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Normal Talk
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 49
Japanese Title 普通の話
Romanized Title Futsū no Hanashi
English Title Normal Talk
1st skip
skip Character(s)
Hakuou Three Amiga
Length 24:36
On Air 9 March 2008 (Ja)
18 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Ko no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 49, title name as Normal Talk (普通の話 Futsū no Hanashi?) aired on March 9th 2008, the English Animax dub aired on aired on August 18th 2009.


At Hakuou Academy, Hayate and Nagi, whom she is playing a video game, talked about the upcoming Spring season. As both Hayate and Nagi were going back home, Izumi, Miki, and Risa appeared in front of them. The trio then took both Hayate and Nagi to their new club, especially when they have been expecting them. After that, the trio revealed them both their club known as "Motion Picture Research Club". As they entered the club, Hayate noticed the "super HARP camera", which shows the picture of Hinagiku wearing a panda suit and Ayumu wearing a raccoon suit. Hayate thought the trio are movie makers, but he thought wrong when the trio explained to him that they only film and gather all sorts of funny movies. Furthermore, they named this club the "Motion Picture Research Club", in other words, they named it "You-To-Be" (a parody of YouTube). Then, Hayate witnessed Nagi's interest in that club. The trio asked Nagi if she would join their club, as they explained to her that they will only take pictures of cute girls. That idea made Hayate realize that it is a great opportunity for Nagi to enjoy her regular school life, so he accepts that offer from the trio.

The trio then showed him the example videos as they start watching it, only to reveal Hayate's embarrassing moment of him wearing a cat maid costume, with voice overs, causing him to destroy that video. As Hayate never liked that video, Risa explained to him that the cameras are set everywhere in their club. The trio then played another one of Hayate's embarrassing moments, and this time it shows Hayate with Shiori, then with Maria, and then with Ayumu, also with voice overs, thinking that he is harrassing each of those girls. After he destroyed the club equipment and media, and also after Nagi felt jealous of him, Hayate had enough with the trio embarrassing him as he grabbed Nagi's hand in order to get out of the club. But when the trio desperately need Hayate's help, Superintendent Kirika, with Shion, appeared for her annual club investigation. The trio then explained to Hayate about what Kirika is really doing; she shut down countless clubs that she is not interested in, such as the Tennis Club, the Football Club, and the Doll Club. In order for the trio to keep their club alive, they must plan to use the video of Hayate so that Kirika will enjoy it. But since Hayate destroyed his "embarrassing moments" video, Kirika was disappointed and ordered the trio's club to be shut down. However, the trio just made a backup plan, which is to show Kirika a new footage of Hayate jumping off the clock tower. Kirika liked that idea, and so does Nagi, so Hayate must do that for Nagi's sake. Meanwhile at the Sanzenin mansion, Maria saw the video of her being filmed by Shiori during her housekeeping.

Later, after the trio's club is safe and welcomed both Hayate and Nagi as new members, they decided to hold a normal story competition. As the competition begins, Risa became the first person to tell her story, which is about herself when she was a little girl. She was at the fishing village and witnessed a statue of "Ninomiya Kinjirou" facing the ocean. The landlady once said to Risa that the statue will make sure that no children like her will stay up late while at the inn. Later that night, Risa and the other kids snuck out to see that statue. They waited for a couple of minutes in that cold, windy night, and then they fell asleep, and after that, the sun rises, and they did not know what happened to the statue soon after for no reason. After Risa finished her story, she passed the mic to Hayate, and considered him the next person to tell his "worthless" story. So Hayate explained his story when he was a poor little boy in a worthless house. One night, he stayed at home alone without any electricity and he felt cold when he tried to sleep. Then, he heard a loud rattling noise coming from the window, so he opened the curtain and looked outside of the window. He then noticed that the wind is blowing stronger than ever before, again for no reason. After Hayate finished his story, Yukiji appeared and becomes the next person to tell her story, even though she is a non-club member. Yukiji began her story when she entered her room after work, she noticed that something strange has happened. She then noticed that something important was gone, and after she checked everything in the room, what she was missing is her cash from her wallet. Yukiji's story ends, and Hayate knows that she used all her cash once again. Then, Klaus appeared out of nowhere, he grabbed a mic, and he tells his own story, also as a non-member. At the Sanzenin mansion, Klaus and Nagi used to have a dog named "Lucky", and they both claimed it to be a "dumb dog". Lucky was suppose to be back and be sleeping in his place every evening. But one day, Lucky didn't came back, and Klaus did not have him on a leash. Klaus never knew that Lucky might get lost, so he went out to search for him. Two days have passed, but there was still no sign of Lucky. However, on the third day, Lucky came back, but with no other reason yet again.

Izumi pushed Klaus away and grabbed a mic, because it is her turn to tell her story. When she and her brother, Kotetsu, were cleaning her house, Kotetsu found an old wooden box. He opened the box and there was a mummified Kappa's hand. The scripture on the back of the box said that the hand will grant three wishes of anyone who owns that hand. And then, they threw out the hand like garbage, even though she did not realized that the hand is combustible, no other reason needed. Next, it was Miki's turn to tell her story, and it is about "doppleganger". She explained what a doppleganger is, and she also explained that whoever sees the doppleganger will soon die. Miki also said that Abraham Lincoln saw one as well before he was assassinated, that includes Murou Saisei, a Japanese poet. But that story was found illogical as an urban legend, even for Hayate. Miki finishes her "story" with more of her illogical stuffs, no reasons necessary. A mic was then passed down to Saki as she tells her story. She was at her old house as she climbed up the stairs with a cracked noise. One day, her family was eating on the first floor, until she heard a cracked noise from the stairs, and obviously, her mom said to her that their house is really old. Saki finished her story, normally, that is until Wataru appeared and said that all the stories are boring. The Student Council Trio tells Hayate that they named Wataru as "President of the Motion Picture Research Club", although Wataru was forced to be a president. Wataru said to everyone that none of their stories have a punch line, so he tells the story of his own, a one story that strikes people's heart normally. He explained to them about outer space, and how the universe was made. He also explained that the light is the fastest thing in the universe. Then the stars will distance themselves from Earth, eventually the stars will go past the speed of light. Wataru ends his story, with everyone else speechless. And thus, the normal story competition has come to an end.

Elsewhere, Ayumu witnessed a giant peach in the river, and as she can't reach it, she went to buy a can of peaches. That was her normal story, as the narrator said. The epilogue of this episode shows the Student Council Trio in front of Yukiji's room, whom they were about to check out on her sleeping face. But before doing that, the trio said to the audience that this will be the last time they will be featured as the main characters. They felt that their ending will be their new beginning. And with that, the girls said goodbye to the audience. As the end credits roll, Yukiji came out of the room when she got tired of waiting for them to wake her up. After the end credits, Hayate jumped off the clock tower and landed safely, that is until he got hit by a train and he was sent flying, ending the episode.

Adapted From

Volume 10

Volume 12

Differences in the Manga

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Cultural References

  • Prince of Tennis Boomerang serve
  • Eyeshield 21 combat dive
  • Jackie Chan
  • monkey paw