Mikage Watarase
HnGNP Mikage3
Japanese Name渡良瀬ミカゲ
Romaji NameWatarase Mikage
NameMikage Watarase
Blood typeUnknown
Hair ColorPink
Eyes ColorDark Pink
SpecialtyTeleportation, Placing curses
WeaknessWeak body
Family & Relationships
FriendHayate Ayasaki*
* video game only.
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
GameNightmare Paradise
Voiced ByMegumi Nakajima

Mikage Watarase (渡良瀬ミカゲ Watarase Mikage?) is a mysterious spirit that dwells within the underground Sanzenin library. She is an exclusive character that only appears in Hayate no Gotoku!!: Nightmare Paradise.


Mikage Watarase

Full body view of Mikage

Mikage has above shoulder length pink hair with two blue ribbons on each side of her hair and has dark pink eyes. Mikage is usually seen in a blue kimono with a yellow sash.


Nightmare Paradise

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Mikage first appears before Hayate after Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku, Sakuya and Isumi had fallen to her curse. She reveals to Hayate that she had placed them in a sleeping curse, so she could watch their dreams for fun, but having seen his concern for the girls, she tells him that all he needed to do to wake them was enter their dreams and end them.

During Hayate's efforts to wake the girls, Mikage reveals to him that she is a girl who was unable to leave her house due to her weak body and would dream about the outside world. She then reveals to him that she had placed Nagi, Maria, Hinagiku, Sakuya and Isumi under her curse so she could live out her desires vicariously through their dreams.

Later, after having successfully awakened the girls, Hayate attempts to encourage Mikage into trying to live out her desires in the real world. But Mikage refuses to listen and attempts to seal herself off by crystalizing herself within the Sanzenin library, until the "heroine" (this depends on which girl has the most endings in all the dream books) arrives and stops Mikage from crystallizing herself any further, and then along with Hayate, they convince Mikage into trying to live in the outside world.

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