Just an ordinary massive Hayate fan. My English is kinda weak, as seen in some of my edit. Sorry for that.

Since this manga is nearing it's end, I want to end it in a blast, build all the hype and most importantly enjoy it a whole as a fan

Things I regret the most about Hayate no Gotoku

Just want to rant out some flaw on HnG

  1. Didn't know this manga much more earlier. I only know it since 2012, when the story start to decline...
  2. Didn't participate in any forum discussion until recently, I basically just visited some of the old forum discussion, and It really makes me sad and regret to not participate in any of the discussion there back then especially when Hayate's peak during Athena Arc.
  3. How they screw up the anime version of HnG, particularly half of season 1(20 episodes fillers.....) and season 3+ (I really love season 2 for being close adaptation to the manga). Seriously, at least animate the entire of End of the World + Athena Arc please....
  4. How they screwed up the story progression since Athena Arc. Athena Arc is a masterpiece. There, I said it, one of the most beautiful story I've ever seen. And then the continuation of the story is went downhill, even the quality of the jokes. This is one of the reason the hype is dead and Hayate lose it's loyal follower imo, even when the manga nearing it's end, lack of plot and unnecessary filler. Need I say more about Konoha and her wacky character?
  5. How they ruin one of my favorite character, Ikusa Ayasaki, seriously how can one screw up so badly that he goes from one of favorite badass bi-shonen to lame side-character even on his own arc? All of his badass moment literally on EotW just gone out of the window. I hope this is not the case for Himegami.

And that's about it for now, hope this list will not grow any bigger.... Just saying that I still consider this manga as my most favorite manga and re-read it many times like a bible, since I just love the manga's nature to mix comedy, romance, action and drama. But at the sime time, I love it so much to the point I can't help but rant to all of the obvious flaws. Since Hayate is nearing it's end, I just want a beautiful ending to this great manga. That's all I asked for and hopefully they can deliver this.

My favorite character on HnG

  1. Ayasaki Hayate
  2. Athena Tennousu
  3. Akane Himegami
  4. Maria
  5. Ruka Suirenji
  6. Wataru Tachibana
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