Sore ga Seiyuu! EP7
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Japanese Title吹き替え
Romanized TitleFukikae
English TitleDubbing
On Air18 August 2015
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OpeningSore ga Seiyuu!
EndingAnata no O Mimi ni Plug In!
Request CornerEternal Blaze
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Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 7, title name as Dubbing (吹き替え Fukikae?) aired on August 18th 2015.


After the radio show's recording ends, Kaibara-san comes to tell Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin some bad news that the CD's debut couldn't be released before the end of August. At first, they think that the unit Earphones is going to disband before the Debut CD gets released. But they find out that he means it's just going to be late, not canceled. This makes them feel relieved.

In the morning, Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin learn that the three of them have work at the classic studio where they first met for voicing the anime Buddha Fighter Bodhisattvon. Futaba has dubbing for the western horror movie, Cry of the Zombie: The Devil's Bloody Legend, Ichigo has an audio book recording section for the book Lucky Seven Life and Rin has a video game voice recording for Blade Shining. Coincidentally, each of them gets a task they've never done before. The three give each other courage to do their best.

At the recording room, Futaba meets Taisuke, the voice actor who insulted Futaba before when she was recording for Buddha Fighter Bodhisattvon. Futaba tries to greet him but ends up embarrassing herself by growling, which makes Taisuke warn her not to growl during the recording. Suddenly, Rikiya Koyama, a famous voice actor and actor who is popular in dubbing western movies comes to greet Taisuke, which makes Futaba very excited, but she keeps that feeling inside and greets him properly. Taisuke asks Rikiya about the current season of Hard Guy, which Rikiya is doing the dubbing for. Their conversation becomes a spoiler to Futaba who is also a fan of the series. Rikiya apologies to her and says that he didn't mean to spoil it. Unlike voicing anime, the voice actors and voice actresses will listen to the actual voice line from the original one while dubbing to make the sound match the time. Meanwhile, Ichigo who is doing the audio book recording accidentally reads "simulation" as "shumilation". The staff corrects her about that and asks her to make her tone lower and calmer than when she does anime voice acting. She also tells her that she knows Ichigo is a princess from Planet Strawberry and ask her to be an earthling for today, which makes Ichigo feel embarrassed. At the same time, Rin has to face the recording section for system voice, where each line doesn't make sense and makes her confused.

At the breaks, Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin have the break at the same time. Since their works require the use of headphones, all their hair is flattened because of it. They discuss about how hard their works are. Ichigo needs to sound more convincing, while Rin doesn't know how to voice the character while getting hit. Ichigo and Futaba try to simulate the sound of a real punch, but Rin interrupts them and says that she will try to imagine it by herself.

Back in the recording room, Futaba learns that though Rikiya is a very cool person, he doesn't drink from a flask or drink beer like some cool guys in western movies, but prefers drinking vegetable juice instead. Futaba remembers that Rikiya once said in an interview that he will try to do dubbing with better performance than the original one, which Futaba agrees with. She feels happy that she can work in the same place as a senior she's always admired. Meanwhile, Ichigo reaches the point of content about smiling and being friends in the book. It makes her thinks about herself and stop reading. Since she put her feeling into the reading, the staff ask her to redo it to focus more on the book. At the same time, Rin tries to imagine how she should sound when she gets hit, and realizes that voicing alone is very different.

After the recording finishes, Taisuke comes to praise Futaba that she got a little better than the last time. Rikiya also comes to compliment her for doing a great job, while Ichigo and Rin wait for her to say goodbye. Since Futaba has a wrap up party, they can't walk back together and decide to just talk until they're at the entrance before they split up.

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Masumi Asano guest stars as the director of the audio book recording



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