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Miki Hanabishi
Miki Hanabishi
Japanese Name 花菱 美希
Romaji Name Hanabishi Miki
Name Miki Hanabishi
Other Name Blue
Age 16, 17 (with the passage of time)
Gender Female
Birthday September 9, 1988 (manga timeline)
Height 151 cm (4'11")
Weight 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood type AB
Hair Color Blue
Eyes Color Green
Status Alive
Group The Hakuo Three Amiga
Like Spending money
Dislike Exercising
Specialty Investigation
Hobby Making controversial films
Family & Relationships
Father Mr. Hanabishi
Mother Mrs. Hanabishi
Friend Izumi Segawa
Risa Asakaze
Nagi Sanzenin
Hayate Ayasaki
Hinagiku Katsura (love interest)
Chiharu Harukaze
Yukiji Katsura
Ayumu Nishizawa
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 34
Anime Episode 4 (S1)
Novel Volume 1
Voiced By Eri Nakao

Miki Hanabishi (花菱 美希 Hanabishi Miki?) is a member of the Student Council and the vice-representative of Hayate's class. She specializes in investigation work, which may be the result of being the daughter of an important government official.


Miki has long blue hair, wears a thin white headband with a piece of hair sticking out of it, and has green eyes. During school days, she wears the Hakuo uniform. While not in school she is usually seen wearing modern casual clothing.

Characteristics and Personality

Miki has a mischievous nature, especially when it involves Hayate or Hinagiku. She seems to have a crush on Hinagiku and is especially observant of her. Like Nagi, she dislikes exercising. Her friends Izumi and Risa are often seen with her. It is implied that she knows that Hinagiku has a crush on Hayate, judging by her reactions and emotions. She has a laid-back sort of feel, often talking in a lazy voice. She is also the presumed leader of the Student Council Representative trio dubbed as The Hakuo Three Amiga.


Hinagiku's Birthday

On the 3rd of March, The Hakuo Three Amiga hosted Hinagiku's 16th birthday party at Hakuo Academy. Despite knowing Hinagiku's distaste for grand events, Miki still went on to make the party as grand as possible, going so far as to invite a large number of the students. As part of the celebration, The Hakuo Three Amiga made Hinagiku sing "A Cruel Angel's Thesis", much to Hinagiku's annoyance. Afterwards however, Hinagiku had the three of them sing a song from "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time".