Kayura Tsurugino
Kayura Tsurugino
Japanese Name剣野 カユラ
Romaji NameTsurugino Kayura
NameKayura Tsurugino
BirthdayFebruary 14, 1992 (manga timeline)
Height143 cm (4'6")
Weight30 kg (66 lbs)
Blood typeO
Hair ColorLight Green
Eyes ColorRed
LikeManga, Cosplay
Family & Relationships
FatherMr. Tsurugino
MotherMrs. Tsurugino
FriendNagi Sanzenin
Chiharu Harukaze
Hayate Ayasaki
Ruka Suirenji
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
MangaChapter 336
AnimeHeaven is a Place on Earth
NovelHeaven is a Place on Earth
Voiced ByYōko Hikasa

Kayura Tsurugino (剣野 カユラ Tsurugino Kayura?) is a new transfer student to Hakuo Academy, and a new tenant to the Violet Mansion. She first appears as the replacement for Wataru Tachibana at Hakuo. She soon becomes good friends with Nagi. She is very into games, anime and manga, due to her early childhood.

Her name is derived from Lady Kayura, the heroine of Ronin Warriors (See Trivia below).


Kayura has short light green hair and red eyes. She also has two even bangs on both sides of her face and a longer bang in the middle of her face. She is often seen cosplaying as characters from well known anime, while at school she wears a Hakuo Academy uniform, when not at school or cosplaying, she is usually seen wearing a blue tank top and a short denim skirt with red converse style sneakers.

In Hayate no Gotoku! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU and in Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties she is usually seen wearing various long sleeved t-shirts and capri style pants.

Characteristics and personality

It is revealed that due to her parents she has always been around anime, manga and games since she was born, and has read over 100,000 manga. She is also very supportive of cosplay, and often is seen wearing a costume of some anime. As with most other characters that go to Hakuo Academy, she is also a grade-skipper. Due to her manga experience, she is also able to understand Nagi's doujinshi manga, along with Isumi. According to Hayate, she is an elite Otaku .



Kayura Tsurugino manga

Kayura's first appearance in the manga

Kayura first appears at the end of Chapter 336, after Kirika Kuzuha had summoned her to her office introducing her as a replacement student for Wataru who had dropped out of Hakuo Academy.

Becoming a tenant at the Violet Mansion

Days later, in a park near Akihabara, Kayura overhears Nagi complainants about how she is supposed to create a manga that will sell a trillion copies. Sparking her curiosity, Kayura approaches Nagi, surprising her in the process (due to her alien costume) asks her about the manga that could sell a trillion copies. After having read through Nagi's unfinished manga, Nagi offers to tell Kayura the rest of the story, which Kayura then offers to take her back to her place, which is then revealed that she has been living inside a tent set up in the park. After having taking off her alien costume, Kayura's conversation with Nagi is interrupted by a police officer who tears down her tent and arrests Kayura for causing trouble in the park. Having seen Kayura get arrested, Nagi attempts to intervene, but is nearly arrested herself before Hayate steps in and passes the whole incident off as a misunderstanding.

After having been freed, Kayura thanks Nagi for saving her and is taken back to the Violet Mansion and introduced to Maria as the new tenant. After having been asked about her parents, Kayura tells Nagi and Maria that she could live anywhere and begins to set up her tent in the backyard. After having finished setting up her tent, Nagi praises Kayura for choosing to live outside despite how hot it got during the summer, which prompts her to relocate indoors. As Kayura was unpacking her belongings, Hayate and Nagi learn that she had read over a hundred thousand manga titles. Hayate asks Kayura to become an adviser for Nagi's manga, but she refuses for her reason was that they had just met, and she was busy with reading manga. However, she then later gave advice to Nagi, to not make a simple to understand manga like how Ruka and Hinagiku are doing, but to do the opposite, and make the manga the way she thinks its right, no matter of others' opinions. Afterwards, she and Nagi become very good friends.

Summer Break

Later on she joins Nagi and friends at Nishizawa's spring house to enjoy the summer break in Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth.


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Later, after witnessing Nagi refusing to accept Ruri as her sister, Kayura convinces Nagi to give her a chance to prove herself. Then later she along with Chiharu give their commentary while witnessing Ruri demonstrate her skills in Systema on Hayate.

Cuties (Anime Only)

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During a social gathering for the tenants of the Violet Mansion, Hayate and Nagi observe Kayura as she was eating and making weird remarks to them. This prompts them to reminisce about the time when Kauyra had moved into the Violet Mansion and of her first day at Hakuo Academy. Afterwards, as the tenants where returning to their rooms, Kayura observes Hayate as he was on his way to Hinagiku's room to return her shirt and overhears Chiharu tell him that he is way too unguarded. Joining in, Kayura adds that he shouldn't take his instant feelings too seriously. Afterwards, Kayura witnesses Hinagiku hit Hayate, after he had accidentally saw her as she was changing.

Character CDs & Signature Singles

Hayatess3 chabd3
Suiyobi no Sunday


List of Cosplays

The following is a list of anime/manga characters that Kayura has been seen cosplaying as throughout Hayate no Gotoku!


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