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You Say You Can See Time, but That is Probably Your Life Flashing By
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Episode Info
Season S1
Episode 6
Japanese Title 時が見えると君は言うけど、たぶんそれは走馬灯
Romanized Title Toki ga Mieru to Kimi wa Iu kedo, Tabun Sore wa Sōmatō
English Title You Say You Can See Time, but That is Probably Your Life Flashing By
1st skip
Yakuza henchmen
skip Character(s)
Isumi's butlers
Length 24:36
On Air 6 May 2007 (Ja)
18 June 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
Opening Hayate No Gotoku!
Ending Proof
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 6, title name as You Say You Can See Time, but That is Probably Your Life Flashing By (時が見えると君は言うけど、たぶんそれは走馬灯 Toki ga Mieru to Kimi wa Iu kedo, Tabun Sore wa Sōmatō?) aired on May 6th 2007, the English Animax dub aired on June 18th 2009.


While Nagi was reading a manga, Maria brought Isumi to visit her. Isumi told Nagi about what is going to happen to Hayate and that he might die if they don't hurry. Meanwhile, Hayate is under the train bridge and is still sneezing, and the Yakuza henchmen came back to see Hayate once again. Then, the swordsmen found Hayate and both them and the Yakuza henchmen were about to fight when Hayate tried to sneak away from them. Afterwards, Hayate had no choice but to fight the Yakuza henchmen and the swordsmen alone.

While Nagi was about to go out, Hayate barely survives from the battle as he finally came back to the mansion. Later that night, Hayate caught a cold and he was told to get some rest until he feels better. Isumi gave a milkshake to Hayate as he should drink it so he could get well. Nagi decided to cook a meal for Hayate, though he looked worried that Nagi might mess up the food. In the kitchen, Nagi wants Sakuya to taste her food, but Sakuya snuck away while holding the snacks. Back in Hayate's room, Hayate ate Nagi's meal, though he didn't realize that she used the detergent instead of a cooking oil, until Maria told him that. When Hayate was sleeping, Nagi was about to kiss him, until he woke up, and then Nagi got mad and hit him.

The next day, Hayate felt better and he met a maid named Saki Kijima as she passes by. Hayate told Maria about who did he met and then she told him that there is another guest around. After Isumi stayed with Nagi, Maria told her about the guest, then Nagi called Klaus that she wants them gone and wants Hayate to never know. Hayate went outside of the mansion walking until he saw a boy named Wataru Tachibana, sitting in front of the lake. Wataru did not trust Hayate as he pushes him to the lake. Then, Saki found Wataru and the Sanzenin robot came by and started to attack them. When Hayate is taking both Wataru and Saki in order to escape from the robots, he breaks into the guest room. Maria told Hayate that Wataru is Nagi's fiance.

Adapted From

Volume 2

Differences in the Manga

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New Characters

Cultural References

  • As Maria brings Isumi to Nagi, Nagi is seen reading a manga volume featuring Conan Edogawa from Detective Conan.
  • Afterwards, as Nagi got up from the couch, a painting featuring a blue Pikachu is seen behind her.
  • As Hayate was contemplating on what to do with his cashmere coat, a instant loan advertisement featuring Dorothy from the series MÄR is seen behind him.
  • While being stared at, Nagi tells Maria, Klaus, Tama and Isumi Don't stare at me like Kenshi*** that awakened from the dream reincarnation style. This is a reference to Kenshiro from the series Fist of the North Star.
  • Before confidently telling Hayate that there was no dish she couldn't cook, Nagi tells him that she has read Mr.**** and Go****. This is a reference to the two manga titles Mister Ajikko and Oishinbo/The Gourmet.
  • When Nagi is in the hallway coming back to Hayate room we can see many bust, the nearest to the camera is a bust of Inuyasha from the homonym series.