Sore ga Seiyuu! EP9
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Japanese Titleマネージャー
Romanized TitleManējā
English TitleManager
On Air1 September 2015
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OpeningSore ga Seiyuu!
EndingAnata no O Mimi ni Plug In!
Request CornerGet Along
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Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 9, title name as Manager (マネージャー Manējā?) aired on September 1st 2015.


During her time on a morning train, Aoi Konno has a dream about her time in high school when she was a manager of her senior music band. Now she is the new manager of Aozora Productions, and today she has a dissucssion with Futaba Ichinose, a rookie voice actress who is in her care.

At the reception office, Aoi offers Futaba an audition chance for a new anime which is based on a manga. She gives Futaba the information about the anime and thinks about Futaba. Aoi has heard that Futaba is still a junior voice actress, she's working hard and is really motivated. Futaba finds out that she's being watched by Aoi, making her nervous. Later on, Aoi checks Futaba's work schedule and find out that it's completely blank. Suddenly, she gets a call from the anime studio to tell her the result of Futaba's audition, which she has failed. Aoi has a hard time thinking about telling Futaba the results. Atsumari‎‎ comes and tells her that the result won't change even if she frets over it, just telling Futaba quickly for her sake. Aoi then decides to call her about the result, which makes Futaba shocked and Aoi feels bad about it.

At anime recording studio, Aoi comes to take the scripts for her company voice actors and voice actresses. She meets Futaba and talk with her. Aoi learns that though Futaba nearly got no lines for recording left in this anime, she still does her best. Back at the office, Atsumari‎‎ comes to tell Aoi about the plan for debuting Futaba with Ichigo Moesaki and Rin Kohana as a voice actress unit named Earphones, because their radio show has started to get hits. Atsumari‎‎ assigns Aoi to be the unit manager and work with Kaibara-san. Atsumari‎‎ tells Aoi that working with him will be hard, but she decides to do her best for Futaba's sake.

After Rin announces about her getting the role of Uma in the anime version of SPIRAL CAFÉ, Aoi also finds out how shocked Futaba is about the news. When Futaba runs out of the office, Aoi worries about her but she doesn't have enough time to stop her. After Hikari Shiodome, a senior voice actress is back at the office after talking with Futaba, Aoi asks Hikari about how Futaba is doing. Hikari answers that she has to go through it or she won't survive in this business. She also tells Aoi to believe in Futaba. Aoi worries that Futaba's feeling will make the music video filming fail. But Futaba is able to clear her sadness and goes back to working on the music video with a success. This makes Aoi feel relieved and she would also like to find another role for Futaba in the anime.

On the audition day, Aoi and Atsumari‎‎ comes to observe Futaba's audition. Futaba needs to audition for a 32 year old career woman. Since Futaba has never gotten any role that is older than her, she isn't sure that she will be able to pass the audition. Suddenly, they meet Noriko Hidaka, a famous voice actress who's passing by. She wishes Futaba the best of luck, but in the end she's too nervous and makes the audition look pretty bad. Aoi decides to lie to Futaba to make her happy, but Atsumari‎‎ later scolds her about what she's done. Noriko overhears the situation and tells them that to be able to do a role that the voice actor and voice actress has never done before is something that makes them happy. It's giving the voice actor and voice actress a new weapon for their career.

Later in the day, Aoi gets a role for Futaba, of which the recording day is the same as Futaba's other recording for a cellphone game, which makes Futaba happy since this is the first time she has more than one thing to work on in a single day. But because they finish the recording for the cellphone game late and get stuck in a traffic jam, both of them won't be able to arrive at the next recording studio in time by car. So they decide to run by themselves instead. Since Aoi trips and hurts her leg, she tells Futaba to go on and that she'll catch up later. Aoi arrives at Sound Team Don Juan Studio when the recording ends and finds out that Futaba has made it. The anime staff tells Aoi that she likes Futaba and will call again for other works. Futaba is really happy about the work and hugs Aoi, causing her to blush.


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Masumi Asano guest stars as a taxi driver

  • During Futaba, Ichigo and Rin's radio show, they are shown to be wearing earphones that read "Gozy". This is a parody of the Goji brand of electronics.
  • During Futaba's recording session, a speaker with a logo that reads Rose is seen. This is a parody of the Bose brand of speakers.
  • Noriko Hidaka guest stars as herself in this episode. She is best known for voicing Akane Tendo from the Ranma ½ series, Satsuki Kusakabe from the My Neighbor Totoro series, and Minami Asakura from the Touch series.
  • Masumi Asano, the writer of Sore ga Seiyuu! guest stars as a taxi driver in this episode.
  • While running on foot to Futaba's recording session, Aoi and Futaba are blocked by a truck that reads Gonzo Marine Products. This is a reference to the animation studio Gonzo.
  • The recording sessions for Futaba's other works are held at Sound Team Don Juan Studio. This is a reference to the real life Sound Team Don Juan Studio.
  • During the ending credits, Futaba, Ichigo and Rin briefly sing along to the opening theme song "Get Along" from the series Slayers.



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