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Ke Laofu
Counterpart(s) Seishirou Klaus
Chinese Name 柯老夫
Pinyin Name Ke Laofu
Japanese broadcast Name 倉臼 征史郎
Romaji broadcast Name Kurausu Seishirō
Age 52
Gender Male
Blood type A
Zodiac Aries
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Other San Qian Yuan Di (master)
San Qian Yuan Zhi (mistress)
Maria (co-worker)
Ling Qi Sa (co-worker)
First Appearance Episode 1 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 2 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring Zhu De Gang

Ke Laofu (柯老夫 Ke Laofu) is Seishirou Klaus's counterpart in the live action TV series. He is the head butler of the San Qian Yuan family. He disapproves of Qi Sa working for Xiao Zhi as a butler, because of his poor-looking face, and tries to remove him from this position many times.


Laofu has short black hair with the grey color in the front part. He wears a butler's uniform while working as a head butler.

Characteristics and personality

Laofu is a strict and harsh man. He doesn't like Xiao Sa and tries to remove him from his position with many methods. Unlike Klaus who still respects Hayate in some manner, Laofu treats Xiao Sa like complete trash.


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Differences from the Counterpart

  • He doesn't wear glasses.
  • His personality is a little bit more harsh than Klaus.


  • Although most of the characters are older than their counterparts, Laofu is 6 - 7 years younger than klaus.