maria, she said to them that she is the one to thank "them", because all that matters to her is the smiles from everyone, including them. Although both Nagi and Hayate tried to compliment Maria's age, Maria still thinks they are insulting her age.


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