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Radical Dreamers
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 52
English Title Radical Dreamers
Length 24:36
On Air 30 March 2008 (Ja)
21 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
Ending Ko no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 52, title name as "Radical Dreamers" aired on March 30th 2008, the English Animax dub aired on aired on August 21st 2009


The final episode takes place after the events of Season 2, It begins with a little girl, Nagi, standing in front of a boy, whom he wants her to go on a date with him. On April 30th, 2008, it is the beginning of "Golden Week". At Hakuou Academy, while she is correcting her students' exams, Yukiji will make sure she will increase her salary, even though she looked bored and drinks another can of beer. Then, at the Saginomiya residence garden, Isumi is drinking a cup of tea while Sakuya is enjoying her sunny day. Isumi said to Sakuya that Nagi and the others went to the Aegean Sea, and she didn't want to interfere the two of them, namely Nagi and Hayate. Later, at Video Tachibana, the loan sharks asked Wataru if he had the exact collection of the DVDs, and Wataru does, so he bravely showed the collections to them. And for that, the loan sharks have gone away. Meanwhile at the Sanzenin mansion, Klaus and Tama are alone inside, as Klaus explained about today's episode, and that they will not get any screen time for a while. Hayate, Nagi, and Maria go to Mykonos Island in the Aegean Sea as golden week trip. Since it is his first time on that island, Hayate ask Nagi to come outside, but she denied him instantly. Elsewhere, Ayumu and Hinagiku are on a tour at Cappadocia, Turkey. Ayumu wants Hinagiku to see a rock shaped like a camel's hump, and Hinagiku did see that, but what she saw is the real camel's hump, so the camel spat on Hinagiku's face. Hinagiku told Ayumu that she still doesn't like high places, even though she managed to get on a plane. Hinagiku rather want to see a view on a ground floor, and then the camel spat on her face again. Back at the island, Hayate ask Nagi once again to come outside, but again, she denied him, because she'd rather stay inside for the rest of golden week. And just for that, Hayate felt sad and starts sulking. Nagi know that is her fault, so she gives in and change her mind to go out with him. Later that day, Maria wants Hayate to keep watching over Nagi, and they hope that Nagi will have to go to school properly. Later that evening, inside the room at Turkey Hotel, Izumi, Miki, and Risa are playing a board game, and Ayumu and Hinagiku came back from the tour. The girls decide that they will go to Greece on the next day, and then to Mykonos Island, since the trio told Hinagiku and Ayumu that Hayate is on that island. The next day, Ayumu and Hinagiku went to Athens at Parthenon, Greece. Ayumu wants Hinagiku to see the big city, but Hinagiku's stubborness made her see just the Panthenon. And as for the trio, they were still asleep in the hotel and couldn't make it, so they slept until a boat that leads to Mykonos Island arrives. Since it is her first time on a trip, Ayumu said to Hinagiku that they have become closer friends, and Hinagiku remembered that night when they were at the ferris wheel. So Hinagiku finally decides to see the view with Ayumu, by holding her hand.

Meanwhile, when Hayate, Nagi, and Maria walk on that island, Nagi remembered that day when she met a certain boy who never kept her promise. But then, the wind blows up Nagi's hat, so Hayate jump to catch it, but after he caught Nagi's hat, he suddenly vanished mysteriously. After Hayate step on the floor, he see a little girl, which turns out that she is the younger version of Nagi. Then, there was an unidentified helicopter approaching to that island. Moving back to Hayate and young Nagi, she felt insulted when he said to her that she have shrunk, so she punched him in a face. Nagi then took the hat away from him, believing that the hat belongs to her. Hayate finally realized that the little girl is Nagi herself, and also that he traveled back in time, approximately 8 years in the past. Nagi thinks Hayate is a kidnapper, but he is not, yet she still doesn't trust him, because she never liked to go outside. So Hayate ask Nagi to go on a date with him, but she tells him that she is being targeted by the Sicilian Mafia, who are trying to kidnap her. As the Mafia helicopter arrives, Hayate took Nagi away from them in order to escape. The Mafia commander tells his boss that he lost his target, so the boss ordered his servants to send out the next one. As they hide from the Mafia, Hayate wants Nagi to go stargazing at the beach with him, and he made a promise to her that he will protect her, past, present, or future. Afterward, Hayate made a plan to defeat the Mafia, and that plan was to tell Nagi to call the police, but it backfires when more Mafia are going after them by trying to shoot them. Then, the Mafia fired the missiles at them, though Hayate managed to survive and save Nagi. Hayate then fought back against the two Mafia people on motorcycles. As they hide again, Nagi finally trust Hayate, because she was impressed the way he is protecting her. But when the Mafia commander appeared, Hayate borrowed Nagi's hat to throw it at him as a distraction. And by that, Hayate climed up the helicopter and fought the commander face to face. In the end, Hayate defeated the commander and jumped off the helicopter, and then the helicopter exploded. However, the rest of the Mafia surrounds Hayate; fortunately, he scared them off. And so, Hayate ultimately won against the Mafia.

Later that day, while watching the sunset at the beach with Nagi, Hayate now realized that the reason he was sent back 8 years was to save Nagi. The wind blows up Nagi's hat once again and Hayate, with her hat, goes to another time travel back to the present. This cause Nagi to remember him in the past as a liar, as she wrote the word "liar". Back in the present, Nagi was worried about Hayate when he disappeared, so to make things up, he gave her hat back to her. Meanwhile, at the Sanzenin mansion, Klaus and Tama are still stuck watching the house, but they are still stargazing up in the sky. Then, at Hakuou Academy, Yukiji is drunk once again as she fell asleep. Then, at the Saginomiya residence, Isumi wonders if Hayate is lookin at the stars at the Island as both her and Sakuya watches the stars above. Also, inside Video Tachibana, Wataru and Saki are looking at the stars through the projector, and he will show her the real stars at the Island one day. At the boat that leads to Mykonos Island, Ayumu and Hinagiku wondered if Nagi, Hayate, and everyone else are stargazing as well. Finally, when Maria is searching for Nagi and Hayate, she saw the two of them stargazing together. Nagi admits that seeing the stars outside made her feel comfortable, and she thanked Hayate for protecting her, even in the past. So Hayate and Nagi gaze at the starry night sky together.

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Volume 4

Volume 8

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"It's All Right!! Be it the Past or the Present!! I'll Protect You... !! Together...!!"
—Ayasaki Hayate