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Himuro Saeki
Himuro Saeki
Japanese Name 冴木 ヒムロ
Romaji Name Saeki Himuro
Name Himuro Saeki
Other Name Himuro-san, Prince of Ties
Age 17, 18 (with the passage of time)
Gender Male
Birthday July 4, 1987 (manga timeline)
Height 187 cm (6'1")
Weight 82 kg (180 lbs)
Blood type O
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eyes Color Brown
Status Alive
Like Money
Dislike Unknown
Specialty Combats, Rose Throwing,Vine Whiping
Hobby Battling with roses
Family & Relationships
Friend Sonia Shaflnarz
Yukiji Katsura
Rival Hayate Ayasaki
Other Taiga Ookouchi (master)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 40
Anime Episode 15 (S1)
Voiced By Kosuke Toriumi

Himuro Saeki (冴木 ヒムロ Saeki Himuro?) is the combat butler of the Ookouchi family. He is usually seen smelling a single rose or reading a book while his master throws rose petals behind him. Himuro loves money more than anything in the world but he does not try to gain the Sanzenin inheritance because he already has his master's money. Himuro robs Hayate of his necktie in their first meeting so Hayate gave him the nickname "necktie man" in the manga. In the anime, this nickname is changed to "Prince Necktie".

Like Klaus, he throws roses like daggers. He is also capable of creating a rose whip and executing a powerful move that involves striking the opponent with rose petals. He is very agile and is able to stand on the side of trees. Unfortunately, he has a glaring weakness against money. In fact, Klaus "defeated" him by offering him a large sum of money and he strangely began to bleed profusely as if struck immediately after. His ultimate attack has yet to be revealed. Despite being greedy, he does care for the well being of his master and even abandoned Hakuo's butler tournament arena (he was in the middle of a match with Hayate) just to save his master.


Himuro has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a butler's uniform and holding a rose.

Appearances in Other Media

Live Action Timeline

Himuro on Volume 5 cover

In this timeline, the main story exists as a fictional manga, which also makes Himuro become a fictional character in this universe where he has no involvement in the story. Himuro only appears once on the cover of the Chinese Hayate no Gotoku! Manga Volume 5 along with Nagi, Isumi, Hayate, and Kaede (partially), which Jin Zhijie reads in Episode 7.