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Future Plans
Sore ga Seiyuu! EP10.png
Episode Info
Episode 10
Japanese Title 進路
Romanized Title Shinro
English Title Future Plans
On Air 8 September 2015
Theme Song Info
Opening Sore ga Seiyuu!
Ending Anata no O Mimi ni Plug In!
Request Corner Rinbu Revolution
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Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 10, title name as Future Plans (進路 Shinro?) aired on September 8th 2015.


During the break of Radio recording, Rin is doing her homework. Futaba and Ichigo ask her why she's doing it here, to which Rin answers that after the unit Earphones was formed, she's been leaving from class early more often, so she needs to do her homework properly or she will have a problem. Futaba sees the study notes and talks about how cute it is. Rin answers that her friend, Sayo is the one who takes notes for her. She says they have been friends since they were in kindergarten. Suddenly, Kaibara-san comes to tell them the schedule of the interview, which will be next Saturday. Rin asks him why it will be on Saturday since he tells them that next Saturday is free. He answers that the staff are only available that day. This makes Rin feel down.

At Hakuo Academy, Rin apologises to Sayo because they promised to go eat the summer special parfait at Café Donguri next Saturday. Sayo says it's fine, but Rin feels bad about it since they always go to eat this special parfait every year. Sayo then asks Rin to go eat it today after school, but Rin answers that she has a meeting with her teacher after school. Sayo answers by saying that she will wait, since both of them have always been together for a very long time. At the meeting, the teacher advises Rin to take an entrance exam for another high school, because if she continues to be absent for her voice acting works like this, it will be a problem for her grade. Rin thinks about it and makes a sad face because that means she has to separate from Sayo. Sayo asks Rin about what happened, but Rin decides to keep it a secret and declines by saying that she's fine. They then walk to Café Donguri for the special parfait, just to find out that the shop is temporary closed.

Back at Japanese Confectionery Kohana-ya, Rin's mother asks her to look at their photo album. The magazine wants to do a special column about the voice actors and voice actresses when they were in kindergarten and her mother decides to pick one of Rin's photos and give it to the journalist. Rin thinks the one she picked is a bit embarrassing, but her mother tells her that this is the only one that shows most of her face because Rin used to be a shy girl when she was five. Her mother put her into the children's theater troupe to make her change, but to make her continue as a voice actress and become an idol unit is unbelievable. At night, Rin thinks back to when she met Sayo for the first time and they become friends. Rin tells herself that no matter what, she doesn't want to separate from Sayo.

At the radio show's fan letter section, a letter asks Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin about their life in middle school. Since Rin is still in middle school, Futaba decides to ask her first about her school excursion, to which Rin answers that she didn't go because of work. Futaba then asks about the athletic festival, but Rin answers that she never participated. Futaba asks about the culture festival, which she still never participated in because of her works. Ichigo then asks about Comiket, but Rin answers that she's never been to it. Ichigo thinks it's unbelievable because visiting Comiket is a duty of Japanese citizens. Ichigo then asks about Wonder Festival, World Hobby Fair, and Anisama. Futaba decides to interrupt her by telling her that most students haven't visited any of those festivals and what she thinks is normal to do isn't normal for most people. This fan letter section makes Rin feel down because Rin isn't like normal school girls because of her works. Rin decides to ask Futaba and Ichigo after the recording section about their thoughts on leaving the voice acting business. Both of them answer that they think about it once, but they won't give up because voice acting is their dream. Rin looks back at herself and thinks that unlike both Ichigo and Futaba, she didn't choose this work because she wanted to do it.

Later in the day, Rin's Manager comes to tell Rin that she's got work for her. Rin gets a role in the movie called Weekend Patissier. Her role is Mina, a little sister of Hiroshi Kamiya, a famous voice actor from Aozora Productions. Her manager tells Rin that the director picked Rin because he wants this role to become like a real 15 year old girl. Rin doesn't have the confidence because she's isn't like normal girls because of her work. Because of this, Rin makes some mistakes in the dry run. In the break, Hiroshi worried about Rin, tells her that when he was 15, he only cared about manga and games, and that's why he thinks Rin is very amazing. He also feels pressure really easily. Rin tells him that he's famous and gets to play many roles so well. He denies her and says that he never has any confidence in himself and gets depressed easily. He thinks that he still has so much room to improve. Sometimes he thinks that he isn't cut out for this work. Even if voice actors and voice actresses only work on this movie for one day, a lot of people have spent a long time making it. As part of the group who get the trust to do the important role of giving the characters voices, he says they have to live up to that trust. His speech clears Rin's mind and she decides that she wants to try harder in the voice acting career.

Later, after school ends, Rin and Sayo decide to go to Café Donguri for the special parfait again. Before they leave, Rin decides to tell Sayo that she needs to change school if she wants to continue being a voice actress in high school. She apologies to Sayo because they can't be together like they promised. Sayo tells her that although she's sad, they can still hang out on days off, so they can still be together forever. She also says she will always cheer Rin on the hardest too. They finally make it for the special parfait. They promise that they will come for this special parfait again in later and later years.


Masumi Asano guest stars as Rin's teacher

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