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Ling Qi Sa
Counterpart(s) Hayate Ayasaki
Chinese Name 凌奇颯
Pinyin Name Ling Qi Sa
Japanese broadcast Name 綾崎 ハヤテ
Romaji broadcast Name Ayasaki Hayate
Age 21
Gender Male
Blood type O
Zodiac Scorpio
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Father Ling Qi Shun
Friend Gui Chuju (high school friend)
Other San Qian Yuan Zhi (mistress)
Maria (co-worker)
Ke Laofu (co-worker)
First Appearance Episode 1 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 1 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring George Hu

Ling Qi Sa (凌奇颯 Ling Qi Sa), also known as Xiao Sa (小颯 Xiao Sa) is Hayate Ayasaki's counterpart in the live action TV series. He is the current personal butler of the San Qian Yuan family, having saved the heiress from being kidnapped. Prior to working as a butler, Xiao Sa worked to support his parent's bad habits and his own studies since he was a child,having to always move from job to job due to his employers finding out that he is underage. The experience gained from these jobs can be interpreted that, he of all characters, possesses the most extensive practical knowledge as to how the world operates.


Xiao Sa has short black hair. He wears a butler's uniform while working as Xiao Zhi's butler and at university. On rare occasions, while he is not on duty as Xiao Zhi's butler he is usually seen wearing stylish clothing that people rarely wear.

Characteristics and personality

Xiao Sa is a man with great determination. Although he isn't kind like his counterpart, he still cares for the person who is important to him. He is very independent and skilled in many things, i.e being a good cook, housekeeper, mechanic, among many others. He has superhuman strength, tremendous speed, retaliation, and endurance allowing him to do things which are normally impossible. He also has an ability to cure himself of the snake poison.


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Differences from the Counterpart

  • Unlike Hayate who has never thought about romantic feelings towards Nagi, Qi Sa falls for Xiao Zhi for real.
  • Qi Sa can't cross dress with people seeing him as a girl like his counterpart.


  • His father, Ling Qi Shun (凌奇舜 Ling Qi Shun), starring by He Du Lin, has a name that sounds similar to Hayate's father's name: Shun Ayasaki.