Music Video Filming
Sore ga Seiyuu! EP6
Episode Info
Japanese TitlePV撮影
Romanized TitlePī Bui Satsuei
English TitleMusic Video Filming
On Air11 August 2015
Theme Song Info
OpeningSore ga Seiyuu!
EndingMimi no Naka e
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Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 6, title name as Music Video Filming (PV撮影 Pī Bui Satsuei?) aired on August 11th 2015.


At the after event party, Kaibara-san gives Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin a prototype song for their Earphones's debut CD. He also tells them the schedule for practicing, recording, photoshooting, music video recording, and events. He tells them that he will contact their agencies again about specific dates. He also nearly forgets to tell them the name of their their debut song, Mimi no naka e (Japanese: 耳の中へ Into Your Ears). Both Futaba and Ichigo think that the name of the song is totally lame, but Rin likes it.

While walking home, Futaba worries about her dancing and singing, but she encourages herself that she can do it, unlike herself the year before who nearly got zero work. Which reminds her that last year, she got a role in the SPIRAL CAFÉ Drama CD as Uma, where she met Rie Kugimiya, a famous voice actress who got the role of Aretha, the big sister of Uma. Futaba was happy that she got to work with Rie side by side and get to know how nice she is. She wishes to be able to work with her again. Suddenly, she finds out that SPIRAL CAFÉ will get an anime adaption, which gets her hopes up to be able to get the role of Uma again. Later in the day at Aozora Productions's Office, Aoi gets a phone call about the date of choreography lessons. She decides to contact Futaba to tell her about the date. Futaba asks Aoi if there is any news about the role for her, to which Aoi answers that there is none. At her apartment, Futaba manages her schedule for her idol works. She wonder when the staff of SPIRAL CAFÉ will contact her for reprising the role.

On the radio show's recording day, Kaibara-san tells all 3 of them that they will need to announce the debut CD's release date. While they discuss about how they split their parts in the show, Rin gets called outside by the staff for some reason. After the recording starts the time for the announcement, Rin also gives her announcement about getting the role of Uma in the anime adaption of SPIRAL CAFÉ, which shocks Futaba. At the end of the recording, Ichigo invites Rin and Futaba to take a detour since it's raining. Still shocked about missing her role, Futaba turns it down to go straight home. She decides to pack up all of the SPIRAL CAFÉ merchandise, prompting her to throw it away or sell it.

At Japanese Confectionery Kohana-ya, Rin tries to search for information about SPIRAL CAFÉ, and find out that the manga once got a Drama CD. She searchs for information about the casting and is shocked after she realises that the role of Uma used to be Futaba's, making the situation more like Rin stealing this role from Futaba. Suddenly, Ichigo calls Rin for checking about the time of their dance practicing. Ichigo tells Rin that she called Futaba but no one picked up. This makes Rin feel more down about the situation.

On the day of the dance practice, only Rin and Ichigo come. Futaba sends a text message to them that she's busy and can't go, while the truth is that Futaba decided to go to her office instead. She thinks that she's not needed anymore and starts to cry. She doesn't want anybody to see her cry so she decides to run away and accidently hits Hikari. Worring about Futaba, Hikari decides to have a chat with her. Futaba asks about how often the roles change between Drama CD's and Anime. She's shocked, hurt, and unsure of what to do anymore. Hikari answers that its possible depending on production changes or the budget issues and this is something that voice actors and voice actresses have to experience. Futaba continues crying and tells her the real reason behind her sadness that she doesn't know which face to make when facing Rin again. Hikari tells her that it dosen't matter to the audience if the voice actors and voice actresses feel depressed of hurt. They have to work with everything they have, because it's work and no one lets that show in their attitude. To do what is expected under any circumstance is what a professional does. Futaba then tells her that she thought the voice acting job was more like a dream to her. But Hikari corrects her that the one who sees the dream is the audience and the voice actors and voice actresses are the ones who show that dream. That's what a voice actor or voice actress is. Back at her apartment, Futaba unpacks the SPIRAL CAFÉ Drama CD to listen to her work and realises how bad she was. Now Futaba realises what to do next.

On the day of the music video recording, Futaba waits for Rin at the studio entrance. Futaba tells Rin that the role of Uma in SPIRAL CAFÉ used to be hers in the Drama CD and she's really jealous of Rin and wanted to reprise that role. But she also wants to hear Rin's version of Uma too and is looking forward to it. Rin starts to cry and doesn't know how to answer. Futaba tells her that she should say "I'll do my best". Ichigo then comes to invite them for strawberry cake that she bought to cheer both of them up. Meanwhile, Hikari tells Rie about Futaba, who Rie still remembers. Rie tells her that there is nothing to worry about since this is something everyone has to overcome.

Futaba reminds herself that somethings probably happend again from now on. But she can't let frustation get the best of her. After the radio show's recording ends, Kaibara-san comes to tell them some bad news that the CD's debut couldn't be released before the end of August. What will happen to this unit?


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Masumi Asano guest stars as one of Aozora Productions staff



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