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King Midas
King Midas
Japanese Name ミダース
Romaji Name Midāsu
Name King Midas
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Height 10 m (33'0")
Weight Unknown
Blood type AB (when he was alive)
Hair Color Unknown
Eyes Color Unknown
Status Deceased (alive as a spirit)
Like Gold, Wealth, Power, Tending to flowers
Dislike Foolish Couples
Specialty Controling evil, Golden touch, Dark magic
Weakness Unknown
Hobby Unknown
Family & Relationships
Family Yozora Housen (Daughter)
Rival Those who want his property
Hayate Ayasaki
Ikusa Ayasaki
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 185
Anime Anniversary OVA Vol.A (flashback)

King Midas (ミダース Midāsu?) (also known as honored spirit) is the spirit controlling Athena Tennousu. As an enigmatic spirit, it is the figure of the legendary King Midas who is said to be a greedy person with the ability to turn all things into gold. He controls Athena, with the goal of achieving his true form by consuming Athena's mind through possessing her, as well as his desire for his precious symbol, the King's Jewel. According to Isumi, he possesses people with extremely lonely hearts. He is said to wreak havoc in the world, by turning worlds into massive amounts of gold, which signifies the end of the world as stated by Isumi.


King Midas first possesses Athena's body in the End of the World Arc, where he is shown possessing Athena with his white skeletal spirit form. His greatest desire is to return to the world once again and obtain the King's Jewel which is now in the possession of the Sanzenin family and Hayate. He attempts to return by slowly consuming Athena to completely obtain her body and wreak havoc in the world by sending his tremendous mythological armies into the world. Through these means, Midas will turn all of the world into gold.

His second form is revealed in the Golden Week Arc, triggered by his anger, which is shown as a huge skeletal flying bat with numerous spikes in his body and wings, carrying Athena in his body. He speaks through Athena by using her body as a medium, causing her to speak in a scary voice. In this form he is much stronger than his first form, resentfully attacking Hayate whom he seems to have mistaken for someone who cut his arm of in the past. He sends massive armies into the world by using the King's jewel replica, but after it is destroyed all of his armies vanish. He is defeated by Hayate who uses Masamune to slash through Midas' body to reach Athena. Hayate reaches in and pulls Athena away from Midas. This causes Midas to lose his link to the human world, as he then disappears.

Appearance and Powers

King Midas is a spirit, who is first shown as a huge skeleton with massive claws on both hands. In this form he is incapable of hurting Hayate physically, but can still express his emotions with an evil laugh.

While in his second form, he is shown as a huge skeletal bat with numerous spikes on his body and wings. He is much stronger and larger in this form, triggered by his anger. He is able to conjure up flying blades which can be directed at his enemy.

King Midas's second form


  • King Midas is based on the Greek mythos of the same name who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold.
  • According to his character profile in Hayate no Gotoku! volume 18, King Midas has a daughter.