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Sore ga Seiyuu! Ver.2.00
Sore ga Seiyuu! vol 2.jpg
Series Sore ga Seiyuu!
Released Comiket 82
Japanese Title それが声優!Ver.2.00
Romanized Title Sore ga seiyū! Ver. 2.00
Cover Character(s) Futaba Ichinose
Total Pages 44
Year Released 2012
Release Date August 12th

Sore ga Seiyuu! Ver.2.00 was released in Japan on August 12th 2012 at Comiket 82. It is the second volume of the Sore ga Seiyuu! doujinshi series by Masumi Asano and Kenjiro Hata under the circle name Hajimemashite.

New Character Introduced


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Anime Adaption


  • Atsumari from Kenjiro Hata's other work Hayate no Gotoku! makes a cameo appearance in this volume.