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San Qian Yuan Zhi
Counterpart(s) Nagi Sanzenin
Chinese Name 三千院 芷
Pinyin Name San Qian Yuan Zhi
Japanese broadcast Name 三千院 ナギ
Romaji broadcast Name Sanzen'in Nagi
Other Name Xiao Zhi
Age 17, 18 (with the passage of time)
Gender Female
Blood type AB
Zodiac Sagittarius
Status Alive
Family & Relationships
Mother San Qian Yuan Jing (deceased)
Friend Ju Xuan (fiancé)
Duanmu Zeyu
Other Ling Qi Sa (butler)
Maria (maid)
Ke Laofu (butler)
San Qian Yuan Di (grandfather)
Ji Shen (former butler)
First Appearance Episode 1 Flag of Republic of China.svg
Episode 1 Flag of Japan.svg
Starring Park Shin Hye
Voice By He Yipei
(Taiwanese Broadcast)

San Qian Yuan Zhi (三千院 芷 San Qian Yuan Zhi), also known as Xiao Zhi (小芷 Xiao Zhi) is Nagi Sanzenin's counterpart in the live action TV series. She is the only heiress to the San Qian Yuan fortune because she is the only survivor of the family besides her grandfather. She fell in love with Ling Qi Sa after she misunderstood his words. He then became her butler after he saved her from being kidnapped.


Xiao Zhi has shoulder length brown hair. She wears a Bai Huang Academy uniform at university, while at home she is usually seen wearing modern clothing.

Characteristics and personality

Xiao Zhi is short-tempered, spoiled, anti-social or socially withdrawn, hates to lose and to admit her faults. She has a considerably hard time confessing her true feelings towards Xiao Sa or anything in the fact of the matter and acts immature a large portion of the time but is ultimately a good, educated girl. She is good at finance and likes to learn. Her mind is possessed with her own. She cares for her family and friends, but she doesn't want to show her concern directly. She usually tends to show her concern with "formal words".


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Differences from the Counterpart

  • Unlike her counterpart, Xiao Zhi learnt how to swim by herself after the event where she got thrown by the kidnapper to drown in the pool when she was 6 years old.


  • Xiao Zhi uses the same surname as Nagi Sanzenin (三千院) but read in Chinese style.
  • Because Park Shin Hye, who acts as Xiao Zhi is Korean, Xiao Zhi will be dubbed in Chinese by Taiwanese voice actress He Yipei for on-air in Taiwan.