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Originaly from Magico Wiki:Image Policy

  • Do not upload profane images.
  • If you upload an image make sure it has been edited properly without any water marks.
  • Do not re-upload the same image.
  • If you want to change image, Please update image. Don't upload separate. We don't want dump file
  • Upload Images when you have the reason for using. Don't upload without using it.
  • Only upload images with good quality.
  • For the copyright images, The size should be smaller than 1000x1000px. (except for anime screen shots.)
  • There should not be any watermarks or written text on any images.
  • When an image is uploaded please write a caption on it.
  • Images used for characters should have anime images in screen size. (not edited, cropped etc..) For characters who haven't appeared in the anime, use a properly edited manga image instead.
  • Fan arts aren't allowed in all articles except user pages and blogs. Please use official images.
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