Sore ga Seiyuu! EP8
Episode Info
Japanese Titleナレーション
Romanized TitleNarēshon
English TitleNarration
On Air25 August 2015
Theme Song Info
OpeningSore ga Seiyuu!
EndingAnata no O Mimi ni Plug In!
Request CornerYou Get To Burning
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Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 8, title name as Narration (ナレーション Narēshon?) aired on August 25th 2015.


Today is the release day event for the Earphones Debut CD. The event is held at one of the CD shops that sell the Debut CD. Futaba, Ichigo, and Rin arrive at the location and prepare themselves for the event. They find out that there are a lot of tickets left over, meaning not many people will participate in the event. After finishing preparing, Futaba decides to scout the event seats, just to find out that the staff need to arrange the seats or the staff themselves need to fill the space. Although they feel down because of the number of people who will participate, they give each other courage to do their best for the people who come.

At the time of the event, Kaibara-san becomes the host of the event and calls out each member of the unit for their introduction. Both Rin and Ichigo already have some of the fan base, so most of the audience calls their names. Kaibara-san asks the unit about how they feel about the debut CD. He also asks Rin to do the cover pose, which makes Rin embarrass herself after she finds out that Sayo also participated in the event. Ichigo also shows off by acting a lot of poses. Kaibara-san then asks Futaba for her feelings, but she's nervous and makes it like a joke by asking the audience to remember her glasses. Although it looks like a failure, one of the people in the audience shouts to cheer Futaba up. Kaibara-san then asks the unit to perform a mini concert with their debut song. After the concert ends the hand shake section starts. Most of the fans focus on holding hands with Ichigo and Rin which makes Futaba feel down, but one of Futaba's fans cheers her up with a Korori plush doll. He says he came especially to meet Futaba, since he's a fan of her from the first works that had a role name. He knows that Futaba like Korori from the unit's interview. He tells her that this event is worth it for him to come all the way from Kaga, Ishikawa. This makes Futaba very happy, although they can't talk much because of the waiting line.

The next day, Futaba gets a call from her office about the narration work for a variety show. She asks her office about her script and video for preparation, which won't be available until the day of the recording. This makes Futaba worried since she can't practice anything at all. At the recording room, Futaba has to work with Yūji Machi, a famous voice actor who is popular in doing narration for many TV shows. Atsumari also comes to observe Futaba working. Because Yūji is familiar with this work, he can finish his narration with one try and without reading the script or pausing for breath, while Futaba needs to redo it. After taking the advice from the director, Futaba reads the script again for practicing, before Yūji comes to talk with her. He tells Futaba that everyone always does bad from the start. He says it's hard to work with the scripts and video that they first see and sometimes you need to ad-lib or narrate word by word from the director. But everyone needs to get used to it because it's work and try hard and do their best. He also tells Futaba a story about a newbie who narrated the gorilla into a giraffe, but gets interrupted by his work. His advice gives Futaba the confidence to make her do a second dry run a lot better than the first try.

In the end, Yūji tells Futaba that he will tell her the ending of the newbie who narrateed the gorilla into a giraffe the next time they meet, which makes Futaba happy. On the way home, Futaba talks about what she learned with Atsumari. Atsumari tells Futaba that although she will got more on-screen work from now on, she's still willing to give Futaba back stage works like this to her more often.


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Masumi Asano guest stars as a receptionist at the TV station



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