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Ji Shen
Counterpart(s) Akane Himegami
Chinese Name 季神
Pinyin Name Ji Shen
Japanese broadcast Name 姫神 茜
Romaji broadcast Name Himegami Akane
Age 28
Gender Male
Blood type AB
Zodiac Capricorn
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Other Duanmu Zeyu (master)
San Qian Yuan Zhi (former mistress)
First Appearance Episode 2 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 3 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring Tang Guo Zhong

Ji Shen (季神 Ji Shen) is Akane Himegami's counterpart in the live action TV series. He is the personal butler of Duanmu Zeyu. Before he moved to the Duanmu family, he was the former butler of San Qian Yuan Zhi.


Shen has long black hair which is tied to the lower back in a ponytail style. He's always seen wearing a butler's uniform.

Characteristics and personality

Shen cares for his current master, Zeyu. He's trying to steal the Royal Jade to help grant his master the power that Zeyu would lose when he becomes 22.


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Differences from the Counterpart

  • Unlike his counterpart Akane Himegami, who has currently disappeared, he moves to works as a butler for Duanmu Zeyu instead. This is somehow similar to Aoi Himegami, Akane's manga counterpart who later become Hisui Hatsushiba's butler after having been fired from the Sanzenin household.
    • Also, his intention to steal Royal Jade, the King's Jewel's counterpart in the Live action show, to help his master regain his power, is similar to Aoi who wanted to steal the King's Jewel to help his master get the power of royalty. While Akane's only intention is to get the power of the legendary butler uniform.
  • His age and zodiac sign are mentioned, while Akane's and Aoi's are both unknown.


  • Shen's name contains the same last character as Akane's surname (神), but read in Chinese style.