Makita & Kunieda
Japanese Name巻田と国枝
Romaji NameMakita to Kunieda
NameMakita & Kunieda
Other NameMakita-kun, Kunieda-kun
Age35 (Makita)
34 (Kunieda)
BirthdayUnknown (both)
HeightUnknown (both)
WeightUnknown (both)
Blood typeUnknown (both)
Hair ColorLight Black (S1) - Makita
White (S4) - Makita
Light Brown (S1) - Kunieda
Black (S4) - Kunieda
Eyes ColorBlue - Makita
Brown - Kunieda
StatusAlive (both)
LikeUnknown (Makita)
Reading books (Kunieda)
DislikeUnknown (both)
SpecialtyPlaying guitar, Combats (Makita)
Combats (Kunieda)
Family & Relationships
FriendEach other
OtherSakuya Aizawa (personal mistress)Chiharu Harukaze (co-worker)
Tome (co-worker)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
MangaChapter 24
AnimeEpisode 5 (S1)
Voiced ByTōru Nara (Makita)
Jun Ōsuga (Kunieda)

Makita & Kunieda (巻田と国枝 Makita to Kunieda?) are Sakuya's personal butlers. They don't appear unless they're told to do a task. Makita and Kunieda are very skillful, as they can complete tasks instantly and perfectly, even amazing Hayate with their skill. In the anime, it is revealed that Makita plays the guitar and Kunieda likes to read books. Makita is 35 years old. Kunieda is 34 years old.


Cha makita and kunieda

Makita & Kunieda's appearance in season 1

Makita has short white hair and has blue eyes. Kunieda has short black hair and has brown eyes. They both wear matching glasses and matching dark navy suits as their butler outfits.


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