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The Hakuo Three Amiga
The Hakuou Three Amiga.jpg
Japanese Name 白皇学院生徒会三
Romaji Name Hakuo gakuin seito kai san
Other Name(s) Gou Gou Seitokai Tan Ken Jaa, The Three Idiots
Members Miki Hanabishi
Izumi Segawa
Risa Asakaze
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 34
Anime Episode 4 (S1)
Novel Volume 1

The Hakuo Three Amiga (白皇学院生徒会三 Hakuo gakuin seito kai san?) are the girls who also happen to be the Disciplinary Committee, which is ironic since they are usually the ones who cause trouble. When they appear, they are sometimes with Hayate or Hinagiku. They always call themselves Gou Gou Seitokai Tan Ken Jaa (轟轟生徒会タンケンジャー?), which means The Student Council Task Force. This name is a parody of Super Sentai shows, directly referring to GoGo Sentai Boukenger.


The members of this "group" are:

1. Izumi Segawa (Class Representative)

  • Considers herself as ██ Īncho-san Red (いいんちょさんレッド?)

2. Miki Hanabishi (Vice-Class Representative)

  • Considers herself as ██ Fukuiin-chō Blue (副委員長ブルー?)

3. Risa Asakaze (Disciplinary Officer)

  • Considers herself as ██ Jajjimento Black (風紀委員ブラック?)

Character CDs & Signature Singles

Season 1
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2nd Season
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2nd Series 6
Heaven is a Place on Earth
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