Hayate no Gotoku!
~Ikemen Shitsuji ga Omamori Shimasu~
StarringPark Shin Hye
George Hu
Tia Li
Li Yi Jin
Episode13 Flag of Republic of China
20 Flag of Japan
Theme Song Info
OpeningBie Wen Wo
EndingDan Bian Er Ji
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Hayate no Gotoku! ~Ikemen Shitsuji ga Omamori Shimasu~ (Japanese: ハヤテのごとく! ~美男執事がお守りします~), known in Taiwan as Xuan Feng Guan Jia (旋風管家 Xuan Feng Guan Jia) (Translated as Hayate The Combat Butler! ~A handsome butler will take care you~) is a Taiwanese live action romantic comedy based on the original manga series Hayate no Gotoku! by Kenjiro Hata. This story counts as a side story occuring in a different universe.


Ling Qi Sa is an unlucky teenager who worked since childhood to make ends meet due to his parents' irresponsible behavior. On that Christmas day, he got fired from both his daytime and nighttime jobs, and also finds out that his parents were running from the mafia, leaving behind a 55,556,789 New Taiwan dollar debt on his shoulders. Whilst running away from the debt collectors, he ends up meeting San Qian Yuan Zhi. Qi Sa thought that since being a filial son and good student didn't help him at all, he should just be a bad guy and and kidnap a rich person and demand a ransom to pay off his debts. However, due to some misunderstandings, he ended up saving Xiao Zhi from a few thugs who tried to pick her up and becomes her butler in the end.


San Qian Yuan household

Liveaction actor

The actors of the Live Action

Ju household

Duanmu household

He household

Kang household

Bai Huang Academy


Note :

  1. This wikia describes each episode using the on air information in Japan. The original Taiwan has a different episode list from this one.
  2. Every episode's titles will translate using original Chinese character names for preventing confusion.
  3. Taiwan episodes never mention their episode's titles.

Episode No. Japanese Episode Inlcude
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 1 Episode 2: 1st part
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 2: 2nd part Episode 3: 1st part
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 3: 2nd part Episode 4 Episode 5: 1st part
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 5: 2nd part Episode 6 Episode 7: 1st part
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 7: 2nd part Episode 8: 1st part
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 8: 2nd part Episode 9: 1st part
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 9: 2nd part Episode 10 Episode 11: 1st part
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 11: 2nd part Episode 12 Episode 13: 1st part
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 13: 2nd part Episode 14: 1st part
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 14: 2nd part Episode 15: Episode 16: 1st part
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 16: 2nd part Episode 17: 1st part
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 17: 2nd part Episode 18 Episode 19: 1st part
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 19: 2nd part Episode 20
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Differences between the live action TV series & the original Hayate no Gotoku! series

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