Discussion About Hair and Eye Color

I think her hair color is blue in manga +99, black in original manga and ss1, dark blue for ss2,ss3, movie. What's your opinion?

For the eyes, I think she has Olive Green color for all.

P.S. If it end up that we can't find the best match, we will use wikipedia Reference like we talked at Reference for Color. --Nechigawara (talk) 09:18, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

I do agree, her hair is a shade of dark blue in ss2,ss3 and in Heaven is a Place on Earth, as well as her eye color, but for the manga, I always had the impression that she had gray hair (maybe a shade of dark lavender gray) as it was shown on the manga covers she had appeared on, as well in the color pages for chapter 250. - Hina sama (talk) 20:55, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

Ok, my experience with colors and color theories is limited to an online guide here and there, and a basic design class over at college, so it's suffice to say that my experience with colors isn't wonderful. Meh
But... there's no real way to dispute "dark blue" for S2 or S3. We can pick a more precise color, maybe, but it may or may not be worth it since "dark blue" captures the general idea. S1 is where it gets tricky. As I learned, a tone is formed when you mix grey with any particular color. My theory is that Ayumu's hair in S1 is a tone of blue or violet, and sampling from the screenshots in this wiki's gallery seems to confirm this. It is invariably a tone biased towards blue some (I sample 0x6D6B78 from this image, which is good because it has a more neutral indoors lighting situation). Calling it grey here is a bit of a stretch, as the bias definitely stands out. Honestly, it looks like it's actually sort of going in the direction of violet, and this can be seen if you pop open the image in a decent image editor and look at the hue bar: it's shifted slightly in the direction of purple, but still mostly in blue. It's a bit tricky to tell since the red channel for these colors is usually only about 2-3 values above green, but that's enough to create a visible shift. It's barely visible, but you can see it if you're looking for it.
As for a precise name, apparently the closest sample is "Nevada": [1] (0x6D6B78 vs 0x646E75), but it looks like my image editors and all these websites use different methods of calculating RGB color values from HSL values. Not like that's a precise science, though. You can plug in #6D6B78 into that site to take a look for yourself. --InsanityBringer (talk) 22:30, March 21, 2013 (UTC)
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