The Royal Garden
Royal garden
King Midas
Former Residents
Athena Tennousu
Hayate Ayasaki
Nagi Sanzenin
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
MangaChapter 179
AnimeEpisode 25 (S2, Flashback)
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The Royal Garden (ロイヤル・ガーデン Roiyaru gāden?) also known as Castle of royal garden (王族の庭城 Ōzoku no niwa-jō?) is where Athena and Hayate lived together when they were 6 years old, and also where they first met. The castle is so big that it has a large flower garden, various rooms, and many mysterious areas.

It's so mysterious that no one knew of its existence, only its size and location. Fortunately, Hayate stumbled upon the castle and found himself among the flowers in the garden. The castle also has a great hall; this is where Athena tutored Hayate in sword skills.

The Royal Garden

The castle and flower garden

The castle also has various magical objects including: the Mirror of the Celestial Sphere, the Altar of magic, and the Magical Gate of Truth. No one can enter the castle unless he/she has a King's Jewel, for the gate cannot be bypassed without a King's Jewel. The castle is also used to guard an enigmatic power dubbed The Power of Royalty.

231 The Mirror of the Celestial Sphere

The room that contains the mirror

Mirror of the Celestial Sphere

This mirror can be used to show things in the outside world. It can only be used a bit each day, can only show people and places that the user knows and can only show images, not sound.


  • There appears to be a mural of the Royal Garden in a labyrinth underneath the Sanzenin Villa on Mykonos Island as seen in Chapter 216, suggesting a possible connection to the Sanzenin family.


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