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Episode Info
Japanese Title
Romanized TitleHaru
English TitleSpring
1st skip
Nagi Sanzenin
skip Character(s)
Hayate Ayasaki
On Air23 March 2008 (Ja)
20 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
EndingKo no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 51, title name as Spring ( Haru?) aired on March 23rd 2008, the English Animax dub aired on aired on August 20th 2009.


This episode begins with a mysterious man offering Hayate a briefcase that contains 150 million yen. Several hours ago, at Hakuou Academy, the school year is about to end as the students sing the school anthem with Superintendent Kirika and Shion, all except Hayate, whom he is relieved that he finally passed the exam, more or less. In a flashback, after Hayate showed his exam with a passing grade to Klaus, Klaus advised him about paying his debt to Nagi, which is trivial. Nagi, who is not singing either, went to go back home, and Hayate follows her. After the closing ceremony, Nagi said to Hayate that she just want to continue playing her video game, but as he got confused, she is planning for something. Later, at the Sanzenin mansion, Nagi and Maria ordered Hayate to go pick up Nagi's item she ordered online. When Hayate was about to go there as quickly as possible, Nagi wants him to come back in the evening, but all of the sudden, she said to him that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Hayate got depressed as he leaves the mansion so he can come back in the evening. Maria said to Nagi that she did something really harsh to Hayate, and Sakuya, whom she appeared out of nowhere along with Wataru and Isumi, said that to her as well. In any case, Nagi and the others start making their preparations for a celebration.

Meanwhile at Hakuou Academy, Yukiji is drunk once again as she dreams about trading something for money. Then, Kaoru is still making another Gundam model. Also, on a private jet, Superintendent Kirika and Shion are heading to their destination for their vacation, but instead of vacation, they are actually going to find the rumored legendary mask. Kirika said to Shion that she would like to see her "adult" version once again. Then, Hinagiku, Aika, and Chiharu saw that private jet heading to Africa. Hinagiku decides that they will go to have some tea and cake, her treat of course. But what Hinagiku didn't realize is that she wants to congratulate Hayate for moving on to the next grade. Later, after Hayate picked up an item Nagi was talking about, although he is still depressed about what she said to him. Suddenly, the two men kidnapped Hayate and lured him to the big building. After that, a mysterious man, named Alastair B. Sebastian, welcomed Hayate to his company, called the "Victoria Elizabeth Steward Dispatch Company", otherwise known as the international butler dispatch company. Alastair have been observing Hayate's butler skills for the past episodes, including his maid uniform, which is obviously filmed by Izumi, Miki, and Risa. Then, Alastair offered Hayate a gift of 150 million yen in a briefcase, and that is how the story happened earlier. Alastair also offered Hayate a new job, and if he accepts that money, then Alastair will recruit him to his business so that Hayate will pay off his debt to Nagi. But, Hayate declined that offer, because he said to Alastair that he will pay his debt back by working. But Alastair gives him one last chance to accept that offer as he looks forward to Hayate's final decision. Back at the mansion, everyone are still making their preparations. Wataru and Sakuya witnessed Isumi tied up, and Sakuya pushed Wataru to Isumi so that they will be stuck together.

Later that day, Hayate is still thinking about the offer, but as he is about to take that item to Nagi, a wind blows and Hayate sneezes, causing Nagi's item to fall to the truck. Back at the mansion, Nagi is making a dinner for Hayate, and she wants Isumi and Maria to try some of her food. After that, Isumi and Maria said to Nagi that her food is iffy, as in neither good nor inedible, which makes Nagi mad. Maria asked Nagi why is she holding a celebration, and Nagi replied to her that it is her only chance to do that. Nagi then continued to make a dinner for Hayate. Later, Wataru complains about his exam that he worked so hard. But inspite of that, Wataru thanked Sakuya for giving his spot to the academy, and he will soon pay that favor back to her. And as he gives her a thumbs up, she finds that a bad pun and hits him with a paper fan. Sakuya then noticed that Hayate is going so late. Elsewhere, Ayumu eats a snack and witnessed that there is nothing inside it. Ayumu hopes that she will meet Hayate, and as she saw him running by, he stopped and borrowed her bicycle so that he will go after the truck with the item above it. But when he was about to catch that item, he missed. Then, when Shiori and Eight are playing badminton, Eight hit the item with a badminton racket, sending it to Yukiji, which sends it to Koutarou and Kaede, and then to Saki with her grocery bag. This turns out that no one noticed an item they all hit. Saki noticed that Wataru was not around, and then she met Kaoru, with his Gundam models in a bag, after a long time. Then, Hayate appeared and asked Saki for the item's whereabouts, and as she tripped, the item went down to the Student Council Trio. When they find out that the item belongs to Hayate, Risa throws the box right back at him, but she throws it way too far, all the way to a flock of geese, in which one of them catched it with its mouth.

Meanwhile, Ayumu is depressed that she couldn't talk to Hayate very much, but after he gave her bicycle back to her and goes after the geese, she felt so happy she wishes to meet him again in the future. Later, at the cafe, Hinagiku, Aika, and Chiharu talked about their next school year, until they saw Hayate fall down to the table. Hinagiku tried to congratulate Hayate personally, but he ran away in such a hurry. Hayate is running out of luck, because a flock of geese will fly away to Siberia, taking the item with it, so he jumped really high and far in hopes to get that item back. Then, Himuro and Taiga are on the ship, and as one of the geese dropped an item for Himuro to catch, Hayate fell to the sea, but managed to get to the ship. When Himuro said to Hayate that the ship is heading for Brazil, Hayate's luck has run out as he screamed. Later that night, Hayate managed to get back to the mansion with Nagi's item, only for Tama to take that item away from him. As Hayate chases Tama, a light flashes and Hayate saw the "Arc de Triomphe" (The Triumphal Arch), only with the banners that said "Congratulations for moving on to the next grade, Hayate Ayasaki!!". Everyone have been expecting Hayate to show up, and Nagi and Maria gave him the same item, which turns out to be a present from Nagi to Hayate, and he finds out that Nagi made a surprise event for him. Hayate opened the present, and it turns out to be a small pocket watch. But, Hayate said to Nagi that he cannot accept an expensive item like that, because he still have a debt to her, in which she makes him stay with her for fourty years. However, Nagi starts crying by telling him that she wants to be with him not for fourty years, but for an eternity, because it is not just money that keeps both Hayate and Nagi together. And after that, Hayate cried tears of joy as he hugged her, because he is very grateful for the party. Later, Hayate turns down the offer from Alistair's company, and it turns out that Nagi's grandfather, Mikado, set up that offer in order to test Hayate's loyalty. Everyone at the Sanzenin estate celebrated Hayate's passing grade, as they all ate Nagi's stew, which was average at some point.

The next day, Nagi wants Hayate to go ride on a boat with her. Maria noticed that neither Hayate nor Nagi have changed, even after a whole year. Then, Hayate and Nagi went on a bicycle ride to go on a road to riding a boat. Both Hayate and Nagi are happy to each other. Before this episode's end, however, this anime season is not over just yet.


Cultural References

  • While holding a school rally, Kirika and Shion are seen dressed in Zeon uniforms from the series Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • In addition a flag heavily resembling the Zeon flag can be seen behind them.
    • Additionally, Shion does a pose from the "Sieg Zeon!" salute from Gihren Zabi's speech.



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