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Sharna Alamgir
Sharna Alamgir.jpg
Japanese Name シャルナ・アーラムギル
Romaji Name Sharuna Āramugiru
Name Sharna Alamgir
Other Name Sharna-san
Age 15
Gender Female
Birthday February 10, 1990 (manga timeline)
Height 154 cm (5'0")
Weight 42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood type B
Hair Color Black (manga, anime S3)
Dark Blue (anime S2)
Eyes Color Yellow (manga, anime S3)
Green (anime S2)
Status Alive
Like Traveling, Planes
Dislike Jokes, Spicy food, Puns
Family & Relationships
Friend Fumi Hibino
Other Many Grandfathers (mentioned)
Many Grandmothers (mentioned)
Many Brothers (mentioned)
Many Sisters (mentioned)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 159
Anime Episode 52 (S1, Cameo)
Voiced By Saori Gotō

Sharna Alamgir (シャルナ・アーラムギル Sharuna Āramugiru?) is a freshman in Hakuo Academy and is incredibly smart. She is a transfer student from India and she is Fumi's friend.


Sharna has shoulder length black hair and has yellow eyes. She wears glasses and is usually seen wearing a Hakuo uniform.



She first appeared when Fumi Hibino went to Hakuo Academy and revealed to her that Hinagiku is the current president of the student council.

She later appears again when Fumi takes part in a quiz contest.

Golden Week Arc

Fumi and Sharna

Later she appeared on a plane with Fumi stating that they were going to Turkey to take the silk road to India during the golden week.

A girl and her Dog

In Chapter 317 she concludes that Fumi has committed a crime since her dog stole a suitcase with 1 hundred million yen inside. Later she comically stops Fumi from escaping from the Violet Mansion after she wipes her fingerprints off the suitcase used to hold Wataru's Money.

Recruiting a potential maid for Isumi

She appears again with Fumi in chapter 341 when Fumi was looking through a pamplet recruiting potential maids for Isumi.


  • (To Fumi [Ep. 25 S2]) "I'll punch you in the face if you don't listen to others."


  • According to her character profile from Volume 16, Sharna comes from a big family and has many grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers and sisters.