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Murong Bingshi
Counterpart(s) Himuro Saeki
Chinese Name 慕容兵侍
Pinyin Name Murong Bingshi
Japanese broadcast Name 冴木 ヒムロ
Romaji broadcast Name Saeki Himuro
Age 22
Gender Male
Blood type O
Zodiac Cancer
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Other He Dahe (master)
First Appearance Episode 2 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 2 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring Ji Ya Wen

Murong Bingshi (慕容兵侍 Murong Bingshi) is Himuro Saeki's counterpart in the live action TV series. He is the personal butler of He Dahe. He's also the World butler league's (WBL) top class ranked number 2 of the year 2010.


Bingshi Sa has short black hair. He wears a fluffy butler's uniform while working.

Characteristics and personality

He acts high and mighty, unlike his counterpart. His ability as a butler also surpass Xiao Sa in every aspect, making him be able to challenge Xiao Sa head on without cheating. He also respects Xiao Sa as a good butler who cares for his master.


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Differences from the Counterpart

  • Unlike his counterpart, he doesn't like to cheat when he does any competition.


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