aka A secret :P

  • I live in United Kingdom,England
  • I was born on November 25
  • My occupation is is watching Anime and reading Manga xD
  • I am Male (please dont get this wrong cause of the pics :P)

My favourite anime/Manga in the world is Hayate no Gotoku :D/Hayate the combat butler (who has a lot of misfortune :P.

My favourite pages

My favourite pages :D :[


Hayate :D

My interests of Hayate and Hinagiku.

I especially enjoy moments of Hayate x Hina-chan/Hinagiku :D because they both look so perfect together,i wish Hayate would go out with her already lol. A part why i like Hinagiku is because of her attractiveness,she is so beautiful,it would probably make lots of guys heart throb :P mine does when it gets to the cutest monetnts :D.

Hayate is just a massive prone to misfortune,its so funny,in Season 2 he Jumps out of the train with a flip but immdiately he get run over with a car,that was epically funny and then he sits up with a thumbs up with a ruffled face,i couldnt stop laughing at that time!!! :D

About me!! :D

I am a 15 year old Secondary Uk stundent :D,I am male and my interests are Hayate no Gotoku xD and my personal favourites are Hayate and Hinagiku :D.If u want to message me heres my email i hope to be working with everyone on the wiki :D,and can become friends with everyone! :D

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