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Hinagiku Katsura
Hinagiku Katsura
Japanese Name 桂 ヒナギク
Romaji Name Katsura Hinagiku
Name Hinagiku Katsura
Other Name Hina-chan, Hinagiku-san, Katsura-san
Age 15, 16 (with the passage of time)
Gender Female
Birthday March 3, 1989 (manga timeline)
Height 161 cm (5'3")
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood type O
Hair Color Pink
Eyes Color Yellow (manga)
Chartreuse (anime S2)
Status Alive
Like Family, Studying, Kendo, Cooking
Dislike High places, Aircrafts, Losing, Ghosts, Scary stories
Specialty Sword fighting skills
Weakness Acrophobia
Family & Relationships
Father Mr. Katsura (adoptive)
Mother Mrs. Katsura (adoptive)
Family Yukiji Katsura (sister)
Friend Nagi Sanzenin
Ayumu Nishizawa
Risa Asakaze
Izumi Segawa
Miki Hanabishi
Chiharu Harukaze
Aika Kasumi
Hayate Ayasaki (love interest)
Athena Tennousu
Hokuto Kaga (café owner)
Ruka Suirenji
Rival Kirika Kuzuha*
* Anime S1 only.
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 35
Anime Episode 4 (S1)
Novel Volume 1
Side Story Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 10
Voiced By Shizuka Itō

Hinagiku Katsura (桂 ヒナギク Katsura Hinagiku?) is an all rounder student and the current student council president of Hakuo Academy. She is also captain of the kendo club and an unofficial school idol who garners fans from both genders at Hakuo Academy, the school that Nagi, Isumi, Wataru, and eventually Hayate attends. Before Hinagiku's sixth birthday, she and her sister were abandoned by their biological parents who had left them with a debt of 80 million yen.

Following this her sister, Yukiji, managed to pay off the debt albeit through rather dubious means. After that the two of them went to live with the Katsura family, as Mr. Katsura had been Yukiji's elementary school teacher and the two had been very close.


Hinagiku has long pink hair almost styled into a hime cut due to the sidelocks & bangs, and with a yellow hair clip and yellow eyes. When she is not in school, she is usually seen in modern clothing.


Hinagiku is 15 years old at the beginning of the series, though she turns 16 with the passage of time.

Hinagiku is very capable in everything. It seems that whatever she turns her hand to, she will excel at it. For example, she was able to sing a song to near perfection and enamors the crowd in the process during her birthday - although she had never heard the song before (See "Her birthday" section below). Hinagiku is an expert with swords and is very skillful in kendo (She is the president of the kendo club). The manga also depicts her as masterful in fighting, demon slaying, and among many other skills. She is also the president of the student council of the prestigious Hakuo Academy, the academy for the very wealthy and smart people. Despite not being a senior or the most wealthy student, she was elected as president of the student council. She is deeply respected by both her juniors and seniors. In addition to all of that, Hinagiku is admired by many male and female students (due to her beauty and her quality to excel in almost everything). Thus, she is seen and adored as a school idol in Hakuo Academy. In Japanese culture, the girls are usually the ones who give chocolates to the males during Valentines - but in Hinagiku's case, it was depicted that she was the one being given chocolates by guys or males during Valentines.

Her main weakness is that she suffers from a serious case of acrophobia, or fear of heights.

Hinagiku is usually seen by others as having many qualities, since Hinagiku often acts tough in front of others. However, it can be seen that the reason she acts like this (being tough) is to keep her image as the president of the student council (or of the entire academy as well) who has everything under control. Hinagiku has the feelings of an average teenage girl. This can be understood in the light of her interactions with Hayate after she fell in love with him: she acts tough in front of Hayate but at the same time, she also shows her vulnerability or her soft side (like blushing, being shy) - just like a normal teenage girl who has an innocent crush or feelings towards a guy.

During her first year in Hakuo, she met Athena for the first time. Since then they became friends, until one time Hinagiku tries to give Athena the nickname "A-tan", sparking bad memories for Athena. Since then, they had been distant to each other.

Hinagiku has strong feelings of love for Hayate. At first, she tries to deny it but finally realizes to herself that she really loves him (See "Her Birthday" section below). However, she has not successfully confessed to him yet. She had two attempts on confessing but failed. In one case, Hinagiku confessed to Hayate, but the sound of a passing train made it impossible for Hayate to hear it. In another case, in Chapter 239, Hinagiku was about to confess to him, but Hayate interrupted her and told her that he loved someone else, which ruined her momentum (See "Golden Week Arc" section below).

In Chapter 213, during their trip to Mykonos, she reveals to Ayumu that her love for Hayate was love at first sight.


First Time Meeting Hayate[]

Hinagiku first met Hayate when he got lost within the grounds of Hakuo Academy. She had been helping a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest, but due to her fear of heights, she had become stuck on top of the tree. Hinagiku asks Hayate to catch her, and she jumps down suddenly, kicking him in the face. Hayate scolds her for being so careless as to climb a tree in a skirt, though Hinagiku casually lifts her skirt to show him that she is wearing spats (sports pants) on underneath. She then teases him, remarking that he is like a child, when he got embarrassed by her actions. She then adds that she wouldn't have kicked him in the face if he helped her to get down properly by catching her, instead of standing there. Hayate tells her that he would always be there to help, if she asked for it. In gratitude she invites him to the top of the school's clocktower, which is the location of the student council room, and as a result normally only student council members may enter. She then asks Hayate to call her by her first name, and in turn, says that she will call him by his first name, because of her sister. As Hayate was about to leave the student council room, Yukiji suddenly enters. She grabs a sword from a nearby statue and attacks Hayate. Hinagiku then grabs another sword and protects Hayate, revealing that she's skillful with swords. However, Yukiji is able to exploit her fear of heights by going onto the balcony of the clock tower. She falls off, and Hayate rushes out to catch her. Hinagiku collapses in panic, though she becomes immensely relieved when Hayate successfully catches her.

At Kendo Club[]

Earlier in the day, Hinagiku had met up with Nagi and Hayate, and they talked about after school activities. Nagi revealed that she was part of the Kendo team at the school, though she never went to it, as she thought that she would never be as cool as Hinagiku even if she participated in the same sport, though she just says that the equipment wasn't suited for her. After school, they stop by, and Hinagiku shows them around. Many of the other members of the club are shocked when Hayate casually refers to Hinagiku by her first name. Hinagiku offers to have a small match with him, though they are interrupted by Koutarou Azumamiya, who was jealous of Hayate for getting along so well with Hinagiku. He challenges Hayate to a match, to which he accepts. When Koutarou realizes how strong Hayate is, he calls in his butler, Kaede Nonohara to fight him, though Kaede attacks Koutarou for being weak. Eventually, Kaede decides to fight Hayate anyways, while Koutarou challenges Nagi. Since Nagi hasn't been training, Hinagiku takes Nagi's place. In the end, Hinagiku easily beat Azumamiya, and Hayate was also able to beat Nonohara with a little tip from Himuro.

At Hakuo Academy at night[]


Hinagiku clings onto Hayate

One night Hinagiku went to school, to make sure that Yukiji and her students Miki, Risa, and Izumi were properly doing their extra study session. When she learned that Hayate was also there, Hinagiku got worried that he may have accidently went to the old school building, and she sets off to find him. In the old school building, Hinagiku gets chased by some of the spirits, though when she calls for help, Hayate comes to her rescue. After realizing that she clung on to him after he came to her rescue, she forces Hayate not to say a word about her being scared. She then decides to go off and try to exterminate the spirits, though Hayate is worried by this, as he doesn't have any special attacks. Just then, a large doll, under the control of Isumi, warns them to leave. Hinagiku chooses to fight it, and it ends up breaking on its own. Hinagiku is annoyed that she wasn't able to actually fight, and Hayate makes things worse by assuming that Hinagiku just won with her spirit force.

Participating in the Hakuo Marathon[]

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 01 (1280x720 h264) -0B6E7B72-

Hinagiku got scared of heights

During the school marathon she participated in all six events, and she had won each of them. She also joined the extra freestyle marathon with Miki as her partner. Hinagiku and Miki were on track to finish the race first until they encountered the Hayate-Nagi team. Hayate tells Nagi to run on ahead while he tries to stop Hinagiku. Hayate manages to get Hinagiku to chase him onto a suspension bridge. When Hayate reveals this, Hinagiku collapses and becomes immobile. She started cursing at Hayate, who had left before things could get worse for him. Miki then forces Hinagiku to quit by destroying the flower they had, disqualifying them.

Tiger's Den for Butlers[]

Hinagiku was also asked by Hayate to help him in the dungeon beneath the Tiger's Den for Butlers. However she was still mad at Hayate because of what happened in the freestyle marathon. She ended up calling Hayate a lolicon and he ran away. Slightly worried, she came to the Tiger's Den for Butlers and met Isumi on the entrance. Because she insisted to enter the place despite Isumi's warnings, Hinagiku was given the sword Masamune to help her. She entered the dungeon and came just in time to save Nagi and Wataru from evil spirits. She also had to fight Sonia who was the antagonist at that time, and then a possessed Yukiji who electrocuted Hinagiku and Sonia. Hayate and Isumi took over the fight and they were all able to leave safely.

Valentine's Day[]

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 04 (1280x720 h264) -FC7BBB4B-

Hinagiku when she met Ayumu for the first time

On Valentine's Day Hinagiku met Ayumu who was being harassed by the school guards. She helped Ayumu by taking responsibility for her entry into the school. She offered to page the one Ayumu wanted to meet, and was shocked to hear that Ayumu wanted to see Hayate. Hinagiku then pages for Hayate and tells him to come to the student council room, though for some reason the whole event makes her feel very bitter. When Ayumu suddenly ran out and Hayate told Hinagiku that he only got giri chocolates, she told Hayate to run after Ayumu and exchange them. Later, Hinagiku is out in the town and she meets Ayumu, who thanks her for all the help she gave her. Ayumu then gives her the giri chocolates that she had previously given to Hayate. She accepts it, and soon after Miki comments that if she stays the way she is, Hinagiku will end up getting even more chocolates on Valentine's day, despite the fact that normally only boys receive chocolate on Valentines day.

Hayate staying at Hinagiku's house[]

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 06 (1280x720 h264) -CAAE06BC-

Hinagiku found Hayate all alone by himself

One night, Hinagiku comes across Hayate, who was in the park wearing light clothing, while it was snowing outside. Hayate had been asked to live outside the Sanzenin Mansion for 3 days due to an embarrassing incident with Nagi and he had been given 1 million yen for accommodations. However, due to Hayate's incredibly kind heart, he had given most of the money away to those in need; such as a little girl who lost her earnest savings, a poor couple who wanted to marry, among other incidents. Hinagiku asks Hayate to come over her home for the time being. When Hinagiku and her mother found out that Hayate needed a place for the night, her mother offers to let him stay at their house. Hayate agrees, and Hinagiku brings him to Yukiji's old flat. By this time, Hinagiku was beginning to develop slight feelings for Hayate, but she stubbornly refused to admit it to herself. She was troubled and had wanted to ask what happened between Hayate and Ayumu on Valentine's Day, but she decided not to do so.

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 06 (1280x720 h264) -CAAE06BC-

Hinagiku and Hayate at the Hakuou Clock Tower elavator

On the next day Hinagiku and Hayate went to school together. To her annoyance, Hayate hid a school uniform in the Student Council room. Hinagiku left the room for Hayate to change. As Hayate began to change, it is revealed that Miki was in the room, who makes a remark about this being similar to a H-game. Miki noticed that they were together, causing both of them to lie about it, since Hinagiku didn't want anyone to know that Hayate was staying at her house. Miki then gives Hinagiku some papers for the student council, and Hinagiku begins working. Later, when the elevator jammed while Maria and Hayate were on it, she had helped getting it going again. When the doors opened, she saw Hayate sitting on the ground over Maria. She decides that she will scold Hayate later, thinking that he was being a skirt chaser.

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 07 (1280x720 h264) -D1132993-

Hinagiku shocked that it was all a misunderstanding

When Hayate and Hinagiku got home, they prepared dinner together. They were supposed to be joined by Yukiji, however she was still playing mahjjong with Sonia, Himuro, and Shiori. Though they were alone, she reasoned with herself that Hayate already has Ayumu, so nothing could possibly happen. Hinagiku asks Hayate if he wants to take a bath, though Hayate thinks that she was asking if they wanted to take a bath together. Hinagiku gets frustrated with him, but then she asks him if he wants to actually take a bath together. When Hayate finds himself unable to respond, Hinagiku asks him who he would rather be in the bath with: herself, Maria, or Ayumu. Being unable to respond, she then asks if he would do it with Yukiji, though he refuses. Hinagiku scolds him for being too laid back in these situations, thinking that he's in love with Ayumu. Hayate reveals to her that he doesn't actually have a girlfriend, to Hinagiku's surprise. She gets angry at him, asking about Valentine's day. Hayate admits that he was confessed to, but he didn't answer, and Ayumu didn't actually need to hear his response. Just then, the situation catches up to Hinagiku, and she panics realizing that the supposed safety net of him having a girlfriend she was relying on no longer exists, she offers to buy ice cream and quickly runs out of the house. While returning from the store with the ice cream, she meets Ayumu, who had ended up in this part of town as she was chasing a food truck. Hinagiku began to worry, thinking that Hayate would show up and reveal that they're staying together for the night, which could potentially give Ayumu the wrong impression of things. Just then, Hayate comes out and tells Hinagiku that the bath was ready for her. Ayumu starts crying, thinking that they were indeed together and about to go into the bath together. She runs off, convinced that she was about to interfere with their relationship. Hinagiku runs after Ayumu and asks her to stay over, rather than worry about a stupid misunderstanding. Along the way, they end up finding a stray kitten.

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 07 (1280x720 h264) -D1132993-

Hinagiku decided to help Ayumu

When they got back to Hinagiku's house, they reveal that they had found the kitten. Hayate realizes that the kitten is probably hungry, and he sets off to buy milk for it. During this time, Hinagiku and Ayumu talk about Hayate, and Ayumu reveals that she's extremely relieved to hear that Hinagiku doesn't love Hayate. Ayumu worries that people like Hinagiku seem to attract him, which doesn't surprise Hinagiku. She decides that she'll cheer her on, and Ayumu talks about Hayate's situation, and how he can't return to the mansion, and how he was abandoned by his parents. Hinagiku is reminded of her own very similar past, and she thinks that this might be pert of the reason for her feelings towards Hayate. Just then, Hayate arrives with the milk. Hinagiku greets him, though Hayate reveals that the stray kitten was peeing in her arms. She runs off to take a bath, and Ayumu leaves her a fresh set of clothing. Hinagiku asks Ayumu if she's really okay with not having heard Hayate's response to her confession. Ayumu admits that she knows what his response is, though even she shows a little skepticism about it. She describes her plan to try to steadily get closer to him, but she doesn't seem convinced it will actually work. Ayumu admits that she wishes she was more attractive like Hinagiku, so she didn't have to go through these plans. After a little silence, Hinagiku asks Ayumu to call her by her first name, and that she'll also call Ayumu by her first name. Ayumu reluctantly agrees, though the entire event surprises her.

The next day, Hayate was ready to return to the Sanzenin mansion, and he took Shiranui with him since Hinagiku's mother was allergic to cats. When he asks if there's any way he could repay them for letting him stay over, Hinagiku's mother reveals that her birthday is March 3rd, and that he could repay her then, to Hinagiku's embarrassment. Hayate promises to give her a gift.

Acknowledging Her Feelings for Hayate[]

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 10 (1280x720 h264) -C375749E-

Hinagiku and the student council trio

During one ordinary school day while walking on the streets, she suddenly spots Hayate, Ayumu and the student council trio who were out looking for presents for Hinagiku. She got irritated when she heard them discuss possible presents, as they rejected most of the things she would actually like, since they assumed she didn't like girly things, and they also called her clumsy. When they end up saying that she's a little boy on the inside, Hinagiku reveals herself to them, with a passive-agressive tone. However, at this point, Hayate had run off with Ayumu. Eventually, they catch up with Hayate, and they had asked him about his relationship with Ayumu. Here, he reveals that he doesn't feel qualified to have a girlfriend, due to his lack of money and financial skills. When Hinagiku asks where he got this idea from, he tells about how his ex-girlfriend, Athena, told him this back in kindergarten. Here, Hinagiku realizes that part of Hayate's twisted thinking is because of Athena's words.

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 11 (1280x720 h264) -5169CAC2-

Linn guides Hinagiku to acknowledge her feelings for Hayate

Afterwards, Hinagiku was preoccupied, worrying about what she was feeling. She had also learned that Hayate was potentially at risk of failing, preventing him from moving to the next grade, causing her to get very angry at him. When she meets him next, she gets angry at him, saying that she'll never forgive him if he fails because he was busy thinking of a gift for her. During the day, she finds herself pacing around and thinking about Hayate, trying hard to deny any hint of being in love with him. Soon after, Linn Regiostar appears and tries to get her to admit her feelings. She ends up concluding that these feelings were because the fight with Hayate during the freestyle marathon was unsettled. Isumi then arrives and gives her a letter from Hayate, challenging her to a fight, with weapons. The letter called for Hayate to win, since he needed to beat her to dispel the curse that was placed on him, though she misunderstood this, thinking that he was just confident that he would win.

Her birthday[]

Katsura Hinagiku 15

Hinagiku sings at her 16th birthday

The match was scheduled on the night of Hinagiku's birthday at 9:00pm. But it was also the day of the Hinamatsuri Festival so she was also in the festival. There she received an expensive watch from Nagi as a gift. Hinagiku also attended a grand birthday party hosted by Miki. She was also forced to sing A Cruel Angel's Thesis in front of the crowd by the student council trio, which then thereafter she got her revenge by forcing them to sing a song like her, namely The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Before the end of the party, she had already left to meet Hayate for the scheduled meeting.

She waited patiently in the student council room for Hayate to come but he had already forgotten about the meeting due to Nagi's kidnapping and the curse. Hinagiku was getting angry after it was already more than 1 hour pass the scheduled time and she eventually fell asleep. She was woken up by Hayate at 11:30pm, she

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 13 (1280x720 h264) -BD763481-

Hinagiku fights Hayate

was very angry at him for being late and said it must have been his strategy to beat her. When Hayate said he simply forgot she was enraged and started attacking Hayate with Masamune. Hinagiku then realized that she could not stop her anger at him. The reason was then explained by Isumi to Linn Regiostar who, at the same time as Hayate and Hinagiku's battle, were drinking tea together. Isumi gave Hinagiku Masamune because, although it was powerful, it needed someone with good emotional control to use it. Back at the student council room, after Hinagiku spilled her resentments with words and attacks, she suddenly stopped and started crying with   her head against Hayate's chest; saying that it was a very important day for her so Hayate should at least remember it.

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 13 (1280x720 h264) -BD763481-

Hinagiku lays her head against Hayate's chest after trying to fight him

When Hinagiku regained her composure she was embarrassed by what had happened, she has a feeling that she was "losing". She suddenly demanded her gift while showing off the watch she got from Nagi. Hayate gave her biscuits as a present since he was poor and could not afford anything better than her rich friends could, which Hinagiku accepted. She told Hayate about her past and her foster parents, and asked why were they abandoned. To comfort Hinagiku, Hayate took her by the hands and showed her the view of the area from atop the clock tower. Although hesitent at first to look due to her acrophobia, Hinagiku opened her eyes and saw the beautiful view. During this moment, Hinagiku finally realized that she had fallen in love with Hayate. Hinagiku then shortly reflects that she was afraid of loving someone since it might make them disappear, much like her parents. She then said she was stupid to not have seen this view when it was in front of her the whole time, explaining her feelings for Hayate and the scenery from the clock tower. The next day, on the way to school, Nagi's tells Hayate that giving Hinagiku her birthday present might make her fall in love with him, which then Hayate says is not possible. Then Hinagiku runs by and she slaps Hayate on the back, telling him to look a bit more lively or else it will bring him misfortune. She then runs on, telling her mother in her mind that she fell in love with someone. Later in the student council room, she tries to look outside again, thinking her acrophobia was cured due to her night with Hayate, realizing it was still present.

Hayate No Gotoku 18

Hinagiku realizes that she is in love with Hayate

Shimoda Arc[]

After watching a TV report regarding the effects of the Shimoda Hot Springs, Hinagiku decides to go there and try it out. By coincidence she got on the same train as Hayate's group. She was asked by Hayate to look after

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 16 (1280x720 h264) -1A7B5C50-

Hinagiku tells Hayate that White Day is coming up

Maria shortly before jumping off the train to find Nagi, which Hinagiku mistook as a sign that Hayate didn't even want to be on the same train as her. Later, Hinagiku talked to Maria about her situation with Ayumu. Hinagiku told Maria that "her friend" is in a dilemma - "her friend" fell in love with a guy which was also the love interest of her other friend, although "her friend" promised earlier to support her other friend to get the guy (Hinagiku is actually referring to herself; she just does not want to be identified by Maria). Maria said that this act was sort of a backstab, but she then clears Hinagiku's feelings of guilt by telling her that "her friend" (which really refers to Hinagiku) must be honest and truthful to say her true feelings to her other friend.

When Hayate, Hinagiku, Nagi, Maria, and Ayumu finally meet again in the train station, Hinagiku offers to guide Nagi and Maria to the hot springs since Hayate was ordered by Nagi to ride with Ayumu on her bicycle (Nagi ordered this because she felt that the bicycle was important to Ayumu as it was given to her by her mother, and that the bicycle cannot be loaded on the train). Hinagiku reminds Hayate that White Day is coming up.

In the hot springs, she decided to tell Ayumu about her feelings for Hayate. However, before she could do it, she lost consciousness. She later woke up on Ayumu's lap; she again tried to tell her about everything but stopped when she was reminded that they were in a crowded changing room.

White Day[]

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 18 (1280x720 h264) -6BD7ED1D-

Hinagiku accepts Hayate's present to her for White Day

In Chapters 126-127, Hinagiku helped Hayate to give a present to Ayumu. Hayate was able to give the cookies to Ayumu as he promised to her when she gave him chocolate for Valentines.

After that, Hinagiku walks alone and wonders if the day will end uneventfully for her just like that. While Hinagiku was still reflecting to herself, Hayate catches up with her and then presents her a bag of cookies for White day. Hayate explains to Hinagiku that even though she didn't give him chocolates for Valentines, he still wants to give her a present for White day for she has always helped him out. Hinagiku happily accepts the bag of cookies from Hayate and promises him that she will give him chocolates on Valentines in return.

On the 3rd of April, Hinagiku finally spoke to Ayumu about her feelings for Hayate. Ayumu understood Hinagiku's feelings for him and said that this will be a friendly competition between them.

Becoming Silver Red[]

While in the shopping district on Student Council business, Hinagiku heard that the main actor playing as Silver Red was injured so she volunteered to replace him. After finishing one of the rehearsals, she went into the preparation room to rest. Nagi who thought Red was impressive walked into the changing room while Hinagiku was chatting to Aika when Hinagiku saw Nagi she quickly put her Helmet back on so her identity would not be revealed after saying to Aika that she would be embarresed if anyone seen her in the costume.

Then the productionists hit another problem, they said that Silver Blue (Supposed to be Red's Ally) thought their production was boring so he left them. Fortunately Hayate was there and they asked Hayate if he could step in as Blue. Hinagiku said that she would be the most embarresed out of anyone, if Hayate saw her in the costume.

The Embarrasing Moment

Silver Red (Hinagiku) being embraced from behind by Hayate

After reading the script of the story, Nagi decided that kind of story wouldn't excite anyone so they needed a new idea. They explained that they don't have any other ideas, so she suggested "How about we had Red fall in Love with Blue" as Nagi carried on she also said "when Blue finds out how Red feels about him, he softly embraces him from behind" Hayate did what Nagi said and embraced Red from behind, but in the process grabbed Hinagiku's chest, much to her embarrassment Hinagiku hits him afterwards using her cosplay sword.

Hinagiku, later makes a guest appearance as Silver Red at the Shrine Maiden Academy Quiz tournament, which Ayumu took part in hopes of winning a trip for two to the Aegean Sea. Later after winning, Hinagiku is invited by Ayumu to go with her to the Aegean Sea for Golden Week.

Golden Week Arc[]

In golden week, Hinagiku went to Turkey with Ayumu, Miki, Risa, and Izumi. Later they meet Hayate and Nagi in Mykonos. She helped Hayate to find Nagi and Ayumu in underground dungeon under Nagi's villa.


Hinagiku shocked after hearing Hayate loved someone else

Later she helped Hayate to protect Nagi's inheritance and Hayate asked her to have dinner with him. When she had dinner with Hayate, she tried to confess her feelings to Hayate, but she was left shocked after hearing that Hayate loved someone else. (Chapter 239) On the last day of the trip, after Hinagiku did some reflection about how jealous she was to Athena, Ayumu comes along and tells her to not give up on Hayate, saying that the hero (referring to Hinagiku) must not give up too early. Hinagiku then helps Hayate again to fight King Midas by letting him borrow Masamune. Before they went back to Japan, Hinagiku asked Hayate about him and Athena. After hearing from Hayate that Athena turned him down, she went back to Japan with everyone with new resolve to win over Hayate.

Meeting Hayate at Café Donguri[]

In Chapter 283 Hinagiku believes she had an "indirect" kiss with Hayate due to sharing a cup of coffee. This is due to Hayate trying to deliver Tama to the Violet Mansion and leaving the box which is used for the delivery within the café. Hinagiku takes notice and just as Tama is about to hurt her, Hayate interferes and inadvertently hugs Hinagiku much to her chagrin.

Taking in "Alice" the Princess and moving into the Violet Mansion[]

In Chapter 300 and 301 Athena (Alice) while in her child form calls Hinagiku her "Mama" and Hayate her "Papa", causing the two to be greatly embarrassed as those present made jokes on them.

In Chapter 302 Hayate learns from Hinagiku's sister on how to convince Hinagiku to live with him. Everything was going according to plan until he revealed that he was taught by Hinagiku's sister, with which the "proposal" fails. She eventually does live with Hayate after Athena threatens to tell Hayate about Hinagiku's feelings for him.

Jealous over Hayate's friendship with Ruka[]

In Chapter 315 Hinagiku shows jealousy over Hayate's friendship with the idol Ruka Suirenji and becomes irritated with the situation due to a misunderstanding by Hayate, after clearing her head she understands that he has gotten in yet another problematic situation and offers to help in anyway she can.

Helping Hayate With His Studies[]

In chapter 340 Hinagiku saw Hayate giving Chiharu a massage and thought about how nice it would be to be massaged by Hayate. She first tried to ask Hayate to massage her, but her courage failed her to say it to him. She then decides that in order to get a massage from Hayate and that since she is shy to ask Hayate, Hayate must be the one to offer her the massage.

The next morning at the clock tower, Hinagiku saw Hayate giving Aika a massage as a way of promoting the apartment. After that, Hayate asked Hinagiku if she can help him with his studies. Seeing this as a chance to get a massage, Hinagiku accepted the request. While she is helping Hayate with his studies, she made actions to make Hayate believe that she has stiff shoulders and to massage her (by rotating her shoulders and neck), but it failed to get his attention. When Hayate finally notices that Hinagiku might have stiff shoulders, Hinagiku denies it since her courage failed her again. Hinagiku then went outside, reflecting that it could really have been a wonderful day if she had just the courage to do what she honestly wants.

A few moments later Hayate finished his studies and Hinagiku really got a stiff shoulder. Her complaints were heard by Hayate, who offered to give her a massage. This time, she happily accepted it.

Coming Down With a High Fever[]

In chapter 388, Hinagiku was all alone in the Violet Mansion after getting a fever in a kendo training camp. All alone, sick and cannot move or speak, Hinagiku cries for somebody to help her. At that moment Hayate came to the mansion and takes care of her. Hinagiku tells to herself that Hayate is like a superhero who helps her when she is in dire need. At the end of the chapter, Hayate was forced to put a pajama bottom to Hinagiku since Hinagiku forgot to put it on, causing Hinagiku great embarrassment.

In chapter 389, feeling a lot better, Hinagiku decides that she wants to be spoiled by Hayate and demands that she be given an apple and that it be cut to small pieces. Hayate obliged, as he wonders that Hinagiku does not normally depend on him or other people. He remembers Ruka who had already confessed to him, then starts to wonder that Hinagiku might have feelings for him also.

When Hayate came back, Hinagiku demands him to feed her directly the pieces of apple. Hayate obliges and feeds her. Hinagiku then asks Hayate why he couldn't be this kind to her all the time, saying that he was always focused on the needs of his mistress Nagi. Hinagiku requests Hayate to occasionally treat her like his lady or mistress. She also requests Hayate to hold her hand until she falls asleep. Hayate holds her hand and calls her "Milady".

While they were holding hands, Athena appeared in the room, to the surprise of the two. Athena then tells Hinagiku that she (Hinagiku) is free to continue to be treated as Hayate's lady. Athena adds that it was okay with her.

Going to Kyoto and Ise[]

Hinagiku, Chiharu and Nagi go on a trip to Kyoto to find an experience to write a good manga to beat Ruka. They boarded a train but on the way to Kyoto Nagi got herself lost in Akiba.

While Nagi was having trouble, Hinagiku and Chiharu were enjoying themselves at Kyoto. They first went to Kinkaku-ji but halfway along the road Chiharu realized that it was way to far to walk so Hinagiku suggested running to there but Chiharu replied that she is girly and can't do a manly run of 10 kilometers. After arriving there they bought some food and went to Ginakaku-ji, which was uglier than Kinkaku-ji but when they went inside they realized that it was comfortable to live in an old-fashioned house and that's why they like the apartment. They went for a shower where Hinagiku questioned why Chiharu was wearing her glasses while taking a bath then she replied (to cover her Identity of being a maid) "Because I can't see very well". But because they're in the bathroom Hinagiku said "See what?", then Chiharu realized and blushed.

When Nagi and Dr. Kurosu got to Kyoto they met Chiharu, Hinagiku, Kayura, Maria and Alice. Then Nagi realized that she hadn't even come up with a single idea in the whole trip so Alice suggested that she needs harsh words to activate her mind. While Alice is speaking and Nagi is being threatened Hinagiku and Chiharu realized that Alice is a true "S". After that Nagi's mind was activated and needed an iPhone to search something but none of them except Chiharu had one, so Hinagiku said that a dictionary would be better but Chiharu and Kayura wondered why she brought that and asked "What's inside your bag?", but Hinagiku answered "Nothing out of the ordinary except this dumbbells". They had a great reaction while Alice commented that she is the black card because she can even buy a tank with it, while Chiharu and Kayura said "Yes she really is a true "S" Then Maria barged in with "You don't need to bring unnecessary things but you don't want to be empty handed either", so Chiharu and Kayura glared at Hinagiku who said "Why are you looking at me?". In the middle of the night, they realized Nagi was working harder than usual.

The night passed and Dr. Kurosu suggested they go to Ise so they could pray that Nagi will win against Ruka. After praying Nagi fell asleep suddenly so Hinagiku suggested that she would carry her to the apartment and said to Chiharu "This is the purpose of dumbbells", so Chiharu was thinking that she really hates to lose. When they were done Dr. Kurosu asks to talk to Hinagiku about something regarding Ruka's parents. Hayate said his story and said: "You should apologize for what you did but don't expect her to forgive you that easily because what you did is a grave sin". They were persuaded by that message so they went to Ruka on the day of the Doujinshi Competition, August 13.

Finding Ruka's Parents[]

Hinagiku and Hayate decided to help Ruka by finding Mr. Suirenji and Mrs. Suirenji. Dr. Kurosu explained to them that she met Ruka's parents in a car accident and that they were worried because they thought the car accident was a punishment for giving their daughter a debt but they were very afraid and couldn't bare to see her. Dr. Kurosu thought that bringing someone with the same pain can make Ruka happy. They went to Hokkaido to meat Ruka's parents and explained everything and the better solution they thought up.

Sore ga Seiyuu![]

Sore ga Seiyuu! ep10 Hinagiku

Hinagiku's cameo appearance in Sore ga Seiyuu!

Hinagiku is briefly seen waiting at a table in Café Donguri, as Rin and Sayo attempted to finish the café's summer specialty the deluxe mountain big parfait.

Appearances in Other Media[]

SynergySP Timeline[]

Fake Love Letter[]

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Manglobe Timeline[]


Hinagiku and Ayumu manage to win a competition held by Fumi and win tickets to America to watch Ruka's concert, much to Hinagiku's displeasure. After the competition, she, Hayate and Isumi attack Shidou who tries to escape with Ruri. Once in Las Vegas, Hinagiku help Hayate to rescue Izumi who was accidentally kidnapped by a group of robbers who has stolen the Kurotsubaki. She also witness Hayate been stabbed by the Kurotsubaki but is unharmed. The next night, while watching Ruka's concert, Hinagiku left to find her sister and Maria. On the roof of the building, Hinagiku manage to save Ruri before she was crushed by a falling pillar. She then tells Isumi and Sakuya to bring Ruri to the hospital while she help Nagi and Shin (in Hayate's body). As they attempt to escape the roof via a helicopter with Yukiji, Dolly attacks them. While Shin deals with Dolly, Yukiji use a parachute to carry her and Hinagiku to safety.


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Feeling depressed because she isn't fragile, Hinagiku wishes that Hayate would give her a shoulder massage, but is too embarrassed to ask him. Thinking on how to get him to offer her a massage, Hinagiku uses a chance while studying with Hayate in the evening, but fails. The next day, Hinagiku reflects on the previous night. Alice (Athena Tennousu) reassures Hinagiku and says she should try giving Hayate a hint again. Hinagiku receives a call from Hayate to meet at the Sanzenin Water Resort to deal with the troublesome Hakuou Three Amiga swimming in the artificial sea. Suddenly, their old foe Gilbert makes an appearance causing Hayate to beat him up. Gilbert provokes a 2v2 volleyball game challenge with Hayate. Gilbert's partner is a new and improved Eight, and he chooses Hinagiku as Hayate's partner believing she is "fragile". Hinagiku pretends to be fragile for Hayate at the start of the game, which they didn't expect. Hayate apologizes to Hinagiku, because with her on his side he thought he'd win the game. Her mood changes when Gilbert laughs at her flat-chest, and hits the ball hard at Eight. Successfully winning the game, Hinagiku exposes her swimsuit, introducing herself as the student council president of Hakuō Academy and declares that she will not lose. Later that night, Hayate comes over to offer Hinagiku a shoulder massage. Overjoyed with his answer, Hinagiku happily takes him up on his offer.

Alter Ego[]

-Waku- Hayate no Gotoku! OVA (2014) Vol.A (DVD 848x480p AVC AC3) -E06DEE78-.mkv snapshot 12.57 -2014.07.03 18.36

Hina dressed as Silver Red

Silver Red[]

Hinagiku first used this alter ego in Chapter 176. She then used this alter ego again when she saved Hayate while he was fighting King Midas.



Masamune is the treasure of the Saginomiya family. Isumi lent it to Hinagiku before they entered the dungeon of the Church of Alexander Marco, in an attempt to save Hayate and the others from the "Butler's Quest". Since Masamune began to develop an attachment to Hinagiku, and would arrive at her hands right at the moment she summoned it - even when she was in Greece and the blade was supposed to be in Japan. During the final fight against King Midas in Greece, Hinagiku gave Masamune to Hayate, who was severely injured, so that he could fight again. Isumi empowered the blade with magical flame, and Hayate was able to finish off King Midas in seconds

-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku - 2nd Season - 03 (1280x720 h264) -ED8CFAD7-

Hinagiku wielding Masamune

Masamune has the power to maximize the abilities of it's wielder, while also magnifying the emotions of him or her. Hinagiku was able to outmatch Hayate during their fight on her birthday, but she broke into tears due to her overwhelming emotions. A dying Hayate not only regained the ability to move, but actually became near-invincible after acquiring Masamune.


The Shirosakura was originally placed in the Royal Garden. According to Athena, it was the "ultimate weapon of justice". One of the objectives of Hayate's training was to be able to wield the Shirosakura. After Hayate left Athena, his brother Ikusa came to the Royal Garden and released Athena. During the course he broke the right arm of King Midas with the Shirosakura. 10 years later, the Shirosakura was found concealed in the body of Machina, Athena's butler, which gave him the power to withstand Isumi's attacks.

The monsters summoned by Athena raided the hotel which Nagi and the others were staying. Hinagiku, barely cheered up by the combined efforts of Ayumu and Yukiji, joined the fight against the monsters. Being told by Sakuya and Ginka that Athena was disappearing from this world, Hinagiku claimed that she would go and save Athena and the others. Ginka suggested that she had the disposition, and pulled the Shirosakura out of Machina's head. The Shirosakura took Hinagiku flying to Athena's mansion to join the fight. Hinagiku successfully destroyed the replica of the King's Jewel hanging over the ceiling, and all the monsters vanished.

The Shirosakura could generate strikes which were powerful enough to destroy an arm of King Midas and the replica of the King's Jewel. It also had the ability to take the wielder flying.

It was suggested in Chapter 267 that Hinagiku has become the wielder "the Shirosakura chooses its wielder". In the very same chapter Hinagiku was able to summon the sword and give a strike at Hayate, in the very same manner she used to summon the Wooden Masamune before.

Hayate movie screenshot 427

Hinagiku wielding Shirosakura (movie)

In Chapter 301, it was confirmed that Hinagiku is now the wielder of Shirosakura. Athena who had lost her power due to some unknown circumstances and turned into child form was found approaching Hinagiku as the wielder of Shirosakura to restore her powers.

Character CDs & Signature Singles[]

Season 1
Hayate cha4 Hayate cha12 Hayate chaex
Character CD 4 Character CD 12 Character CD EX
2nd Season
Hayate chaHiNA Hayate chaCov SS2ED1 Cover Hayatess2 cha2
HiNA Character
Cover CD
1st Ending Character CD
2nd Series 2
Heaven is a Place on Earth
Hayate cha collection3 Hayate chaHiNA2
Character CD
Spring has come
Hayatexkami cha1 Hayatexkami chaSP
Advance Kiseki no Door
OP1 Cover Hayatess4ed+ost1 Hayate chaHiNA3
Opening ED & Original Soundtrack 1 HiNA3


HnG 3rd Poll

Hayate no Gotoku! 3rd Official Poll Results

Hinagiku has ranked first on all three official Hayate no Gotoku! popularity contests. On the first popularity contest; Hinagiku ranked 1st with 3728 votes, while Maria ranked 2nd place with 1586 votes. On the second popularity contest; Hinagiku ranked 1st with 4185 votes, while Maria ranked 2nd again with 1814 votes. On the third popularity poll; Hinagiku ranked 1st with 4089 votes, while Athena ranked 2nd with 2168 votes.


  • Hinagiku means 'Daisy' in English.
  • It is revealed in Chapter 79 and Chapter 367 that Hinagiku's favorite foods are curry, hamburgers, and Salisbury steak.
  • It is also noted in Chapter 79, that Hinagiku dislikes pickled plumes and anything that is really sour.
  • Hinagiku has the ability to fall asleep sitting up, just like Hayate.
  • Hinagiku is said to be more masculine than Hayate and other boys, and is (possibly) the most masculine character of not just the girls but everyone else.
  • Although it isn't shown in the second season of the anime, Hinagiku's pupils are narrow like a feline's, symbolizing her aggressive personality.
  • It is (highly) possible that Hinagiku's facial appearance became the main inspiration for Captain Liliana's facial appearance, a character from Queen's Blade Rebellion, as well as both having straight pink hair with bangs styled into the right side, and sharing the same seiyuu.
  • A poster of Hinagiku can be seen in the background during Shiori's story in Chapter 131 of the series The World God Only Knows.


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