Sore ga Seiyuu! EP12
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Japanese Titleライブ
Romanized TitleRaibu
English TitleConcert
On Air22 September 2015
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OpeningSore ga Seiyuu!
EndingHikari no Sakie
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Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 12, title name as Concert (ライブ Raibu?) aired on September 22nd 2015.


While practicing for Earphones's first concert, Ichigo accidentally sprains her ankle. Both Futaba and Rin worry about this and decide to take her to a hospital, but Ichigo declines to go and asks them to keep this a secret. She tells Futaba and Rin that she will be fine the next morning and doesn't want to make a big deal of this.

The next day, Ichigo's ankle still hurts and gives her problems while practicing with Futaba and Rin. Futaba and Rin find this out later and worry about her. Ichigo insists on keeping this a secret since they will have to change their choreography and she doesn't want to make what they have done until now go to waste just because of her injury. While walking back home, Futaba worries about Ichigo and concert. She sees Yui Horie's concert on television and wonders if the three of them will be able to become like that with Ichigo overdoing herself. Rin also worries about her but doesn't know what to do.

At the studio, Futaba meets Yui Horie in "Hoi Yurie mode" and is shocked by it. Futaba starts talking to her about her unit concert with Yui. Futaba is worried that she'll mess up the words or the choreography, to which Yui advises her to take note in remembering them. Futaba asks Yui about how she feels before the curtain goes up. Yui answers that she's probably lonely. Once the curtain goes up, nobody can stop until it's over, no matter what happens. She feels like she's going to be crushed by the pressure. Once the performance begins, she has to take care of it by herself. She then mentions that she's also in the voice actress idol unit too. Being in the unit is nice, since no matter what you feel; pressure, happiness, pain, you can split it between the members. Her speech makes Futaba feel relieved and she realizes what she should do in this situation for both the concert and Ichigo.

Next day, Futaba waits for both Ichigo and Rin in the practice room. Futaba tells Ichigo that they should tell everyone about her injury. With her situation like this, she won't be able to practice or perform in the concert. She also says that they should change the set list for fewer dances. Rin also supports Futaba decision. She explains that although Futaba is the one who needs to practice most, she still decides to give up her works for the sake of Ichigo. This make Ichigo realize what she should do. Ichigo decides to tells Kaibara-san that she got injured. Kaibara-san then feels desperate since this will make him suddenly bankrupt. Futaba then advices that there are ways to make the performance look good without moving too much, such as sitting on a chair and singing for slow songs, focusing on hand movements rather than footwork. She finds out these solutions by watching many concert DVDs for research. Ichigo finally accepts this and goes to a nearby clinic to treat her ankle. But now the taping on her ankle is too big, which makes it easier for the audience to realize. Unsure of what to do, they decide to work on the choreography for Ichigo first. Aoi sees how much they do their best and realizes something. She decides to go searching in Aozora Productions's storage and finally finds something she needs. Rin also has an idea to asks Sayo to help them with her flags as dancing props.

On the concert day, Kaibara-san tells Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin that almost all tickets have already been sold. Aoi reveals that they will wear leg warmers and rabbit ears to conceal Ichigo's ankle. Futaba also gives Rin and Ichigo bracelets as good luck charms. Before going to the stage, Futaba says that they've watched a lot of voice actors and voice actresses seniors at different works. Professionals are the ones who overcome their loneliness and worries and move forward. Whether it's at a recording studio or at a concert hall, they should work and see things through to the end. That's what it means to be a professional voice actress. Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin hold their hands, see each others eyes, and decide to go on stage for their concert. Will this concert end in success?


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Masumi Asano guest stars in the audience at the concert.



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