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Ju Xuan
Counterpart(s) Wataru Tachibana
Chinese Name 鞠宣
Pinyin Name Ju Xuan
Japanese broadcast Name 橘 ワタル
Romaji broadcast Name Tachibana Wataru
Age 21
Gender Male
Blood type AB
Zodiac Virgo
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Friend San Qian Yuan Zhi (fiancee)
Duanmu Zeyu (childhood friend)
Other Sha Sha Yi (maid)
First Appearance Episode 2 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 3 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring Lee Shiau Shiang

Ju Xuan (鞠宣 Ju Xuan) is Wataru Tachibana's counterpart in the live action TV series. He is Xiao Zhi's fiance. He owns and lives in a DVD rental shop.


Xuan has short brown hair. He wears a Bai Huang Academy uniform at university, while he is usually seen wearing modern clothing outside and in his shop.

Characteristics and personality

Xuan can be both strong headed and stubborn like Xiao Zhi. He was initially hostile when first encountering Xiao Sa at Xiao Zhi's mansion. But unlike his counterpart, he never changed his view to Xiao Sa since he knows that Xiao Zhi is in love with Xiao Sa and considers Xiao Sa as a love rival.


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Differences from the Counterpart

  • Unlike his counterpart, he is in love with Xiao Zhi instead of Duanmu Zeyu as the live action counterpart is a guy. Initially, he acts like he doesn't like Xiao Zhi, constantly bickering with her.
  • Additionally, he doesn't have feelings toward Sha Sha Yi like Wataru has towards Saki Kijima.
  • The age gap between him and Xiao Zhi is different from the Original. Wataru and Nagi are in the same age, while Ju Xuan is 3 years older than Xiao Zhi.
  • He used to collect money in jars for his wedding with Xiao Zhi. While in the Original, Wataru only wanted to revive his family honor.
  • He became friends with Gui Chuju after they tried to work together to win over their love interests while in the original, Wataru rarely talks with Hinagiku and is not too happy about talking with Ayumu.


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